Episode 179: Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio Part II

More Blitzhäus Kith: Kyle, Geni, Chris & Pat!

More Blitzhäus Kith: Kyle, Geni, Chris & Pat!

Episode 179: Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio Part II
(Featuring edited highlights from five early episodes, where friends and family join me in what has now become known as college radio.)

Relive college radio from the late 90’s as it actually happened! Experience five edited presentations from the earliest days of this very program, as they were originally heard on KWVA in Eugene Oregon, broadcast at 88.1 FM. For the fist time since their original air dates these programs are being heard again, and at the correct speed in most cases!  Join a clumsy and youthful Austin Rich as he stumbles through the act of playing College Radio DJ, and listen to some authentic late 90’s rock as we journey through the decades.

This is part of our 14th Anniversary Explosion that’s been happening all throughout the year, and to a smaller extent, part of an on-going attempt to accurately archive the history of this program in a way that’s accessible to listeners.  As many of the programs from the early days are not complete, and in many cases missing entirely, I’ve been creating these shortened “edited” versions of these shows, to give you a taste of what it was like in these early days.  As there are still a few shows to come in this series – and still many others for you to enjoy – you may want to slap this feed into your podcast-catching device of choice, as it will keep you up to date with all the appropriate episodes, and give you a good cross-section of the entire history of the program.

Of these particular episodes, it is fascinating to attempt to recreate the circumstances that these programs were recorded under.  When Kyle would visit, he would often join me when I would go to the radio station.  Both Geni and Pat were roommates at one point or another, and Chris was a near-permanent fixture in the legendary Blitzhäus where we used to live and party in the olden days.  These shows evoke a lot of memories, not just of the music that we played, but the parties, shows, girlfriends, boyfriends, arguments, D&D games, and the hundreds of other things that went down in the late 90’s.  In an era before cell phones, .mp3s, regular internet access, or very much money to speak of, we still created culture, built mythologies, and had a great time doing in.  If only some of that nostalgia can seep through these tape-hiss-infused recordings, then I will feel as if my work here is done.

A request to listeners: if anyone can identify the Man Is The Bastard song that I play during the “Track Night” segment, please let me know!  I’ve been trying to identify that one for a while now.

Many apologies for the lateness of the program.  Hopefully this is a fluke occurrence, but you know how it goes.

See you in seven!

Introduction: The More Things Continue To Blah Blah Etc.
01.) Adventures Through Inner Space * The Bomboras

Part I: “Senses Shattering” w/ Kyle Rich (06 May 1998)
02.) Jessica * They Might Be Giants
03.) Baby Puts Out Old Flames * Rye Coalition
04.) Beastie Boys * Beastie Boys
05.) There Ain’t No Sanity Clause * The Damned
06.) 13 Ways To A Cavity * KARP
07.) Battle of the Planets * godheadSilo

Part II: “Feet Together, Buttocks Tight” w/ Kyle Rich (14 July 1998)
08.) Imperial Dance * Supergenius
09.) Can You Feel It? * The Jacksons * Jane Fonda Workout
10.) Die Eier Von Satan * Tool
11.) Delirium & Disorder * Bad Religion
12.) Rock & Roll McDonalds * Wesley Willis
13.) Nuts To You * godheadSilo

Part III: “Track Night” w/ Geni (09 September 1998)
14.) Peter Gunn Theme * Poison Ivy
15.) ?? * Man Is The Bastard
16.) The Creeps * Social Distortion
17.) Paul Revere * The Beastie Boys
18.) Degobah * Monkey
19.) Two Little Boys * Splodgenessabounds
20.) Stayin’ Alive * Anal Cunt
21.) “You fuckin’ die.” * The Pixies

Part IV: “Rock And Roll” w/ Chris Brooks (16 December 1998)
22.) Sidewalk City * The Phantom Surfers
23.) Iron Fist * Motörhead
24.) Drag Strip Race * The Rondelles
25.) Ace Of Spades * Motorhead
26.) Take You Higher * Tight Bros. From Way Back When
27.) Clockwork Orange * Walter Carlos
28.) Is It Wicked Not To Care? * Belle & Sebastian
29.) Dad Why Did My Friends Explode? * Deadbolt
30.) Smokin’ Banana Peels (Re-Mix) * The Dead Milkmen

Part V: “A Geosynchronous Orbit” w/ Pat The Pirate (24 March 1999)
31.) Ghoulash * Satan’s Pilgrims
32.) Love Story * Lagwagon
33.) Self Cleanin’ Lovin’ * Royal Grand Prix
34.) Fake Fake Eyes * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
35.) High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle Built For Twenty-Six * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo
36.) No Brains * Eater
37.) Stranger Than Fiction * Bad Religion
38.) Escape Through The Air Vents * Man… Or Astro-Man?
39.) Freak Scene * Dinosaur Jr.

