Closet Radio Episode 163: Spleens Resplendent

resplendent_quetzal_4_BCloset Radio Episode 163: Spleens Resplendent


“Roll With The Punches” – Las Trasgos Muertos

“Mad From Birth To Death” – The Revillos – Attack!

“Real Cool Time” – The Gories – The Shaw Tapes

“Sex Beat” – The Gun Club – Fire Of Love

“Bad Infection” – The Applicators –

“High On The Hog” – Nunzilla –

“Nasty Nasty” – 999 –

“Drunk And Broke” – Bring Your Own Weapon – BYOW

“You’ve Got A Great Body, But Your Record Collection Sucks” – Sloppy Seconds –

“Fisticuffs On Frederick Street” – The Toy Dolls – Bare Faced Cheek

“Forgotten Rebel” – The Virus – Still Fighting For A Future

“Bottle Song” – The Arrivals – Goodbye New World

“It’s All Wasted” – New York Rel-X – Sold Out Of Love

“Dull” – Pinhead Gunpowder – Jump Salty

****Double Header***

“Pretty Ballerina” – Jason Falkner –

“Walk Away Renee” – The Left Banke –


“She’s Not Here Or There Or Anywhere” – The Direct Hits – Secrets

“Survival” – The Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong

“Big Britches” – Theo & The Skyscrapers – So Many Ways To Die

“Dog Inside Your Body” – The Butthole Surfers – Independent Worm Saloon

“Six Strings That Drew Blood” – The Birthday Party – The Bad Seed EP (Mutiny Sessions)

“Good Friday Every Day” – Bolth – If You Want Peace, Prepare For Class War

“I Remember” – MDC – American Hardcore OST

“Scad” – Eye For An Eye – Gra

“I Know Nothing” – Ms. America – Be My Friends

“Life Sentence” – The Dead Kennedys – Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

“Automated Life” – The Neutron Bombs – EP

“Big A, Little A” – Crass – Best Before

“Options” – The Proletariat – The Proletariat

“Used To Work” – Citizen Fish – Thirst

“Serene” – Sunshine Mind – S/T – Loiipop



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