Closet Radio Episode 033: Save That Crap For The Radio – JJCnV In-Studio! (Retrocast)

JJCnV, Live! on Closet Radio!

JJCnV, Live! on Closet Radio!

Closet Radio Episode 033: Save That Crap For The Radio – JJCnV In-Studio!
(Featuring a live performance by, and interview with JJCnV, some appropriate music, and other ridiculous shenanigans. 5-26-12)

When Miss Rikki Lee asked me to run sound for her show, I knew I would say yes before hearing anything further.  I love meeting bands, especially touring ones, and running sound has been one of the most fun and fulfilling parts of being involved in radio.  So the fact that it was with such a cool band like JJCnV only made the entire situation that much cooler.  It’s sort of like being asked, “So, do you want to have fun for a few hours?”  The answer can’t be anything but, “Uhm, duh?”

On tour to support a recent, self-released album, entitled Brainiac Handsome (and available on 12″ vinyl, or digitally), these guys are the kind of rock band with which you want to spend every Saturday.  Funny, crass, rockin’, and loads of fun, they pack entertainment into every iota of their being.  What comes across for most listeners is exactly how much fun they’re having.  Within minutes of meeting them for the first time, we were all joking and crackin’ wise as if we’d been good friends for years, the kind of relationship that few sound engineers ever have with a band, let alone a touring one you met less than a quarter hour ago.  I had a great time hanging out with them, and that’s mostly because they rocked the fuck out, too.

JJCnV perform three short live sets, help Miss Rikki Lee pick out the DJ portions, and chat us both up for the better part of two hours.  I felt extremely honored not only to help run the sound, but perform the interview!  Rikki insisted that I join her in the booth, and I hope I conducted myself like a true gentleman as I invaded her very own program.  While I know that this is not the last time we’ll be working together like this, I have to say we started off with a bang.

JJCnV are on tour for another week or so, with shows in San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno and San Pedro before returning home.  They have a number of websites, through which you can keep track of their various exploits, which include their personal website, a bandcamp page (where you can check out their back catalog), a MyFaceSter+ page (so you can keep up with them while you’re at work), and a variety of pages here and there, available exclusively through the search engine of your choice.  (Your usual Inter-Web-A-Tron rates and fees still apply.)  I should point out that if you pick up a copy of the LP, it comes with a download card, too, giving you no excuse to start up that record collection you’ve always wanted to ask your friends to help you move whenever you get kicked out.  It is very much worth the purchase.

I could wax poetic until the frogs come home, but I think it’s probably best that you just check them out by streaming or downloading this show, and then watching them live when you get a chance.  Special thanks, again, to Miss Rikki Lee, for not only booking these guys, but asking me to run sound.  As always, a real treat.

Picasa Photoset

See JJCNV’s photos HERE.

Here are the shots I took as a special added bonus!



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