Closet Radio Episode 164: Provacative Invocation

freaking_2Closet Radio Episode 164: Provacative Invocation


“It’s You” – Shark Pants – Let’s Get Killed

“The Unheard Music” – X – Los Angeles

“I Want In” – The Avengers

“Crack of Dawn” – Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Spurts

“I Owe It To The Girls”  – Teddy & The Frat Girls – S/T

“When Words Are Not Working” – The International Noise Conspiracy – Bigger Cages, Longer Chains

“One Last Kiss” – Cub – Pillow Queen

“Freedom Song” – Randy – The Human Atom Bombs

“Be My Guru” – The Hoodoo Gurus –

“Crumbling Down” – Go Betty Go – Nothing Is More

“Fight The Rich” – The Messengers – S/T

“Jilted John” – The Vandals – Generations II

“With My Looks And Your Brains” – The Mr. T Experience  – Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You

“Windowsill” – Tilt – Til It Kills

“Sunshine” – Screeching Weasel – BoogadaBoogadaBoogada

“Solid Gold Easy Action” – T Rex – Tanx

“Antiworld” – Nina Hagen – Nun Sex Moon Rock

“Devil’s Rain” – The Gravetones – Dig It!

“Carry On My Wayward Son“ – GWAR – 2014

“From Her To Eternity” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Live 1989

“(A Proverbial Explanation For) Why No Action Was Taken” – Algebra Suicide

“In Cythera” – Killing Joke

“Midnight Trance” – Di Di Mau – S/T EP

“Things I Don’t Remember” – Ugly Casanova – Sharpen Your Teeth

“End Of The World Delight” – Pink Mink – S/T

“Funnel Of Love” – Wanda Jackson

“Hell Bent” – Brian Setzer – Ignition!

“Skip A Beat” – The Cool Jerks – Cleaned A Lot Of Plates In Memphis

“The Other Side of Midnight” – Levi Dexter – Rockabilly Idol

“Crazy Little Child” – Alice Cooper – Muscle of Love



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