Closet Radio Episode 180: Time of Turning Turnips

two-dust-bowl-refugeesCloset Radio Episode 180: Time of Turning Turnips


“Pretty You Ugly”‘ – eX-Girl – Endangered Species

“Storm The Gates of Heaven” – Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – Rock ‘N Roll Cleopatra

“Iron Claw” – The Nuns – Rumania

“There Is A Light” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Songs For A November Night

“Black Madonna” – Theater of Hate – Aria of The Devil

“Taxman” – The KVB – The Magical Mystery Psych-Out – A Tribute To The Beatles

“A Day” – Clan of Xymox – Clan of Xymox

“The Waiting” – Zombina & The Skeletones – Death Valley High

“Handles” – Dust Moth – Seattle Noise

“Anti-Pope” – The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette

“Well Sick” – The Blood – False Gestures for a Devious Public

“They’re Back Again, Here They Come” – The Cigarettes – Will Damage Your Health

“The Hideout” – The Weirdos – Weird World Vol. 2

“Human Error” – The Subhumans – E.P.-L.P.

“Not The Only One” – Dead Moon – Live Evil

“I Got Your Number” – The Sonics – This is the Sonics

“No Way” – Temporal Sluts – Music for Haters EP – Hate

“Anarchy Burger” – The Vandals – Peace Thru Vandalism

“S.H.C.P.” – Vomito Nuclear – Caricias y Malratos

“Can’t Afford It” – CH3 – The Skinhead Years

“Black & Blue” – So Unloved” – Pink, Black, & Broken

“Gridlock” – Bring Your Own Weapon – BYOW

“Dragstrip Riot” – New Bomb Turks – Destroy Oh Boy


“I Am Ninja, My Life Is Lonely And Difficult” – The Dauntless Elite – Graft

“Bad Apple” – The Koffin Kats – Drunk In The Daylight

“There Ain’t No Pabst In Tijuana” – Boris The Sprinker – Mega Anal

“Actions & Words” – Spoonboy – I Love You, This Is A Robbery

“Lady Waters & The Hooded One” – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Element of Light



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