Closet Radio Episode 047: Cracking The Skin (Retrocast)


Closet Radio Episode 047: Cracking The Skin (Retrocast)

(Originally broadcast on 9-8-12.)

Empty the sand from your soles and let the scent of burned tires melt into the back forty acres of a wasteland engulfed yet only seen through red filters. Death smells like the desert heat.


“Survival” – Vivian Girls
“Albert Goes West” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“Babylon” – Jeff Beal
“The Desert Is On Fire” – Murder By Death
“”Roam The Land” – Tandoori Knights
“Bloody Basin” – Route 66 Killers
“Nom De Plume” – Calexico
“Devil Like Me” – Turn Back O’ Man
“The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be” – Tom Lehrer
“Cool Drink Of Water” – The Gun Club
“Cowboy Dan” – Modest Mouse
“Hanging Me Tonight” – Marty Robbins
“Fruit of the Desert” – The Orient Express
“Hell In A Handbasket” – Voltaire
“Little Piece” – This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
“Randy’s House” – Andrew Jackson Jihad
“Bone Dry Dirt” – Southern Culture On the Skids
“Vulture Culture” – Lover!
“Swords to Rust Hearts to Dust” – Rome
“On Dean Moriarty” – -Jack Kerouac
“Burn It” – Hour of the Wolf
“Pinokiak” – Swing Ding Amigos
“There’s Nothing” – Lost Sounds
“Simon of the Desert” – Les Sinners
“Dust Cake Boy” – Nunzilla
“Another Bag of Bones” – Kevin Devine
“Beyond The Threshold” – Husker Du
“Self Destructive Man” – Waking Life
“One Long Pair Of Eyes” – Robyn Hitchcock
“Soon” – Where Dead Voices Gather
“Red Reflection” – Spindrift
“Desert Song” – Akrabu
“This Land is Cursed/ Psalm of Nod” – Sons of Perdition

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