Closet Radio Episode 167: The Place On Lombard

St._Johns,_Oregon_electric_trolley,_1904Closet Radio Episode 167: The Place On Lombard


“Love That Bob” – The Church of Subgenius

“Everything You Snow Is Wrong”-  Daphne Oram / The Firesign Theater

“I Am Jack’s Taboo” – Arthur Lyman  & Wolfman Jack

“I Am The Slime” – Frank Zappa

“The Grand Delusion Part 7: Grave Implications b/w Sonic Outlaws” – Tape Beatles

“Invocation of My Demon Brother” – Mick Jagger /Lester Bangs

Spectres of the Spectrum – Craig Baldwin

“Automatic Writing (1979)” – Robert Ashley

“Ocean” – Metallic Falcons

“Headwave Samba” – Minoy/ Max Headroom/ Zen Sutherland

“In Heaven” – Peter Ivers/ Fats Weller

“You’ve Got Me Bugged b/w Devolution” – Devo Remix

“Beg Your Pardon” – Crass

“N-Er-Gee (Crisis Blues) “ – The Residents

“Speak” – SWANS

“Pleasure Is The Boss” – Die Haut f/Nick Cave

“Paradise” – Manual Sex Drive

“I Am God” – Negativland

“The Answer is Positivland” – Negativland/ Mark Hosler Remix

“I Don’t Think So” – Psychic TV f/ Gibby Haynes

“A Conscious Living Freedom” – Maryanne Amacher – Andre Gregory – Henry Miller



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