Closet Radio Episode 049: Time Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – Tiny Knifes, LIVE! (Retrocast)


Closet Radio Episode 049: Time Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – Tiny Knifes, LIVE! (Retrocast)

(Originally aired 9-22-12.)

Closet Radio proudly presents the RADIO DEBUT of Portland post-art-punk trio Tiny Knives LIVE in the KPSU studios!

The ladies joined us to play some new songs off their must-have second release, “Static,” which is hot off the presses at Stankhouse Records in a convenient cassette tape format and also in the standard digital format from the Tiny Knives Bandcamp!

We also chatted a bit about their upcoming tour plans, other projects the ladies are involved in, heard a slew of good jokes, discussed the PDX music scene, and had an all around blast. As if that weren’t enough, you also get a hand-picked set of great songs by a few bands that the ladies dig themselves. If you’ve been looking for a package deal, this one is definitely for you!

Also on hand for this episode was Javan Villegas whom stepped in to save the day running sound for us. He did a fantastic job considering the circumstances into which he stumbled upon, but maintained his cool and most definitely deserves a good old fashioned nod and tip of the hat.

Unfortunately, there are no photos or videos from this episode because Alice was sick that day and wasn’t around to tell us not to play ball in the studio. Off to the left was the phone (as the camera had been forgotten amidst the chaos) which was no match for coffee and orange juice. However, if you’ve stumbled across this in your vast universal travels, then you probably have an excellent imagination anyway.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this episode possible, to everyone for listening, and most definitely to the badass ladies of Tiny Knives!


“Spooky Tight” – Fleshlawn
“Return of The Curse of The Creature’s Ghost” – Blood Beach

Tiny Knives Interview pt.1

“Geodesic Prison Song” – The Taxpayers

Tiny Knives LIVE SET pt. 1

“Nobody’s Man” – Nucular Aminals
“Aykranoid” – Prize Hog
Tiny Knives Interview pt.2

“Grunge Is A Myth” – Potsie

Tiny Knives Interview pt.3

“No One Lives Forever” – Oingo Boingo

Tiny Knives LIVE SET pt. 2

“Heidi’s Head” – Lilliput

Tiny Knives Interview pt.4

“More Cake” – Lunge
“Human Host” – Big Black Cloud
“Seizure” – Drunk Dad
“Body Shake Jam” – Jizz Wisard

KPSU Playlist



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