Austin Rich

Knifin' Around

Knifin’ Around

Austin Rich, Curator Of Taste

Austin Rich is a writer, a broadcaster, a filmmaker, and musician, currently based out of Salem, OR.

His radio pedigree includes KWVA in Eugene OR, KPSU in Portland OR, and a brief stint (about one year) with the “Golden Hours” program (before that moved from OPB to the Omni Media Network) and  He is currently the owner and operator of, home to a number of Radio and Podcast Programs, as well as an archive or bit players in the continuing story of radio broadcasting.

Austin is also the producer and editor of’s VideoZines, about which you can find more information here.  These are

He has also published a collection of short fiction, Naked Trees Point To The North Star, maintains a blog over here, and spends countless hours sorting and organizing things few other people care about.


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