Episode 168: The Hobbit

The Greatest Adventure

The Greatest Adventure

Episode 168: The Hobbit
(Featuring a nearly-complete retrocast from 12 August 1998, wherein I present an audio version of the story of 1977 animated feature film, The Hobbit.)

In preparation for the impending new film version, join us for a special retrocast of this rare Audio Essay from 1998, where we present the story of the 1977 animated classic, The Hobbit, contrasted against Mike Patton’s Adult Themes For Voice, Mel Brooks & Marlo Thomas, and a host of other College Radio classics. This episode has not been heard since it was originally broadcast on KWVA, and offers listeners another glimpse into the development of our Audio Essay format that has come to dominate much of what we do now. A nearly complete show – only missing 13 minutes of content – this program has been reconstructed using the surviving recordings and documented playlist, offering a close approximation of the kind of show we began doing all those years ago.

Originally scheduled to be a Holden Craft collaboration, circumstances prevented him from showing up until the very end of the show. I had originally planned on just playing “The Greatest Adventure,” among other things, but with time on my hands, Orson Bean and friends got a little more air time than anticipated. It was very much like an Unexpected Party. In the end, I think the results weren’t bad, and it set the tone for a future format that has since become a big part of the show. Heavily influenced by Over The Edge and the usual musical format of KWVA, I had always wanted to bring more sampling and oddness to the program. This, along with the previously presented Flight F – I – N – A – L episode, were probably as close to that vision for the show as I ever got. Fortunately, I’m easily distractable, and had many other visions for the program, too.

A note about the recording: the source tape is a little distorted, and the overall sound clips a little throughout the program. The record of The Hobbit itself, that I used to make the recording, was salvaged from my then-girlfriend’s garage, where it had languished in a filthy box (along with the Marlo Thomas record) for some time. I cleaned it up the best I could, but there is a fair amount of surface noise, or at least, more than normal. Additionally: at some point after the initial recording of the show, for some reason, I excised all the commercials and two or three songs (the names and artist of which completely escape me now). Originally, I also cut out a number of other (yet left them on the playlist), and furthermore removed The Hobbit segments to put them on another tape. So, this show has been reconstructed as best as could be, using my own memory and the surviving record to produce this show. Keep in mind that all of these things happened years ago, before podcasts or digital archiving (on the scale that its available now) was not possible. I never imagined that anyone else would ever hear this, or that there would be some value (or some way) to present this show in a “complete” form. So, all of this is a cicuitous way of saying: this is as good as this one gets. At least it makes me happy.

As with the Flight F – I – N – A – L show, the musical selections used in this one are somewhat curious and confusing at times. Unlike the vast archive I’ve accumulated over the years since this show, my collection was quite small in the late ’90’s, and much of my radio show was dependent on what the station had to offer. This meant that planning a show was sort of a crapshoot, and I often just played something I wanted to hear, over something that made sense, storywise. Some of the song choices are quite inspired: “Where The Hell Is Bill?,” “Ride of the Valykries,” etc. Some song choices are just confusing. At this time in the show’s history, a running “gag” was to play a handful of Mike Patton songs every show, and while that seems to make sense to me at the time (when you listen to the shows over time), they seem like odd selections now. I debated redoing this show entirely at one point, but I like the naive charm and rough, learning-curve qualities this one illustrates. If I only ever did rad shows, right from the beginning, then where’s the fun in that?

Special Thanks to my amazing girlfriend, who is on vacation and who I miss dearly; Lyra Cyst, houseguest and tolerant friend who did not mind that I spent a lot of time while she was visiting recording and editing this episode, Holden Craft, for giving me a ride home after I originally broadcast this program in 1998, and kiisu d’salyss, for, well… you know.

