Closet Radio Episode 050: Told You Before – Not Now Not Ever, Live!

Not Now, Not Ever

Not Now, Not Ever

Closet Radio Episode 050: Told You Before – Not Now Not Ever, Live!
(Featuring a live performance by local upstarts, Not Now, Not Ever, live on Closet Radio! )


Brand spankin’ new band from the hairy depths of Portland, Not Now, Not Ever, joined Closet Radio live in the KPSU studios for an instrumental whiplash of dark-post-prog-with-a-steaming-side-of-strings experience that you’ll thank me for later!

This fierce foursome is immensely talented at bringing epic tales of adventure to any ear brave enough to slip into their web of cinematic audio bliss. But that’s not all, because the interview portions of this episode are equally entertaining as we discuss gaming, sci-fi movies, Portland music, and how this beast of a band came to life. If you’ve gone to the dark side of the moon and were able to come back, then this is definitely and episode you won’t want to miss!

Our good pal and righteous dude, Austin Rich of Blasphuphmus Radio was also on hand to plug things in, turn knobs, push buttons, provide commentary, ask the important man questions, and of course, proving once again to be the best co-host and sound guy a Rikki could ask for! I haven’t even mentioned that he also took photos (including the one below), video, and wrote an awfully nice two-cents worth over at his portion of the web-o-tron! Be sure to check out his show as well if you haven’t already to have a spot of tea, a good listen, say hi and thanks!

Austin’s Notes:

It’s not just that Miss Rikki Lee always has her finger on the pulse of what is great and wonderful in this world.  If you tune in to Closet Radio with any frequency, then you know that she is on a mission to present all that is beautiful and fun in this world, both new and old.  And this logic extends to both music new and old.  It’s not enough that when she books touring acts that she picks some of the finest bands that she’s come to know and love over the years, but when she picks local artists, she manages to find them before just about everyone else.  Case in point: Not Now, Not Ever, a Portland band who performed for an audience for the first time the other day on her program, and I was lucky enough to engineer the sound.

Mining the cinematic, progressive rock sound that has been labeled everything from “instru-metal” to “post-rock,” Not Now, Not Ever incorporates orchestral elements into their compositions while writing their songs using improvisation in equal parts, to create beautiful soundscapes that transport you to another realm without a single trace of lyrics.  What shocked me was that that they did this as if they has been playing in front of crowds since the late ’90’s, and their competence clearly undermines the fact that they’ve only been at it for two years.  And they’re so young!  Not only is it easy to appreciate their skill as artists, but when they do start playing around town, you can still see them during their relative infancy.

In the meantime, I recommend enjoying this two hour blast of live music goodness.  Not only do I run the sound, but Miss Rikki and I tag team the interview, getting at the heart of what makes this band tick.  And as if that were not enough, Miss Rikki selects some stellar songs for the DJ portions of the show, rounding out this fantastic hour of Closet Radio.  It’s everything you’ve always wanted, all in one concentrated blast of radio goodness.


MyFacester+ Photoset (includes a video clip of their performance)

Told You Before

“Project X” – Mothers of Invention


“Husker Don’t” – Not Now, Not Ever
“Psychonaut” – Not Now, Not Ever

“Draconian Crackdown” – Rasputina

“Black Widow” – Not Now, Not Ever

Interview pt. 1

“Tick Tock Blues” – Manual Sex Drive
“Ambulances” – Ladytron
“Rude (Slight Return”  – Dirty Three

LIVE SET pt. 2

“June 5th” -Not Now, Not Ever
“Trip To The E.R.” – Not Now, Not Ever

“Crumble” – Calexico
“Mad World” – Tears For Fears

Interview pt. 2

LIVE SET pt. 3

“Improv Jam” – Not Now, Not Ever


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