Closet Radio Episode 043: Take It To The Limit – The Limit Club Live! (Retrocast)

The Limit Club

The Limit Club

Closet Radio Episode 043: Take It To The Limit – The Limit Club Live! (Retrocast)
(Featuring a live performance by, and interview with The Limit Club, with a dose of hooliganism and wackiness, too.)

Originally aired August 11, 2012

If you’re not already listening to Closet Radio regularly, then you are probably some sort of Spy working a deep cover operation where you are pretending to be extremely out of touch with anything remotely cool.  (In which case: you are still pretty cool by default, since you’re running covert ops.)  But for those of you who are in so deep at this point that you can’t risk blowing your cover, I’ll explain: Closet Radio is the radio equivalent of eating four bowls of Sugar Frosted Bombs before skating to the park so you and your friends can get into some serious fuckin’ around.  Always searching for the middle ground between “fun” and “mind=blown,” Miss Rikki likes to take listeners on a very serious journey into “Fuck Yeah,” and I’m a fool not to join her on these wild adventures.  Especially when there’s a band like The Limit Club playing live.

Join Miss Rikki and I for a live performance, and extended interviews with, The Limit Club.  I run sound while Miss Rikki DJs for the first 45 minutes, then the band rocks out with a 30 minutes set.  Top that off with a sort of improvised conversation similar the Manual Sex Drive Potcast, and you’ve got nearly two-hours of Limit Club madness, and just in time for the It’s-Too-Hot-I’ll-Just-Listen-To-Podcasts heatwave that’s been hitting the Portland area.  As usual, I want to thank KPSU and Miss Rikki for letting run the sound and participate in this show.  As she took over my old time-slot, it’s a very comfortable place to be, and I had a tremendous amount of fun, even if the monitors were not working.

I’m sure this is not just a coincidence that I did these two shows with her recently, so stay tuned for more shows like this as the months continue.  I always enjoy working with Miss Rikki, and it’s always nice to be a part of the show.  In the meantime: stream some live rock and roll, why don’cha?


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Closet Radio Episode 43: Take It To The Limit

01.) The Limit Club * The Damned
02.) I’m The Wolf * Howlin’ Wolf
03.) Whatever Happens, I Love You * Morrissey
04.) herjazz * Huggy Bear
05.) China Girl * Iggy Pop
06.) The Tunnel * The Blue Cats
07.) Children of The Lord * Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
08.) Make A Circuit With Me * The Polecats
09 Club Country * The Associates

10.) Live Performance! * The Limit Club
11.) Interview * The Limit Club

12.) Viento * Caifanes
13.) Paradise * Manual Sex Drive

KPSU Playlist


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