Closet Radio Episode 048: Not A Problem, Dude (Retrocast)

Closet Radio Episode 048: Not A Problem, Dude (Retrocast)

(Originally broadcast on 9-15-12.)

Break the seal of sun-rotted eyes of being left for dead in a cloud of light. Once alone, now no longer. Retinas scorched from the smiling face of a westerly wind and her invisible eyes replace me in limbo.



“Good Day Today” – David Lynch
“Cool” – Pylon
“Slow Pulse Boy” – And Also The Trees
“That’s Good” – DEVO
“What You Think” – The Coolies
“Red Box” – I Jog & The Tracksuits
“Shooting Jones (Blue Eyes, Black Heart)” – The Phantom Chords
“Waste of Breath” – Subhumans
“Forming” – The Germs
“How Do You Like That?” – Soviettes
“Semi-OK” – Mr. T Experience
“Cinderella” – Langhorne Slim
“Everything Will Be Fine” – JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
“Things Are Gonna Get Better” – Deal’s Gone Bad
“Let Bygones Be Bygones” – Corey Dixon & The Zvooks

“Keep Your Cool” – Terry & The Chain Reaction
“All Is Forgiven” – The Momes
“Painting The Roses Red” – Kathrine Beaumont & The Mello Men
“I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying” – The High Numbers
“Rainbow Valley” – Love Affair
“Minor Jive” – Frankie Newton f/ Crazy Cole & Mezz Mezzrow
“Day In and Out” – The Waters
“I Wanna Be Well” – Ramones
“That’s All I Know (Right Now)” – Neon Boys
“There Will Be No More Scum” – Frodus
“I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter” – The Crawdaddys
“Groovy” – Cake Like
“You’re A Prisoner” – Death
“No Carrier” – Decahedron
“Follow The Leaders” – Killing Joke
“Eight At A Time” – Twang

KPSU Playlist



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