Closet Radio Episode 035: Pushing Past The Plumes (Retrocast)

This artist's impression shows Jupiter and its moon Europa using actual Jupiter and Europa images in visible light. The Hubble ultraviolet images showing the faint emission from the water vapour plumes have been superimposed, respecting the size but not the brightness of the plumes. Astronomers using Hubble have detected signs of water vapour being vented off this moon, creating variable plumes near its south pole — the first observational evidence of water vapour being ejected off the moon's surface.

Closet Radio Episode 035: Pushing Past The Plumes


“Did You No Harm” – The Raunch Hands
“Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)” – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
“I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead” – Weird Al
“Four In The Morning” – The Scarlet Ribbon
“Thank You” – SWANS
“Passive Aggressive” – Mountain Con
“Cyclops Helicopter” – The Weirdos
“Come Up and See Me” – Steve Harley
“Things We Said Today” – The Dream Academy
“Don’t Bring Me Down” – The Pretty Things
“Just In Case You Wonder” – The Ugly Ducklings
“Contraption – Soul Desert” – Thee Oh Sees
“Same Thing” – DM Bob & The Deficits
“Mar Gaya” – The Astroglides
“Sally Sue Browns” – The Delmonas
“As I Look” – The Rebel Rousers
“Hip Priest” – DUSTDevils
“Big Irons” – The Phenomenauts
“Running Out Of Fools” – Neko Case
“Oh Well, Oh Well” – Big Joe Turner
“Rocket 88” – Ike Turner & Jackie Brenston
“Beginning Of The End” – Funky Nassau
“ABBA, God & Me” – The Meatmen
“Jump, Jive, & Harmonize” – Thee Midnighters
“Soul Fingers” – The Bar-Kays
“Kneecappin’ ” – The Eat

KPSU Playlist



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