I know that I’ve been, essentially, in re-runs lately, as I re-present all of these old episodes. While most of the material I’m posting now has never been publicly available (at least, not since the original broadcast), there is a certain amount of, “Yes, but…” when it comes to repackaging old-as-new, etc. I have tried to balance this a bit, with new shows mixed with the old shows. My hope is that I can soon wrap up the trip down memory lane shows – of which I believe there will be three or four more – so that a good cross section of the best segments from those early shows are available again. It’s a project with a definite end, and I’m exited about wrapping it up and moving on to something new. I’ve really enjoyed the work I’ve done this year on this program, and I think that with this in the can, the other ideas I have yet to get to will be next.

As you may have noticed, various life obligations have completely destroyed our production schedule as of late. For this I apologize, but as the “we” here at Blasphuphmus Radio is actually a “me,” little can be done to avoid this. However, if all goes well today, we should be able to get back on track with Episode 169. I make no promises, except that someday, we’ll either get back on track, or I will officially take a week off and pretend that we’re back on track. You know how it goes.

In the meantime: In a hole in a ground living A Hobbit…

The Hobbit Playlist

Introduction: “The Bravest Little Hobbit Of Them All”
01.) Bilbo Baggins * Leonard Nimoy
02.) Gollum’s Riddle [Excerpt] * The Hobbit Animated Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Part I: “The Greatest Adventure”
03.) The Hobbit Part I
04.) For Your Entertainment * Unwound *
05.) The Hobbit Part II
06.) Brown Eyed Girl * Lagwagon *
07.) The Hobbit Part III
08.) Pajama Party Horror * Mike Patton * Adult Themes For Voice
09.) The Hobbit Part IV
10.) Get Me Back * Teengenerate * Smash Hits!
11.) The Hobbit Part V
12.) Joco Homo * Devo * Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! * Warner Bros. Records
13.) Boy Meets Girl * Mel Brooks & Marlo Thomas *
14.) Dick * King Missile [Dog Fly Religion] * Fluting On The Hump

Part II: “Burglar, Do Your Burgling!”
15.) Roads (Instrumental) * The Hobbit Animated Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
16.) The Hobbit Part VI
17.) Round And Round * Germs * (MIA)
18.) The Hobbit Part VII
19.) Anti-Pleasure Dissertation * Bikini Kill * The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation 7″
20.) The Hobbit Part VIII
21.) Return Of The Knucklehead * DFL * Proud To Be
22.) The Hobbit Part IX
23.) A Leper With The Face Of A Baby Girl * Mike Patton * Adult Themes For Voice
24.) The Hobbit Part X
25.) Cuts And Bolts * Man… Or Astro-Man? *
26.) The Hobbit Part XI
27.) When You’re Fat And Lonely * Bruce McCullouch *
28.) The Hobbit Part XII
29.) Cooky Puss * Beastie Boys *

Part III: “My Precious”
30.) The Greatest Adventure (Instrumental) * The Hobbit Animated Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
31.) The Hobbit Part XIII
32.) Danimal [Excerpt] * Deathstar * Deathstar 10″
33.) The Hobbit Part XIV
34.) Another Day * Crimpshrine *
35.) The Hobbit Part XV
36.) Where The Hell Is Bill? * Camper Van Beethoven *
37.) The Hobbit Part XVI
38.) The One Armed vs. 9 Killers * Mike Patton *
39.) The Hobbit Part XVII
40.) Let’s Have A Party Tonight *′s *
41.) The Hobbit Part XVIII
42.) Funeral Home * Daniel Johnston *
43.) The Hobbit Part XIX
44.) Pillow Biter * Mike Patton *
45.) The Hobbit Part XX
46.) Desert Search (Supergenius) *
47.) The Hobbit Part XXI
48.) Jackals of Botswanna * Deadbolt *

Part IV: “Oh Smog The Magnificent”
49.) Down, Down To Goblin Town * The Hobbit Animated Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
50.) The Hobbit Part XXII
51.) Queerbait * The Queers *
52.) The Hobbit Part XXIII
53.) Rocketman * The Red Elvises *
54.) The Hobbit Part XXIV
55.) Twisted * Zeke *
56.) The Hobbit Part XXV
57.) Swingin’ On Pier 13 * Bomboras *
58.) The Hobbit Part XXVI
59.) Ride Of The Valkyries * Woody Phillips * Toolbox Classics
60.) The Hobbit Part XXVII
61.) Me Big Mouth * KARP *
62.) The Hobbit Part XXVIII
63.) No Fair * Wipers

Episode 167: Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio

The Blitzhäus Kith

The Blitzhäus Kith: Josephus, Brandy, Josh, Toby, Kelly & Tia.

