Closet Radio Episode 044: Spun (Retrocast)

Closet Radio Episode 044: Spun (Retrocast)

(Originally aired on on August 18th, 2012)

Do you still dream of bees?


“Twist & Turn” – Slaughter & The Dogs
“Der Spinner” – Nina Hagen Band
Waving in the Dark” – Style Sindicate
“Reach The Bottom” – The Carpettes
“Circles (Instant Party)” – The Who
“Round & Round” – The Germs
“The News Is Always The Same” – The Cute Lepers
“Make A Circuit With Me” – The Phenomenauts
“Spinning Wheel” – Peggy Lee
“Infinite O’ Clock” – Ken Nordine
“Endless Fall” – Lydia Lunch
“Follow It Down” – The Scarring Party
“Tumbling Down” – The Venus In Furs
“Fear (Of The Unknown)” – Siouxsie & The Banshees
“Standing In The Way of Control” – The Gossip



“Cyclonic” – Thee Mighty Caesars
“Spinning Ceiling” – Mark Sultan
“Hip-No-Tyzed” – The Gruesomes
“Runnin’ Around” – The B-52’s
“Dazed & Confused” – Jake Holmes
“Life” – Woody Allen
“One Kind Favour” – The Spinning Wheels
“Real Life Permanent Dream” – The Orange Machine
“The Man With The Lightbulb Head” – Robyn Hitchcock
“Bing (And Now You’re Hypnotised)” – The Maharajas
“Orbita” – Jo Squillo Electrix
“Circles” – Culture Shock
“Mr. Twist” – SS
“Vertigo” – Twisted Nerve
“Hypnosis” – Positive Noise
“Distance” – Chrome
“Fibonacci Sequence” – Pi
“Whirlwind Reaper” – Sahara Hotnights

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