Closet Radio Episode 162: Ball of Puppet Strings

messCloset Radio Episode 162: Ball of Puppet Strings


Buzzcocks – “Promises” – Singles Going Steady

SWANS – “Beautiful Child” – Feel Good Now, Inc.

Die Mannequin – “Empty’s Promise” – Demo

The Neon Boys – “That’s All I Know (Right Now)” –

Secret Abilities – “You’re Alive” – The Henson Stitch

Piss Test – “No Money”

Shark Pants – “Later Alligator”  – Porno Snakehead

The Flytraps – “Get Outta Town”

Mark Sultan – “We’re Sinking” – Sultanic Verses

The Mob – “Another Day, Another Death”  –

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “As I Sat Sadly By Her Side” – No More Shall We Part

Uno Lady – “change In My Pocket” – Amateur Hour

These Immortal Souls – “I Ate The Knife”

Slim Fortune – “Wreck My Life” –


Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels – “I Know I Said I Love You But I Guess I Don’t” – Ain’t It Funny…

The Slackers – “Rider” –

Bomb The Music Industry – “Side Projects Are Never Successful” – Goodbye, Cool World

The Templars – “Straight To Hell” – Omne Datum Optimum

Oingo Boingo – “Only A Lad” – Boingo Alive

*** Tuna***

The Coolies – “Talkin’ ‘Bout Doug (Reprise)”

T.S. Eliot – “The Hollow Man Poem”

The Olivia Tremor Control – “Athena”

The Queers – “You Make Me Wanna Puke” – Beat Off

The Limit Club – “Fang (Don’t Forget My Misery)” – This Is Cutthroat Business

Cheap Trick – “Baby No More” – Cheap Trick

The Boils – “Shadow Of The Flames” – World Poison

Naked Aggression – “They Can’t Get Me Down” – Heard It All Before

Butthole Surfers – “Dog Inside Your Body” – Independent Worm

The Prosthetics – “We Are All Gonna Die Of Cancer” – Bad Intentions LP

SNFU – “She’s Not On The Menu” –

Discharge – “The Price Of Silence” –

Monty Love – “Gravely Mistaken” – Monty Pit Final

Ten Foot Pole – “It’s Not Me” – Godmoney OST



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