Episode 167: Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio
(Featuring edited highlights from four early episodes, where my roommates joined me in the studio for silly, late night, college radio fun.)

In the earliest days of the program, my notion of having guests on my program was to invite my roommates into the studio, while we were all drunk, to listen to some college radio.  Now, in the distant future, I’m asking you to join us on a similar journey.  Highlighting four episodes from 1998, here are my roommates, my friends, and my guests, from the embryonic era that is so near to this programs beginning.

I have to say, with the complete perspective that hindsight so acutely offers, it is interesting to comb through the airchecks, and revisit these programs.  I’m friends with nearly all of these people to this very day, and each of them have moved on to pursue their own lives and interests in amazing ways.  These programs are small cross-sections, a blip on the radar from their perspective.  But to me, these were important evenings, fun times that I happen to have a documented record of, and that is so rare for anyone who considers their youth.  Hopefully, some of the joy I get out of these seeps through as you listen to these recordings today.

For the first time since I recorded these shows, they are hearing the light of day, and at the proper speed!  The tape recordings were often too slow – or too fast – to make much sense, but modern technology has allowed me to fix these errors.  To my knowledge, only these people have ever heard these recordings before, as this program began in a time before podcasts, and before digital distribution.  My hope is that this functions as a record of those times, and a sampling of the various formats this show had in the early days.

Many apologies for the delay getting this episode posted.  There were a number of personal and production delays, mostly because I wanted these episodes to be presented at their proper speeds, and other recording opportunities popped up at the last minute.  Fortunately, these opportunities have manifested in shows that you can download now, and one that you will hear in the future.  These opportunities involve live music, and also some cool Sci-Fi remixes.  I’m hoping to get back on track, and there may well be another episode this week to make up for this, at least a Mini-Cast.  So, stay tuned.

That’s all for this Memorial Day.  Thanks again for indulging me.

See you real soon.

Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio

Introduction: The More Things Stay The Same

01.) Updated Theme From Supercar * Man… Or Astro-Man? * All Punk Rods!: A Gearhead Magazine Collection * Lookout! Records

Part I: Josephus of Sinkhole (22 April 1998)

02.) Sonata For Loudspeakers * Unwound * Challenge For A Civilized Society * Kill Rock Stars Records
03.) The Trials of Being A Jedi * Supergenius * Star Wars Breakbeats * Suckadellic Records
04.) Some Hits * Anal Cunt * Top 40 Hits * Earache Records
05.) Driver Down * Trent Reznor * Lost Highway Soundtrack * Interscope Records
06.) Dragnet Theme * Ray Anthony And His Orchestra *
07.) Fame * Irena Cara * Fame Soundtrack * RSO Records
08.) Satan’s Little Lamb * Ethel Merman * I Get A Kick Out Of You * Pavillion Records
09.) Raw Meat Torn By Saxophone Blasts * Mike Patton * ‪Pranzo Oltranzista‬

Part II: “Girl Power” w/ Brandy (29 July 1998)

10.) Frank Talk About Mutants, Also * Men’s Recovery Project * Frank Talk About Humans
11.) Rebel Girl * Bikini Kill * “New Radio” b/w “Rebel Girl” 7″
12.) Hard Knock Life * “Annie” Original Cast Recording
13.) ?? * ??
14.) I Love Livin’ In The City * Fear * Fear The Record
15.) Let’s Have A Party * The’s * Can’t Help It! * Rockville Records

Part III: “Never Before Has The Beauty Of The Sexual Act Been So Grossly Exploited” (19 August 1998)

16.) El Perversio * Deadbolt * Tijuana Hit Squad
17.) Adventures Through Inner Space * The Bomboras * Head Shrinkin’ Fun * Zombie A Go-Go Records
18.) Eugene OR * The Varicoasters *
19.) Istanbul (Not Constantinople) * They Might Be Giants * Flood * Elekra Records
20.) My Mind’s Got A Mind Of It’s Own * ?? *
21.) When It’s Over * The Wipers * Youth Of America

Part IV: “The Kelly Experience” w/ Tia (11 November 1998)

22.) Come Out And Play * The Moog Cookbook * The Moog Cookbook
23.) Handsome Traveller * KARP * Moustache’s Wild * Kill Rock Stars Records
24.) ?? * ??
25.) Fuck Shit Up * Dub Narcotic Sound System * “Fuck Shit Up” b/w “Version” * K Records
26.) Scream * Kemikal Religion * Self-Released
27.) Coffee Mug * The Descendants *
28.) Estrogen * The Supermodels
29.) Manic * Kemikal Religion

Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L

Inter-World Airlines

Inter-World Airlines

Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L (20 January 1999 Retrocast)
(Featuring a retrocast of a program from 20 January 1999, as part of our 14th Anniversary Explosion!)

