Closet Radio Episode 040: Psych! You’re It. (Retrocast)

827274Closet Radio Episode 040: Psych! You’re It. (Retrocast)

Originally aired on 21 July 2012.

Hours are vague yet pass the same. This time new obscenities run along the bathroom walls.


“Little Sweater” – Satin Chaps
“Playing Requests” – The Muppets
“Semi- Psychedelic”  – Pepper & The Shakers
“When You Move, You Lose” – Keith Powell & Billie Davis
“Electric Flag” – Freakout
“Green Tambourine” – Lemon Pipers
“I Ain’t Got No Heart” – Mothers of Invention
“Crystal Ball” – King Khan & The Shrines
“Have ANother Espresso” – Shel Silverstein
“Real Fine Lady” – Warlords
“Jekyll & Hyde” – Mighty ‘Em
“He’s In Love With Himself” – Unknown
“At Home He’s A Tourist” – Gang of Four
“If It’s All The Same To You” – The Bends
“Be Forewarned” – Macabre
“I’ll Come Again” – The Legends
“I’m A King Bee” – The Bad Seeds
“What’s Behind That Mask?” – The Cramps
“Give Them What They Want” – The Love Me Nots
“Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter” – Forbidden Dimension
“Where We Come From” – Bob Reitman
“Hard Times” – Valhalla
“Do You Know I Know?” – Naz Nomad & The Nightmares
“Quadrospazzed” – Thee Oh Sees
“Hangman” – Ugly Ducklings
“Grounded” – The Syn
“The Subterranians” – Jack Kerouac f/ David Bowie
“Get On This Plane” – The Premiers
“Can’t Resist” – The Stems
“Tomorrow’s Another Day” – The Astronauts
“Fancy” – The Kinks

KPSU Playlist



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