About BlasphuphmusRadio.com

Blasphuphmus Radio is a loose network of programs that provide radio and musical entertainment in a variety of forms.  It is also the title of a podcast available in iTunes or this handy link.

Blasphuphmus Radio began as a program first broadcast 15 April 1998 on KWVA in Eugene Oregon.  It was largely involved with KPSU.org in Portland, Oregon from 25 June 2004.  Currently, BlaphuphmusRadio.com is the home for all current aspects of our program, and all our affiliated shows.

There are hundreds of episodes of full programs available, covering most of the iterations of radio that has involved Austin Rich and friends.  If you would like to hear a specific episode of the program, please contact me at austinrich [ateral] gmail [dotty] com for more information..

We are also the home of Closet Radio (hosted by Miss Rikki & Tunacan Jones), The Guitar Shop (hosted by DJ Victrola), and What’s This Called? (hosted by Ricardo Wang)

Audience Participation is encouraged.  We love you guys.



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