We Destroy The Family Part II

"They Threw Me In A Mental Hospital"

“They Put Me In A Mental Hospital”

The Grumpy Punk Presents: History Lesson (1982): We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents Part II
(Featuring a KABC-TV Public Affairs Presentation of a special broadcast, “We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents.”)

Continuing our presentation of the infamous KABC-TV broadcast from 1982, we bring you Part II of our “We Destroy The Family” series.  In Part II, Paul Moyer continues his “expose” on the Punk Problem in America, by interviewing the Hodgins’ Family (Rod, Carolyn, Rod Jr. & Rhonda), as they discuss the problems that exist in their formerly happy household.  To accompany today’s installment, I include some of The Grumpy Punk’s favorite songs from the period.  (Here’s a link to Part I, as it was several months ago that we ran this previous episode.)

In a lot of ways, this is the beginning of Reality TV as we know it.  The TV Crew is very clearly leaving out a lot.  They focus on both the parents and kids worst clips, and really paint them all as entirely dysfunctional.  However, as someone who knew a lot of kids like this, they are probably leaving out stuff like the parents own alcoholism, the sense of community that the punk scene offers, and the moments when the family is acting like… well, a family.  The problems exhibited here are not new, or even that terrible, but really just the way life is.  Parents and kids will always clash over ideals like this, and while it doesn’t mean that it is the end of suburban life as we know it, the horrible truth is that very soon, Green Day will dominate the pop charts, punk will become completely co-opted into popular fashion and culture, and Dubstep will become just as reviled as this was.  And you really should see how pleasant these kids are on film.  Here’s the link:

Special thanks again to DJ Swill, who clued me into this video.  He and The Grumpy Punk have been really good friends for years now, and we bond over this kind of music.  It is, no matter how you slice it, my bread and butter, the kind of music that really gets me going, and makes me happy.  Hopefully, you can gleefully laugh at a once naive time in our past.

Here’s this week’s History Lesson.


We Destroy The Family Part II

01.) We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents * KABC-TV * A Public Affairs Presentation
02.) Suburban Home * The Descendants * Milo Goes To College
03.) We Destroy The Family * Fear * The Record * Slash Records
04.) Programmed Children * McRad * Dominant Force
05.) I Don’t Care * The Kids * The Kids
06.) I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer * Fear * Have Another Beer With Fear
07.) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker * The Ramones * Rocket To Russia
08.) Dance With Me * TSOL * Dance With Me
09.) Mom & Dad * The Theoretical Girls * Theoretical Records
10.) What’s Your Problem * Circle Jerks * Group Sex

We Destroy The Family Part I

Featuring The Music Of Fear

Featuring The Music Of Fear

The Grumpy Punk Presents: History Lesson (1982): We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents Part I
(Featuring a KABC-TV Public Affairs Presentation of a special broadcast, “We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents,” which contains the music of Fear!)

It has been a while since The Grumpy Punk has crawled out of his bean-bag chair, took off his massive headphones, and decided to toss out a missive that stimulates as well as educates.  He’s been int he process of assembling a long-form, educational history of only the good stuff, but every so often he gets derailed from the chronological narrative, and is compelled to skip around.  Hence, this week’s episode, “We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents,” featuring the music of the legendary band, Fear.

The samples are clips from this episode are from a “news” broadcast from 1982, where the news crew put together a five-piece “expose” on the punk scene in LA, narrated by Paul Moyer, who worked for the station at the time.  Legend has is that this program was aired in five pieces during their regular news program, then assembled into a full program, and broadcast in the evenings on KABC-TV.  There are a number of reports online of people who watched this with their families.  It is very much worth viewing at least once, for contextual reasons.

1982 was an important year for Fear.  Two years previously they had been signed to Slash Records, after appearing in Penelope Spheeris’ The Decline Of Western Civilization.  This exposure earned them a number of fans, not the least of which was John Belushi.  He wanted Fear to provide the soundtrack to a movie he was working on, but when he couldn’t commit to this promise, instead opted to book them for the Halloween 1981 episode of Saturday Night Live.  (In the audience of the show you can see Belushi, along with a number of prominent punks, pogoing to “Beef Bologna” & “New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones.”)  These appearances created a bit of a buzz about the band, which set the stage for their first album, The Record to come out in 1982.

It was in this environment that this newscast hit the airwaves.  With all of the goofy voice overs, the poorly transcribed lyrics, and the opportunity for Lee Ving to showboat for a camera, the film may have been intended to work as punk scare propaganda, but in fact works to sell the band, too.  The genius of Fear’s performances in those days was the calculated presentation being made by the band.  They wanted to look like this on national television.  That was the goal.  Paul Moyer begins to hint at the truth, when he suggests that Fear is satire.  Yeah, sort of.  But more importantly, Lee Ving is subverting music – and media – in a way that amuses him, and this clip really captures what shows were like in those days.