Join us for a special 14th Anniversary Retrocast of a program from 1999, where we present the fascinating audio-drama that dares to create, “…a dramatic comparison to death.”  Presented in this episode: three quarters of the original broadcast (recreated from cassette recordings and partial playlists that have survived into the modern era), PLUS!: A brand new A Minute With The Pope, a feature that comes and goes with the whims of The Pope Himself, and a confused phone call from DJ Really Sloppy, who has recently become unstuck in time and seems to be having trouble figuring out exactly what that means for a person as confused as him.  Plus a couple of Phantom Surfers tracks for good measure.

As you can tell from this show – which approximates what it was like to hear us when we first started – our murky origins have many of the elements that came to dominate our format now.  I knew I wanted to play music I liked, and as a huge Over The Edge fan, I knew I wanted to do some form of re-mix on the air.  But as a novice, just getting started, my first forays into this realm were not as skilled as they have become.  That’s not to say that they were bad, but that they were of an amateur level.  The ideas were in place, but the execution was not what it would become.

I remember finding a copy of this record – one that I had heard sampled and began to wonder exactly what it could be – and knew instantly that sooner or later it would appear on the show.  In what form, I wasn’t quite sure.  But one night I showed up to do the program solo, noticed that I had packed it along with a bunch of other stuff, and it was then that I went to work.  The results – or, at least, most of them – are audible in the show you’re hearing today.

Note: If anyone can identify the Satan’s Pilgrim’s song included in this playlist, please let me know.  Thanks!

See you in seven.

Flight F-I-N-A-L Playlist

Part I: “One Of The Passengers Appears To Be Singing…”

01.) Holiday Harbor * The Phantom Surfers * The Great Surf Crash of ’97
02.) Revenge * Black Flag *
03.) Land Of Treason * Germs * (MIA) * Slash Records
04.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part I *
05.) Be Good (The Frumpies) *
06.) All My Drugs * Royal Grand Prix *  High Performance
07.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part II *
08.) Pacific Coast Highway * Sonic Youth * Sister
09.) Embarrassed Teen Accidentally Uses Valuable Rare Postage Stamp * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo * Strange But True
10.) High School Witch * The’s * The’s
11.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part III *
12.) Indication * The Rondelles * Fiction Romance, Fast Machines * Smells Like Records
13.) I’m Gonna Make Him Mine (Tonight) * The Donnas * The Donnas

Part II: “Inter-World Airlines, Flight FINAL.”

14.) Know It Alls * The Fartz * Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks * Alternative Tentacles Records
15.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part IV *
16.) The End Of A Skater * The Phantom Surfers featuring Davie Allen * Skaterhater * Lookout! Records
17.) ?? (Satan’s Pilgrims) *
18.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part V *
19.) Brother Rat / What Slayde Says * NOMEANSNO * The Day Everything Became Nothing * Alternative Tentacles Records
20.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part VI *
21.) Here’s To The Losers * Frank Sinatra * Softly As I Leave You * Universal Records

Part III: DJ Really Sloppy Calls In!

22.) Out Of The Window * The Phantom Surfers * The Great Surf Crash of ’97

DJ Really Sloppy, who has become unstuck in time, calls into the show from a darkened room containing a cat, and is not entirely sure what name he knows me by, or what time he is currently a part of.  Thinking it is 1999, the time period of my show, he briefly flirts with changing the time stream, then gets confused.

Part IV: “I Am Your Captain, The Lord Jesus Christ.”

22.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part VII
23.) Here Comes The Martian Martians * Jonathan Richman * The Beserkley Years: The Best Of Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers * Rhino Records
24.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part VIII *
25.) The Old Man Blues * Cathead * Greatest sHits * Self-Released
26.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part IX
27.) Title Track * King Missile * Mystical Shit * Shimmy-Disc Records
28.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part X
29.) Mongoloid * Devo * Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! * Warner Bros. Records
30.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XI *
31.) Don’t Know What I Am * The Wipers * Is This Real?
32.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XII
33.) Old Queen Cole * Ween * God Ween Satan: The Oneness

A Minute With The Pope 06: Bob Is Dead All That’s Left Is Earl * The Pope * Recorded on a Handheld Cassette Recorder & an iPhone.

