Closet Radio Episode 069: Buttering The Birds (Retrocast)

imageCloset Radio Episode 069: Buttering The Birds (Retrocast)


Joined by Tunacan Jones and Prof. Gibson, we’re reading through an issue of Tiger Beat, discussing teen idols, embarrassing moments, OMGs, and all sorts of rambly horror mixed with a lovely dose of fancy music.

Buttering The Birds

“Bad Girl” – Zakary Thaks
“Venus In Furs” – The Creatures
“Femmes Sous Cellophane” – Edith Nylon
“On Bettie Page” – Lux Interior
“Black Haired Girl” – The Alley Cats
“I Want A Punk Girl” – Thee Headcoats
“No Birds To Fly” – Virgin Prunes
“Mommy Complex” – Peaches
“Lost And Alone In A New Paradigm (Venus Of The Tumbling Towers)” –  Nehemiah St. Danger
“Tell Me Where’s That Girl”- The Milkshakes
“The X Girlfriend” – Castration Squad
“Somebody Else’s Baby” – Murder City Devils
“Baby Baby” – The Vibrators
“Hard Headed Woman” – Wanda Jackson
“Fat Bottomed Girls” – Queen
“Charles Spills His Water” – Match Game ‘76
“Don’t Go Away Go-Go Girl” – The Mr. T Experience
“Girl Gets Nervous” – Nicky & The Dots
“The Model Number” – Marisa Ribisi
“I Don’t Need To Tell Her” – The Lurkers
“Sharp Dressed Girl” – The Busters
“The Jezebel Spirit” – Brian Eno & David Byrne
“Ooh La La” – The Faces

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