Closet Radio Episode 068: Signal Exhalations (Retrocast)

Cimageloset Radio Episode 068: Signal Exhalations (Retrocast)


Sexy like a mad beast in a Nick Cave suit. Calgon, take us away!


Signal Exhalations

“Inferno” – The Gravetones
“Jealous Of Your Cigarette” – Hawksely Workman
“Disintegration” – Monarchy ft/ Dita Von Teese
“Her Way Of Praying” – Jesus and Mary Chain
“Wild Summer Nights” – Black Lodge Singers
“Some Weird Sin” – Iggy Pop
“You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here” – Frank Zappa
“Hellraiser” – Motorhead
“Never Trust” – Bruce McCulloch
“Cooking With Gas” – Nation of Ulysses
“You Are The Last Dragon (You Possess The Power Of The Glow)” – Murder by Death
“Station Blues” – Otha Turner
“Heaven” – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
“The Beast” – The Only Ones
“Killing Time” – Gallon Drunk
“Long Island” – That Dog
“I’ll Come Running” – Brian Eno
“We Real Cool” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“Cinders” – Holopaw

KPSU Playlist


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