Closet Radio Episode 174: Opening Arcana Worms

C1092_ragwormloset Radio Episode 174: Opening Arcana Worms


“The Fourth Dimension” – The Ventures – Ventures In Space

“Give ‘Em What They Want” – The Love Me Nots – Detroit

“New Seditionaries” – Lower Class Brats – The New Seditionaries

“I Know Nothing” – Ms. America – Be My Friends

“Handsome & Gretel” – Babes In Toyland – Fontanelle

“Hands Aren’t Tied” – Love Buzzard

“Happy Birthday” – The Birthday Party – Hee Haw

“Treason” – Naked Raygun – Understand?

“Oh Please” – The Undertones – Get What You Need

“Never Feel Sad” – The Viletones –

“Pay No Mind” – Decahedron – Disconnection Imminent

“Your Last Chance” – Gore Gore Girls – Up All Night

“Don’t Sell Your Mind” – Penny Saints

“Beautiful Boyz” – Cocorosie f/ Antony Hegarty –  Noah’s Ark

“The Mission” – Puscifer f/ Milla Jovovich –

“Gothic Summer” – Prayers –

“Social Fools” – Devo – Hardcore Devo

“Fan Club” – The Damned – Peel Sessions

“Hanging On The Telephone” – The Nerves –

“Cut Across Shorty” – Eddie Cochran – Something Else

“I Got To Go” – Little Walter –

“No, I Don’t Want To Do That” – Happy Schnapps Combo

“A Town Called Luckey” – Rilo Kiley – Unreleased

“Summertime Blues” – Blue Cheer – Live request

“I Love You Like An Alcoholic” – The Taxpayers – “God, Forgive These Bastards” Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner

“Laughing To Keep From Crying” – Joe Callicott – Mississippi Delta Blues vol.2

“Death Party” – The Gun Club – Death Party

“Dreamtime” – Love & Rockets –



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