Closet Radio Episode 062: Gone Fishin’ (Retrocast)


Go with the flow. Be a fish. DO not be afraid of water or smell like a fish. Joined somewhere in the future of darkness on Saturdays by our old friend, Miss Dirty Mollie and new Silent sidekick, Mr. Tunacan Sam Jones… this could be interesting.


Gone Fishin’

“Sealab 2021” – Gush
“Back At The Blue Whale” – Robert Cobert Orchestra
“How To Fish” – Goofy
“Worm” – Boris The Sprinkler
“The City In The Sea” – Basil Rathbone (Edgar Allen Poe)
“Song For A Warrior” – SWANS
“Insurance Shanty” – Monty Python’s Flying Circus
“Buried in Water” – Dead Man’s Bones
“The Nose Story” – Home For The Holidays
“Fish Im Wasser” – Nina Hagen
“Movement A”  – Decahedron
“Memories from A Shore” – Right Away, Great Captain!
“Hit The Sand” – The Chrome Cranks
“Queens of Too Late” – Theodore Grimm
“Rose Garden” – Southern Culture on the Skids
“Where You’ll Find Me Now” – Neutral Milk Hotel
“Red Queen (Musick to Play in the Dark)” – Coil
“Showdown #4 – Fish” – Kids In The Hall
“(Are You On The Inside Or The Outside Of Your) Pants” – The Makers
“Noises of the Evening”  – Doctors of Madness
“All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace”- Richard Brautigan
“The Restless Waves” – Dirty Three
“Down The Line, Love” – Castanets
“Aladdin Sane”  – David Bowie
“The Sea Is Calm” – Cocorosie
“Return To Foam” – The Intelligence
“The World Keeps Going Around” – The Kinks
“Penelope” – Pinback
“Star of Hairs” – Robyn Hitchcock

KPSU Playlist



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