This episode would not exist without DJ Swill, friend of the show and the guy who forwarded this clip to me.  This scene was where he grew up, and this was where he was introduced to the beautiful History Lesson we’re all slowly learning.  This is part one of three, so expect more of the same soon enough.


We Destroy The Family Part I

01.) We Destroy The Family: Punks vs. Parents * KABC-TV * A Public Affairs Presentation
02.) We Destroy The Family * Fear * The Record * Slash Records
03.) New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones * Fear * The Record * Slash Records
04.) Beef Boloney * Fear * The Record * Slash Records
05.) I Don’t Care About You * Fear * The Record * Slash Records
06.) Le’s Have A War * Fear * Repo Man Original Soundtracks * MCA Records
07.) No More Nothing * Fear * The Record * Slash Records

Episode 165: Resist & Exist

500 Punks Rule

500 Punks Rule

Episode 165: Resist & Exist (A Eugene Celebration Part II)
(Featuring a selection of songs and recordings from the Icky’s Teahouse Online Music Library, The Panic On 13th Street Music Blog, & Local News Broadcasts relating to the Resist & Exist event from the mid ’90’s.)

In the mid ’90’s, a group of punky anarchists started a movement called Resist & Exist.  The goal was to put on music events, workshops, and allow attendees a chance to forge new friendships and contacts for ‘zine writers, musicians, artists and activists.  Primarily organized via message boards, newsgroups, and a variety of websites, these events were happening all over the US, and was rather successful for the simple fact that a lot of folks got to meet, watch a number of bands, and have a good time.  In spite of the fact that it happened in 1996, which seems like decades since people were first introduced to the concept of punk rock, a number of people freaked out in Eugene, leading to some of the most hilarious Local News Footage I have ever seen.

Trying to explain Eugene OR to people who never lived there has proved to be rather hard in the years that have passed since I lived there. The best way to make sense of it is to explain that the town is equally comprised of the Ken Keasy type refugees who were counter-culture, creative activist types, and on the other side, UofO Duck supporters.  The town was fueled equally by LSD and touchdowns, and this split seemed to run through the entire town to some degrees.  You could walk from The Whiteaker Neighborhood – where I lived – to the UofO campus, and you would watch as the weirdos became fewer and fewer, and you ran into more and more people wearing school colors, driving trucks, and were ready to beat the shit out of you.  I was lucky enough to never get jumped, but I had a number of friends who were not.

This split seems to manifest itself almost entirely when you listen to the news footage that was broadcast by KEZI, the local ABC affiliate, as they try to make sense of Resist & Exist.  As news casters struggle to decide if “punk rockers” or “punkers” is the more appropriate noun to be using, it starts to become apparent why neither side can see the other for what it really is.  The police are confused why there is no “leader,” and how something like this could be organized using “The Internet,” while it seems mind numbing to the other side how camping in public spaces, and trying to foster these kinds of workshops and music events, could be construed as “bad.”  All of this seems to have been repeated in a number of ways when thinking about the Occupy Movement that has been going on recently, though I worry that the comparison does not bode well for the Movement, considering how well Resist & Exist went in Eugene.

In the end, one person died, a large number of people were arrested or incarcerated for no good reason, a handful of violent assholes took advantage of the situation to beat the shit out of other kids who just wanted to participate in the event, and the city of Eugene provoked and manipulated anyone who wanted to compromise, to the point where the WOW Hall pulled out their support for the event, and everyone was reduced to putting on shows under bridges using generators, while dodging police the entire time.  As someone who fed out-of-towners with stolen food, and let a number of people camp in our yard, I was pissed.  Though, in hindsight, I’m much more angry that I worked the entire time, instead of participating. I guess my youthful enthusiasm seemed to think that there would be another time.

To go with the samples from the Newscasts, I’ve also selected more wonderful music from the fair burg in question.  I tried to focus a little more on the Icky’s Teahouse scene, as they were name checked several times in the Newscasts, as well as being the kind of music that was the backbone of the Resist & Exist Fest.  However, I also included a number of tracks from the fantastic Panic on 13th Music Blog, as well as selections from my personal collection of music.  I recommend that you check out both of these sites if you are interested in more music from this amazing town.  In the two episodes I’ve done, I’ve barely scratched the surface.  That being said: if you happen to have been in one of the bands that I’ve featured in these shows – or you were in a band in Eugene and you are noticing your music is suspiciously absent from these shows – please contact me!  I would love to expand the scope of these programs, and we can do it… together.