Part V: The Gate Of Death

34.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XIII *
35.) Bleach Boys * The Dead Milkmen * Beelzebubba * Enigma Records
36.) Lousy Weekend * Daniel Johnston * Fun * Atlantic Records
37.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XIV *
38.) Pie * KARP * Suplex * Kill Rock Stars Records
39.) Cowboy Love * The Reverand Horton Heat * Holy Roller * Sub Pop Records
40.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XV *
41.) The Halo Benders * The Halo Benders * Don’t Tell Me Now * K Records
42.) Hair * Adickdid * Stars Kill Rock
43.) Brainwashed * The Crabs * Brainwashed * K Records
44.) Reason To Live * The Oblivians * Soul Food * Crypt Records

Episode 163: Ramen City Radio

The Ramen City Kid Himself!

The Ramen City Kid Himself!

Episode 163: Ramen City Radio
(Featuring excerpts from the earliest days of our program featuring one of the most important figures in college radio history: The Ramen City Kid.)

As we continue our journey through the nostalgic origins of this program for our 14th Anniversary, we cannot overlook the influence of none other than The Ramen City Kid. Roommate, zinester, bread baker, and much much more, I met him in 1994, and we’ve been friends (and often roommates) ever since. His taste has affected my interest in film, music, radio, people, books, and everything in between, and without him, I would not be the person (or DJ) I am today. It is to him that this episode is dedicated, as we listen to edited highlights from five of his recorded appearances on this program in 1998.

There were others, of course, but time has not been kind, and many of these programs went un-recorded, or lost in the years since. Still, these excerpts serve to give you a sense of what the program was like in those days, with and ear for emphasizing his voice and musical selections as best as possible. None of these shows exist in their complete forms, but I’ve done my best to present the spirit of these shows for a modern audience. I hope you enjoy the results.

As a point of order: aside from the spots, and voice overs, all the music heard in this program were taken from the original broadcasts as listed below. Those songs were actually played that night. I’ve created loops for the voice overs, but those songs really were heard on those days.

This one is a concentrated blast of nostalgic radio, without any of the bells and whistles. Hopefully there will be more bells and whistle in future shows.

See you in seven!

Ramen City Radio

Part I: Introducing The Ramen City Kid (17 June 1998)

01.) The Dr. Who Theme Music
02.) High School Is A Prison * Mojo Nixon
03.) Sunday [Excerpt] * Sonic Youth
04.) Start! * The Jam
05.) Vampire Girl * KPANTS
06.) DIY * Screeching Weasel
07.) The Dreams Of A Working Girl * Comet Gain
08.) godheadSilo [Excerpt]
09.) Polish Cabaret Record

Part II: Skate Rock (01 July 1998)

10.) The World Wasn’t Built In A Day [Excerpt] * Nomeansno
11.) Rendezvous Service * Hungaria
12.) The Kids At The Club * Comet Gain
13.) Save The Children! * Sam & Joe
14.) Let’s Go Get Cokes! * The Faction
15.) In The Kingdom #19 * Sonic Youth

Part III: Emo (08 July 1998)

16.) Frankie Carle [Excerpt I]
17.) Creep In The Celar * The Butthole Surfers
18.) Another Weekend * Comet Gain
19.) The Switch Is Down * Universal Order Of Armageddon
20.) Fake Fake Eyes * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
21.) Frankie Carle [Excerpt II]

Part IV: The Naked Show (22 July 1998)

22.) In The Air Tonight [Excerpt] * godheadSilo
23.) Rah Rah Replica * Bikini Kill
24.) Kill All The White Man [Live] * NOFX
25.) Oregon * The Western Front
26.) D&D Fantasy * KARP
27.) Talent, OR * Fuck
28.) Anatomically Correct * God Is My Co-Pilot

Part V: The Crazy Show (16 September 1998)

29.) Teenagers Are Boring [Excerpt] * Red Monkey
30.) 49er Stomp * 9th Life
31.) “There’s Always Time To Heal” * Batman Animated Series
32.) “Sinner” * Kult
33.) The Love Theme From Kiss * Adam Woodrow
34.) Beers, Steers & Queers [Excerpt] * Revolting Cocks
35.) Tighten Up * Comet Gain
36.) Carousel of Madonnas * Eva Demarcheck
37.) Rearranged * Crimpshrine

Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!

