Closet Radio Episode 056: Get Inside My Estocar – Estocar, LIVE! (Retrocast)

Estocar on Closet RadioCloset Radio Episode 056: Get Inside My Estocar – Estocar, LIVE! (Retrocast)


Taking time away from peddling records to minors on the streets of Seattle and bribing an unsuspecting Portland resident to “sample the merchandise,” the eve
r-rtating but always excellent Estocar joined Closet Radio for a live in-studio performance and interview.

They’re pushing heavy doses of the latest ear-drug aka Faux Fiction which was self-released this past May. Regular users of Estocar have reported this new effort to have effects similar to that of growing up punk in the early 80’s, only with better hair and a heaping history of fine taste in music. In short, these guys know where it’s at.

Audibly illustrated not only in their own music, but also in the tracks they chose for this week’s playlist as each member also contributed a great deal of the songs in this episode, is a solid mix of old with new, dark with bright, locals with legends, and perhaps a dash of “I don’t know what this is, but I like it!”

Our pal, DJ Austin Rich of Blasphuphmus Radio also joins us for this episode providing not only the sound engineering but also acting as co-host and commentator. Long-time listeners of KPSU Saturdays already know how blessed we are to be in the presence of The Pope, but the newly converted will be doubly-delighted!

So, if you find yourself unable to release the kung-fu grip on those Gang of Four, Joy Division, Wire, Talking Heads, and Pop Group records then this episode will soothe those white knuckles.


“Just Like Honey” – Jesus & Mary Chain
“Emergency Room” – The The The Thunder

Live Set

“Guru’s Revenge” – Estocar
“Please Advise” – Estocar
“Untangled From” – Estocar
“Catch My Drift” – Estocar

“I Will Dare” – The Replacements

Estocar Interview

“Leave Me Alone” – Chappaquiddick Sky
“Warm Leatherette” – The Normal
“Years Later” – Cactus World News
“American Beat” – The Fleshtones
“Baby Ran” – 54-40
“Attempt To Steal” – Night Mechanic
“I Am The Fly” – Wire
“Corner Soul” – The Clash
“You Must Be A Witch” – Lollipop Shoppe
“Henry Rollins Don’t Dance” – Allo Darlin’
“Protect Your Daughters” – Sawyer Family
“Downtown At Dawn” – Richard Hell & The Voidoids
“Constant Waiting” – Johnny Dowd
“Cost of Living” – Downliners Sect
“Underscore” – Spires that In The Sunset Rise
“I’ve Been Through It Before” – The Plagues
“Saturday Night” – Suede

KPSU Playlist





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