Closet Radio Episode 183: Driven To Dribbles

fatbobdindinCloset Radio Episode 183: Driven To Dribbles


“Eat The Rich” – Motorhead – Rock ‘N’ Roll

“A Ride In The Lizzy Mobile” – Thin Lizzy – The Rocker

“Red Scab” – Adam & The Ants – B-Side Babies

“You Said No” – Newtown Neurotics –

“Not Through With You” – The Dents – Time For Biting

“Dangerous” – The Arrivals – Marvels of Modern Industry

“Dry Rot” – Potsie – Keys In Our Mouths

“Scenesters” – Andrew Jackson Jihad – Candy Cigarettes and Pop Guns

“I’m Dreaming And I Can’t Wake Up” – NoMeansNo –

“Bone Dry” – American Relay – Demo

**Slow Hot Death”   “ – Roselit Bone – Blacken & Curl – Snake Handler

“Tongues Of Fire” – Movie Star Junkies – Melville – Voodoo Rhythm

“Not All Right” – The Germs – (MIA)

“The American In Me” – The Avengers – Died For Your Sins

“City Of Fun” – The Only Ones – The Only Ones

“I Lost On Jeopardy” – Weird Al Yankovic –

“It’s Not Worth It” – The Dils –

“Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other“ – Pansy Division – Pile Up

“A Lot of Dust Kicked Up” – Estocar – Faux Fiction

“Black Snake Diamond Rock” – The Soft Boys – Underwater Moonlight


“If Your Kisses Can’t Hold The Man You Love” – Rasputina – Frustration Plantation

Poe f/ Mark Z. Danielewski – Hey Pretty – Haunted

“(I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free” – Grinderman – Grinderman

“Last Exit” – Junior Boys – Last Exit

“Reptile Walk” – Cemetery – Demo

“Fiend Club” – The Misfits – Famous Monsters

“Gone Fast” – Soviet Soviet – Fate



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