Closet Radio Episode 038: There You Are (Retrocast)

tyaCloset Radio Episode 038: There You Are (Retrocast)


Starting on number four and moving four more, we tripped into the vortex and fell in a black hole preventing your secrets from falling upon dead ears.  It once sang you to sleep at night but weariness is where we live now and this world just slipped away.  When memory and light return with the dawn, the image becomes transposed as you’re left stuttering on a nervous stomach.


“Strange Dream” – Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry
“Solar Blister” – Milk At Midnight
“Fanfare For The Infallible See” – Jess Rowland
“On Dreams” – William S. Burroughs
“Her Way Of Praying” – Jesus & Mary Chain
“A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To” – Melt-Banana
“Wake Up” – Newtown Neurotics f/ Atilla The Stockbroker
“Black Butter, Present” – Strawberry Alarm Clock
“I’m Only Sleeping” – The Beatles
“Sea & Sand” – The Who
“What’s Essential Is Invisible To The Eye” – The Little Prince
“I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In” – Sharon Jones
“The Dream” – Thee Oh Sees
“Scarecrow” – Pink Floyd
“Midnight To Stevens” – The Clash
“Teenage Kicks” – The Undertones
“Dangermare” – Pegboy
“So Unreal” – Creatures
“The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”
“Ceremony” – Xiu Xiu
“Future Ghosts” – Chrome
“Part Four: Never Known Questions” – The Residents
“Trial of Number 48” – The Prisoner
“Ballad of Maxwell Demon” – Built To Spill
“Tell You Why Tomorrow” – Husker Du
“New Dawn Fades” – Joy Division
“Cleopatra Dreams On” – Jeffrey Lee Pierce



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