Closet Radio Episode 046: We Call Upon The Author (Retrocast)


Closet Radio Episode 046: We Call Upon The Author (Retrocast) 

Originally aired 9-1-12.

Words fog through the cracks in this already rattled mind. 348 blank pages of typewritten text still cannot explain how this became once again.


“Everything Was Stories” – Harry Crews
“Pure Imagination” – Smoking Popes
“Drunken Mouth Kitchen Smile” – Lawrence Arms
“She Talks To Rainbows” – The Ramones
“Rolodex Propaganda” – At The Drive In f/ Iggy Pop
“On Language” – Julie Ruin
“Ghostwriter” – Calexico
“Epic Tales of Adventure” – The Dead Milkmen
“Chapter 3: Towels” – Douglas Adams
“Journey of the Sorcerer” – The Eagles
“If Jesus Drove A Motorhome” – Jim White
“Dr. Who” – Delia Derbyshire
“Regenerate Exterminate” – Chameleon Circuit (Request)
“Astronaut (A Short History of Nearly Nothing)” – Amanda Palmer f/ Zoe Keating
“The Confession” – Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire
“The Sounds of the Universe in My Window pt. 1” – Jack Kerouac
“People Are Strange” – Echo & The Bunnymen
“Mah Sanctum” – Nick Cave
“The Universe (Some Information to Live in It) – Douglas Adams
“Decoder” – William S. Burroughs & Christiane F.
“These Are The Sad Songs (Sci-Fi Lullabies)” – Suede
“Gospel Noble Truths” – Allen Ginsberg
“Highly Illogical” – Leonard Nimoy
“Stories” – Gary Neuman
“History of the World part 1” – The Damned
“Hello Mr. Hitchcock” – Vampires of Dartmoore
“Explain” – That Dog
“How I Wrote Elastic Man (clean)” – The Fall
“I Just Want To Be A Movie Star” – Lester Bangs & The Delinquents

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