Closet Radio Episode 172: Passing Phosphorescent Flickers

Fluorescent_lamps_artisticCloset Radio Episode 172: Passing Phosphorescent Flickers


“Knives In The Drain” – Lydia Lunch –

“60 Minute Man” – Billy Ward & His Dominos –

“Killing Moon” – The Quakes –

“The Man With The Lightbulb Head” -Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Fegmania!

“Let Freedon Ring” – Ben Weasel & His Iron String Quartet – These Ones Are Bitter

“Light Breathing (Me and Martha Plimpton In A Fancy Elevator)” – Lawrence Arms – Ghost Stories

“What Do You Want?” – The Mr. T Experience – Milk. Milk. Lemonade

“Windowsill” – Tilt – Til’ It Kills


“Desperado” – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Love Their Country

“Nightmare City” – The Alley Cats – Nightmare City EP

“Nights in Venice” – The Saints –

“Take ‘Em All” – The Scarred – Repression

“We’re Desperate” – X – Wild Gift

“Scarecrow” – Ministry – Psalm 69

“Radiation” – Sonic Avenues – Sonic Avenues

“Sleeping Aides & Razor Blades” – The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic

“I Saw The Light” – Bloodshot Bill – Greasy, Trashy, Rockin’ Billy

“High Heeled Wheels” – The Neon Boys –

“Now I Hear The Laughter” – The Germs – M.I.A.: The Complete Anthology

“Kissed By Lightning” – Deadboy & The Elephant Men – We Are Night Sky

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

“Another Bag of Bones” – Kevin Devine & The Goddamned Band – Brother’s Blood

“Piano Fire” – Sparklehorse f/ PJ Harvey

“Ice On The Sheets” – ugly Casanova – Ugly Casanova

“Hard Times” – Mirah & The Black Cat Orchestra – To All We Stretch The Open Arm

“Missing Words” – The Selecter –

“Oh My Lord” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – No More Shall We Part


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