Closet Radio Episode 060: Looking Back At You (Retrocast)

tumblr_o2zmzccBUs1qgmgf6o1_1280Closet Radio Episode 060: Looking Back At You (Retrocast)


Everything gets a little sparky around this time of year and technology is no one’s friend. Welcome to experiments in live radio, dear friends!

This episode features erratic behavior typical of the Hexmas season and also a return guest appearance of THE artist herself, Miss Suzanne Falk! She had so much fun on her previous audio adventure with Closet Radio that she came back for more! This week we cover the joys of winter weather, life as a desert night owl, making gifts for Frank Kozik and Duncan Trussell, the lost art of fan mail, fortune cookies, the importance of communication in our daily lives, making time for nothing, the light of darkness, staying positive during tragedy, and more insight than you can shake a jingle bell at!

Join us for fragmented glimpses forward and back through no time in particular!

Looking Back At You

Hour 1

“Tremendous Risk For Mr. Ferdico” – And Also The Trees
“Glasshouse Tarot” – Sparta
“I Just Might Crack” – April March f/ The Makers
“Bernadette” – The Four Tops
“Don’t Tell” – TripleFastAction
“You Can’t Erase A Mirror” – Children of the Mushroom
“Goodbye To The Village” – Killing Joke
“Supernaturally” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“Speak of The Devil” – Things To Come
“Looking At You” – The Damned
“Nasty Nasty” – 999
“Wait A Minute” – The Wipers

Hour 2

“Mirror Blues” – Died Pretty
“It’s Not Funny Anymore” – Husker Du
“Reflected” – Alice Cooper

*Chatting with Suzanne Falk

“Burning Mirrors” – Lumerians
“A Nice Cup of Tea” – Captain Sensible
“Rich In Mercy” – Heathen Girls
“Where’s Bill Grundy Now? – Television Personalities
“Calamity Crush” – Foetus
“Be Prepared” – Tom Lehrer
“Middle Cyclone” – Neko Case



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