I also want to give a special shoutout to Josh Jones, who was not only in the band Artless Motives (and a number of others), but maintains the Icky’s Teahouse site (and the MyFaceSter+ Page).  It was on his Tumblr page that I was able to track down the KEZI footage, which I remember seeing some of when it was originally broadcast, and kept cursing myself for not recording it.  Fortunately, he did.  Josh was in a few of my favorite Eugene bands when I lived there, and continues to make great music to this very day.  I am making it my personal goal to get him on the show in the fairly near future.

Next Week: A Live Performance by Moth Hunter!  Fuck Yeah!  For those particularly observant folks who might have seen my posts when I accidentally tipped my hat earlier, there was some confusion as to when we would be able to record, how we would do it, etc.  But as of this writing, this is a guarantee, and we’ll be bringing it to you in the next program.  For those not “in the know,” Moth Hunter is one half of the duo Knuckle Children, and he allowed me into his private studio to record the performance.  I’m pretty stoked, as he has been a guest on this show before, and has only gotten better.  I’m really looking forward to doing more stuff like this, both with him and with other guests, as I work out the technical challenges that made this one hard to sort out.  I really appreciate his efforts to work with me on this, and I know that if you dig experimental, circuit-bent weirdness, then you will LOVE this show when it drops.

And, of course, we’ve got some other great stuff int he works, too.  Things are really shaping up here in Historic St. John’s, and we’re excited to bring it to you, one week at a time.

See you in seven!

Resist & Exist: A Eugene Celebration Part II

Introduction: Growing By The Minute

01.) The Punk Rocker Gathering That’s Growing By The Minute * KEZI Local News * 1996
02.) Headline News * The Readymen * Restless

Part I: Rape, Rob & Pillage

03.) [Live Excerpt] * Holy Rodent * 1993?
04.) Most Of Them Are Not Violent People * KEZI Local News
05.) This Fascist Thing * Bovine Impulse * Panic On 13th
06.) 12 Creeps Living In Here * KEZI Local News * 1996
07.) Lame Week * Not My Son * American Devil
08.) Rape, Rob & Pillage * KEZI Local News * 1996
09.) Cuddle * Bicker * Universal Choking Sign
10.) The Crowds Of Punk Rockers * KEZI Local News * 1996
11.) To Protect & Serve * Circus Tents * Circus Tents
12.) What The Threat Was Gonna Be * KEZI Local News * 1996
13.) How Many Pacifists Does It Take To Kill A Cop? * The Spoils * Live At Icky’s 1993

Part II: The Punker Convention

14.) Punker Convention * KEZI Local News * 1996
15.) Viva Albuquerque * Los Mex Pistols Del Norte * Esta Noche We Ride
16.) Officer Dick Grimes * KEZI Local News * 1996
17.) We Are Products Of * Products Of Society * Punk Out Of Springfield
18.) The Whiteaker Neighborhood Is Scared Of The Punkers * KEZI Local News * 1996
19.) Social Anxiety * Some Cheap Christ * Some Cheap Christ
20.) Police Are Already Here * KEZI Local News * 1996
21.) ?? * The Outclass * KWVA Radio
22.) Punkers, Elementary School Children, & Gay Pride Events * KEZI Local News
23.) Don’t Crowd Me * The Falling Spikes * 13th St. Revisited
24.) 500 vs. 30 * KEZI Local News * 1996
25.) Status Quo * Piglet * Not Ralphing At Your First Keg Party

Part III: Hopeless & Pathetic

26.) The Violent Nature Of Some Of Those Punks * KEZI Local News * 1996
27.) Death March * Pecus Gravitas * Eyeeee
28.) Every Day, More Punk Rockers Arrived * KEZI Local News * 1996
29.) Living In The Sewer * The Redundants * I Hate The Redundants
30.) Hopeless & Pathetic * KEZI Local News * 1996
31.) Too Many * Cap Gun Suicide * Bloodstains Across Eugene 2
32.) How Can Folks Get Involved? *KEZI Local News * 1996
33.) Killing Cops * Artless Motives * Everything But The Kitchen Sink
34.) What Is It That Makes You Think These Folks Are Dangerous? * KEZI Local News * 1996
35.) Barefootin’ At Yer Own Risk * Cathead * In Loving Memory Of Harold
36.) 500 Punks Rule *KEZI Local News * 1996
37.) Call In Dead * The Wristrockets! * Humans Are Stoopid

