Closet Radio Episode 055: All Souls On Sale (Retrocast)

imageCloset Radio Episode 055: All Souls On Sale (Retrocast)


With the holiday season off to a bang, some of you out there may be in need of a refill on soul. Some of you may feel like you
have no soul left. Some may be missing a soul or two. Maybe your soul is getting a little raggedyaround the edges. Well that’s okay because we have just the solution for all of your soul needs! Today’s episode is just loaded with souls! Might I even dare to say, chockfull of souls! We’ve got souls left and right! Souls black, white, cherry striped and MINTY! We’ve got souls with holes and souls with no holes! Souls that pogo and soul
s a-go-go! There are even rubber souls and souls riding on the funk-o-tron! There are souls ready for more with their dancin’ shoes on! There are souls that are totally gone!

We have souls stocked to the brim on every shelf, corner, nook and cranny! This is a total blow-out on souls, folks! We still have piles of souls left! You won’t find more souls for your buck ANYWHERE else! Now, you’re probably thinking, “but Rikki, how can you offer this many souls crammed into a single two-hour program? How do they fit?” To that I say, I’m drawing a blank. Stay tuned and get slathered in souls. They’re covering everything and making the world a little bit funkier without having to scrub down after. 50 Helens agree that a regular soul-cleansing is best at least 30 minutes after after a hearty meal, so grab a snack and love the one you’re with because we have more souls than we can explain to your mo
m. Our loss is your gain! Dive on into the swirling wonderland of souls and be sure to hold the handrail firmly!


“The Complicated History of The Concept of The Soul” – The Mr. T Experience

“All Souls Day” – Unwound

“My Soul” – Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

“Soul of A Man” – Ford Theater Reunion

“Procession” – 45 Grave

“Search & Destroy” – The Stooges

“Body & Soul” – Sisters of Mercy

“Midnight Soul” – Marc Almond

“God Polka” – Archbishop Jason Polland

“Sookie Sookie” – Don Covay

“I Believe To My Soul” – MC5

“Filet of Sole” – Dead Milkmen

“You Are What You Love (Radio Edit)” – Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

“Blue Suede Shoes” – Motorhead

“We Gotta Have More Soul” – Mojo Nixon

“Well Runs Dry” – The Aggrolites

“Interstellar Soul” – T. Rex

“Double-O Agent Soul” – Edwin Starr

“Soul Makossa” – Rod Hunter

“The Spirit Was Gone” – Antony & The Johnsons

“Challenging Death” – Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

“Crossroad Blues” – Robert Johnson

“Day By Day Livin’”- Foreign Orange

“Lose Your Soul” – Dead Man’s Bones

“Pit of Souls” – Robyn Hitchcock

“Black Soul Choir” – 16 Horsepower

“Little Bit Of Soul” – The Ramones

“Soul Brother” – Queen

“Reggae Got Soul” – Toots & The Maytals

“Soul Kitchen” – X

KPSU Playlist



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