Happy 14th!

Happy 14th!

Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!

As the 14th Anniversary of our first broadcast was on Sunday, today’s show is a retrocast of selections and samples from our earliest recorded programs from or KWVA years.  In the late ’90’s, College Radio (the kind of radio I prefer) was a very different place.  We had different technology, and a different approach to what qualified as entertainment.  Fortunately, the glory of cassette tapes has maintained a way for us to capture these broadcasts and re-present them to you here, and now.

However, there is a slightly sinister element to this episode, too.  In somewhat of a sequel to “It Looks Like Thousands Of Stars” (and episode from 18 July 2007), I accidentally encounter a space / time anomaly, where I encounter none other that DJ Really Sloppy, who has also become unstuck in time.  As I continue to experience the sounds of past radio programs, I hope that by listening to them may offer me a chance to return home afterward.  Will I?  Tune in and find out!

This episode was a lot of fun.  While the official archive of our programs does not include every show we aired (or, even, complete shows), we do have a number of recordings of the shows from our KWVA incarnation.  Digging through that archive – now digital, thank Earl – allowed me to pick some of the more well known moments captured on tape.  As you can tell, I was heavily influenced by Negativland’s “Over The Edge” program, and you’ll find that these mixes and whatnot are but the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what the show really was like.

Having done a lot of preliminary editing, there will be more “best of” programs as I sort and organize the material.  But this is a show I’ve been wanting to do since 2004, and only now do I have the technology to really bring it to you the way I was hoping I could.

Along with this show, we’ve also released a new podcast feed, entitled “14th Anniversary,” that we suggest as a compliment to this program.    It contains a number of programs that illustrate more of the kind of program this show was like in the early years, as well as some other anniversary broadcasts, including: an interview with Exene Cervenka, two programs featuring Holden Craft’s appearances on this show, and the surviving audio from our very first program on 15 April 1998.  It’s all part of the anniversary fun.

I hope you enjoy these strange and twisted audio creations I made during my radio show really late at night in Eugene during the late ’90’s after I would get fully loaded at the bar and broadcast on FM Radio.  They were as much fun to make as they are to describe.

See you in seven!


Part I: Two Turntables, To CD Players, And A Microphone

01.) Man… Or Astro-Man? Intro * 21 April 1999 * KWVA Radio
02.) Have A Cigar Re-Mix * 05 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
03.) Back In The Days Of Canadian Sport Fishing w/ The Ramen City Kid * 08 July 1998 * KWVA Radio
04.) Dub Narcotic Sound Re-Mix * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
05.) Beastie Boys “License To Ill” Backwards * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
06.) Excuse Me Put Pardon My Re-Mix * 19 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
07.) Grateful Dead Backwards * 14 April 1999 * KWVA Radio

Part II: Backwards sdrawkcaB

08.) April Stevens, The Weathergirl * 14 April 1999 * KWVA Radio
09.) The Sound Effects of Vince Guarldi * 30 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
10.) A Minute With The Pope * 13 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
11.) Nirvana “Incesticide” Backwards * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
12.) Butthole Surfers Re-Mix * 19 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
13.) Mertz Commercial * 29 April 1998 * KWVA Radio
14.) Henry Rollins, Frankie Carle and Walter Carlos Get A Drink Late At Night * 27 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
15.) Praise The Lord Jesus * 28 April 1999 * KWVA Radio

Part III: “Face” b/w “The Cremation Of Sam McGee.”

16.) School Cancelations * 10 February 1999 * KWVA Radio
17.) Face Re-Mix * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
18.) The Cremation Of Sam McGee * 23 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
19.) The Sound Effects Of White Christmas * 23 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
20.) The Passing Of Dick Clark w/ Holden Craft & The Pope * 13 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
21.) Hovercraft Outro * 27 May 1998 * KWVA Radio

Episode 113: …And All That Jazz

...And All That Jazz

…And All That Jazz

Episode 113: …And All That Jazz
(Featuring a selection of some of my favorite jazz music to celebrate my 13th anniversary.)

