Closet Radio Episode 198: Crackleburst Cacophony

1075ac74cabe7eedf25f3daca6947665Closet Radio Episode 198: Crackleburst Cacophony


“Synthesis” – Bastidas – Time Portal
“Lost At Home” – Devo – Unreleased Demos Vol. 1 & 2


“Sounds of Laughter” – T.S.O.L. – T.S.O.L.
“Cookie Core” – Lunachicks – Babysitters On Acid
“Nocturne” – Monster May I – Monster May I
“Mercury Poisoning” – Graham Parker – Squeezing Out Sparks
“I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are)” – Stiv Bators – Disconnected
“Agony of Pleasure” – Robyn Hitchcock – Eye
“Don’t Smoke In Bed” – Xiu Xiu – Nina
“Won’t Leave You Alone” – Big Sexy Noise – Trust The WItch
“You Do Not Own Your Own Head” – Thomas Ligotti f/ Current 93 – The Unholy City
“(Hospital Vespers)” – The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site
“Worn From The FIght (With FIreworks)” – Castanets – Texas Rose, The Thaw, The Beast
“Kitchenette” – Grinderman – Grinderman II
“Comin’ On Strong” – Hepcat – Push ‘N Shove
“Dr. Art” – Nina Hagen – NunSexMonkRock
“Polkas on 45″ – Weird Al Yankovic – In 3-D
“AC/DC” – Look Around You
“Carousel” – Death In June – Nada!
“Stutter” – Elastica – Elastica
“I Wanna Be A Lawnmower” – Zachariah and The Los Lobos Riders
“Looking For A Place To Fall” – Jeremy Gluck & Friends – I Knew Buffalo Bill
“A Woman A Man Walked By” – PJ Harvey – A Woman A Man Walked By
“Drums In My Typewriter” – Shorty Petterstein – The Wide Weird World Of Shorty Petterstein
“On Fire” – Manual Sex Drive – Illumiphobia
“Cold Day In Hell” – Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Hole
“And LEarning Nothing” – Archbishop Jason Polland – Everybody’s Looking At Their Phones
“Grey Days” – Chelsea Wolf – Abyss
“You Forget To Answer” – Nico – The End
“Static On The Radio” – Jim White – Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See



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