Closet Radio Episode 186: Tickity Tock Sick

village-foods_2Closet Radio Episode 186: Tickity Tock Sick


“Is This A Future” – Omega Tribe – Angry Songs

“All The Time In The World” – The Nipple Erectors – All The Time In The World

Under My SKin – Roger’s Porn Collection – Under My Skin

“Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” – Pink Lincolns – Back From The Pink Room

“Take It Back” – The Vandals – Punk Uprisings Vol.1

“Tight” – Mindless Self Indulgence – Tighter

“Flame Grape” Butthole Surfers – A Texas Trip

“Institution Walls” – B-Movie – Remembrance Day

“This Unrest” – Siouxsie & The Banshees – Tinderbox

“Away” – Young Docteurs – Away

“Mind Your Own Business” – Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business

“Recovering The Opposable Thumb” – The Lawrence Arms – Oh Calcutta!

“Thirsty Dog” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Let Love In

“Lookalikes” – The Drones – Temptations of A White Collared Worker

“See No Evil” – Television – Marquee Moon

“Night And Day” – Toots & The Maytals – Sweet & Dandy

“A Zillion Years” – Mr. T Experience – Night Shift At The Thrill Factory

“Get Off My Mountain” – The Gravetones – On The Edge Of Madness

“What’s The Combination?” – Agent Orange – Greatest & Latest – This, That-N-The Other Thing

“Alone” – The Tossers – Communication And Conviction

“This Is My Name”  – Sun City Girls – Funeral Mariachi!

“Massacred And Dismembered Culture” – MDC – This Blood’s For You

“Failure” – SWANS – White Light From The Mouth of Infinity

“Mad World” – Tears For Fears – Electric Dreams



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