In honor of the 13th Anniversary of our first broadcast, Episode 113: …And All That Jazz features a wide selection of jazz music to set the mood for the cocktail party that we threw from 1 – 3 PM.  While you already missed the party, you can hear the audio record now at kpsu.org.

New KPSU volunteer Nate joined me for the show, and on the whole it was great to have a number of the KPSU crew in the studio to help me celebrate.

# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Ghosts [New York, 1964] * Albert Ayler * Albert Ayler: Holy Ghost * Revenant Records
02.) Strings & Things Suite [Excerpt 1] * Rejuvenation Trio * Rejuvenation Voyage
03.) Two Pieces Of One: Green * Tony Williams * Life Time
04.) N.O.U. Future Vision Hypothesis * The Nation Of Ulysses * Plays Pretty for Baby
05.) Johnny One Note * Bob Dorough * Devil May Care
06.) Strings & Things Suite [Excerpt 2] * Rejuvenation Trio * Rejuvenation Voyage
07.) Complete Communion * Don Cherry * Complete Communion
08.) Strings & Things Suite [Excerpt 3] * Rejuvenation Trio * Rejuvenation Voyage
09.) Flibberty Jib * Ken Nordine * The Best of Word Jazz, Volume 1
10.) Better Get Hit In Yo’ Soul * Charles Mingus * Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus * MCA Records
11.) Take Five * The Dave Brubeck Quartet * Time Out
12.) Strings & Things Suite [Excerpt 4] * Rejuvenation Trio * Rejuvenation Voyage
13.) Minor Yours * Chet Baker * Blue Note
14.) While My Lady Sleeps * John Coltrane * Coltrane * Impulse Records
15.) Kosmos In Blue * Sun-Ra And His Solar Arkestra * Art Forms For Dimensions Tomorrow
16.) My Funny Valentine * The Miles Davis Quintet * Cookin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet
17.) The Song Is Ended * The Mills Brothers * Chronological Vol.5 (1933-1938)

KPSU Playlist

Episode 062: The Exene Cervenka 12th Anniversary Interview!

Exene Cervenka!

Exene Cervenka!

Episode 062: The Exene Cervenka 12th Anniversary Interview!
(Featuring a live, in-studio interview with Exene Cervenka.)

I was not able to snap any photos of my own, but I did get an entire hour-long interview with none other than the legendary Exene Cervenka! Holy Crap!

For those of you familiar with her work, I won’t even need to tell you anything else. Just tune in and listen. For those who aren’t, I recommend checking out her new solo album, Somewhere Gone, on Bloodshot Records. You’ll know instantly if you’re a fan.

I’m still sort of reeling about it, and had an incredible time meeting and talking to her. And I think the excitement comes through in the interview. All I can say is: awesome!

See ya saturday!

Episode 039: The Legendary Holden Craft

Holden Craft & Austin Rich, circa 2007

Holden Craft & Austin Rich, circa 2007

Episode 039: The Legendary Holden Craft
(Featuring various recordings from Blasphuphmus Radio history where Holden Craft made appearances.)

An obscure bit-player from radio history is the focus of today’s show, as we replay classic bits from his radio broadcasts from the late ’90’s, and from his one appearance in 2006. Ladies & Gentlemen, I speak of none other than Mr. Holden Craft himself (pictured here, on the left).

This one has a special place in my heart, as Holden is one of my oldest friends, and really knows how to craft a great Shaggy Dog story.

Tune in next week, as I present something that has yet to be determined at this point! Can you stand the excitement?

See ya in seven!

Episode 017: The Taco Bell Chihuahua

The Taco Bell Chihuahua?

The Taco Bell Chihuahua?

Episode 017: “The Taco Bell Chihuahua” Retrocast
(Featuring a heavily edited version of a four hour broadcast from 11/18/98, with co-host Holden Craft)

Almost 11 years ago, Austin Rich & Holden Craft did the worst thing imaginable, live on the radio. But today, the past has (finally) caught up with him.

Watch out. This one gets a little ugly.

Episode 016: The Sound Museum

The Sound Museum

The Sound Museum

Episode 016: The Sound Museum

Follow me and Ken Nordine as we lead you on a wonderful trip through The Sound Museum!

This is one of the most personal episodes I’ve done since I got back to radio. Most of these songs are really important to me, for one reason or another, and while some of the transitions were a little faulty, the ending almost entirely makes up for that.

See ya in seven.

Playlist & Footnotes.