Closet Radio Episode 058: Hitherto Haste of The Misplaced Heathen (Retrocast)

imageCloset Radio Episode 058: Hitherto Haste of The Misplaced Heathen (Retrocast)


Keeping the time along lost lines of communication deflecting from unspoken truths floating from her lips like a prayer. Staccato interruptions echo through my hungover skull and found myself once more straying from the pack. Staggering under the influence of our own memories and refusing to walk in your waking world is all we never asked for. Until the answers are seen in the light of another future, we can only rearrange the pragmatic pasts of those yet to come.


“With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends” – Mark Mothersbaugh
“Mr. Power” – The Pleasure Seekers
“The Abandoned Brain”- Robyn Hitchcock
“Surprised?” – Clark & Eddie/ Christmas Vacation
“Making Sense” – Polysics
“Imagine” – Wow Wow Wubzy
“Ruby Red” – Marc Almond
“I’m A Stranger Here” – Five Man Electrical Band
“Not Living At All” – Mr. Airplane Man
“Wrong Idea” – Thee Oh Sees
“Not Fun” – Potsie
“Anxious Color” – Painted Faces
“I Can’t Escape Myself” – The Sound
“In This Town” – Murder City Devils
“Don’t Even Try” – Michael Yonkers w/ The Blind Shake
“Cowboy Bob” – Butthole Surfers
“Live Wire” – Naked Raygun
“False Horizon” – Mountain Con

“I See Sound” – Moth
“Shangri La” – The Kinks
“Palaces of Montezuma” – Grinderman
“Twist The Blade” – Non Compos Mentis
“Dirty Harry” – Edie McClurg/ Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
“Get It Over” – Mighty Go-Go Players
“New Centre of the Universe” – The Saints
“Then I’ll Be Happy” – Josephine Baker
“Stop and Listen” – The Shag
“More Than Real” – Junior Boys
“Not Concerned” – HAL9000
“It’s All In The Mind” – Twisted Nerve
“Land Down Under” – Funeral Dress
“What Do You Want From Me?” – Monaco

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