Closet Radio Episode 185: Slumped In The Sludgery

060807-25Closet Radio Episode 185: Slumped In The Sludgery


“Stab You In The Face” – Hooded Hags – Mental Revenge

“Witches & Mystics” – The Sheiks –

“Holy Geometry” – Blasted Canyons – 2nd Place

“Falling Leaves” – Sunshine Mind – Sunshine Mind

“Healing Cream” – Detached Objects – S/T – Gligongo

“Headshots” – Shanghai Wires – Upsetter – May Cause Dizziness

“The Good Life” – Weezer – Pinkerton

“Punish Or Be Damned” – The Screamers – Punish Or Be Damned

“Boomerang Doll” Katastrophy Wife – Amusia

“Reptile” -NIN f/ Bauhaus – Where Darkness Doubles, Light Pours In

“Ghosts Of A Dead Empire” – SubRosa- More Constant Than The Gods

“Needle Boy” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away (Bonus)

“Carnival” – Kevin Devine & The Goddamned Band – Brother’s Blood

“Alas de Hierro” – The Chamanas – Once Once – Nacional

“Machinery” – Savage Republic – Tragic Figures

“Rudy” – Talk Back – Pretty In Pink OST

“Look For Me (I’ll Be Around)” – Neko Case f/ Calexico & Paul Rigby – Live

“Masters In Reverse Psychology” – Murder By Death – Who Will Survive. and What Will Be Left of Them?

“Death Party” – The Gun Club – Death Party

“The Emptiness Remains” -The Sawyer Family – Why Did God Create?

“Nature’s Dark Passion” – The Damned – So, Who’s Paranoid?

“The President” – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Element of Light



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