Part IV: Tips On Where To Shoplift

38.) A Man Dressed Like A Punk Rocker * KEZI Local News * 1996
39.) Track 22 * 200 Yang
40.) It’s Hard To Get Hard Answers * KEZI Local News * 1996
41.) Lucy * Billy Jack * Wrestling The Bald Headed Champ
42.) Drunken Chaos Fest * KEZI Local News * 1996
43.) What Makes * Johnson Unit * Panic On 13th
44.) Since The Punkers Came To Town * KEZI Local News * 1996
45.) Still Haunts Me * Snakepit * Soul Like A Goat
46.) Chaos Days Festival * KEZI Local News * 1996
47.) Love * KPANTS * “Love” b/w “Hospital”
48.) Tips On Where To Shoplift * KEZI Local News * 1996
49.) Todd Sparrow * Redmond Shooting Stars * Demo Tape
50.) Icky’s Teahouse * KEZI Local News * 1996
51.) It’s So Dark * Bottled Hungarian * Positively 13th
52.) Where Will All The Punks Sleep Tonight? * KEZI Local News * 1996
53.) No Role (In Society) * Pecus Gravitas * Eyeeee
54.) Broken Windows & Trespassing * KEZI Local News * 1996
55.) My Own Worst Enemy * The Hoogendoorns * We Are The Hoogendoorns
55.) It Should All End Sunday * KEZI Local News * 1996

Epiloge: Punk On Punk Violence

56.) Eraser * Oswald 5-0 * “Eraser” b/w “Felony Flats”
57.) Punk On Punk Violence * KEZI Local News * 1996

Episode 161: A Eugene Celebration

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Episode 161: The Grumpy Punk Presents: A Eugene Celebration

I lived in Eugene from 1994 until the year 2000, when I moved to Portland. In that time I was in one band, wrote a fistful of ‘zines, and drank beer with my friends. I also listened to a lot of music. In this show, I make a solid effort to feature a much of the great music that Eugene has had to offer over the years. A lot of amazing bands came out of the Eugene scene, many of which are still playing and performing. While the years that I lived there were only a small slice of the history of this town, I’ve expanded the content of this show to include a number of bands that I’ve discovered since I moved away. It’s a veritable cornucopia of music that sets the context for life in this unusual town.

A show like this could not have been done without help, and I want to thank two websites that really made this show possible. Panic On 13th is an excellent music blog that features releases by a number of Eugene bands. This site is fantastic, and all the links lead to amazing discoveries that I’m still sorting through. I cannot recommend this site enough. While I still had a number of my own contributions that I could donate to this show, this site really made it possible. Give them the love and respect they really deserve.

I would also like to thank the Icky’s Teahouse Online Music Library. While I only used a few selections that I got from this site, I should point out that they do host recordings by my old band, Cathead, but recordings by a number of other bands that I was really fond of, and I can already sense a few sequels in the works. This site really draws attention to bands that had little more than a cassette release, and it’s great to find a way to hear this music again.

In addition to these sites, there are a few people without which I wouldn’t have the interest in this music that I do. Isosceles Diego (also known as The Ramen City Kid) is not only an important friend who introduced me to a number of amazing bands, local and otherwise. He was the brain behind the fantastic ‘zine, Ramen City USA, which I used as a guide on more than one occasion.

Syd Louse and kissu d’salyss were two people I met when I started taking classes at LCC. Meeting them, and their group of friends, has established a core group of friends that I still know to this day. They also played in Cathead with me, and both continue to play music to this day.

There are also a number of people that influenced my life in a big way, and only a few were mentioned in the show. Hopefully, as I continue this series I will manage to credit everyone who deserves it. Until then, a very special thank you to: Chris Brooks, Jesse Ransom, Lyra Cyst, Brian who is called Brian, the folks that lived at The Blitzhaus & The 19th St. House, the staff at House of Records, Green Noise & Happy Trails, all the members of all the bands, and anyone else we knew back in the day. You guys are all incredible.

Full disclosure: this show is not going to encompass the entire Eugene scene. There are just too many bands. I went from a five hour show to this slim production you hear now, and left at least 30 other bands off the playlist. But the subject of this show has really gotten me excited, so I’m already planning parts two and three. If you were in a band in Eugene at any time, and would like to submit your music for future episodes, please contact me at blasphuphmus [is-at] gmail [ditty-dot] com. I would be more than happy to include your band, too.

And, for that matter, if you were in any of these bands, and you like to comment on your participations in them (or, happened to live in Eugene at any time, and has some memories they would like to share on a future show), you can reach us on Skype at: blasphuphmus. Feel free to leave a message, and it will end up in a future episode. There are a million good stories about bands in Eugene, and there is no way that I know them all. I would love to hear your side of the story.

This show is really near and dear to my heart, and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Stay tuned next week, as I’ll be bringing you our 14th Anniversary show, where I’ll be digging up clips of my airchecks from the earliest days of this program, when I was on KWVA in Eugene, Oregon. This should prove to be… interesting.

See you in seven.

The Grumpy Punk Presents: A Eugene Celebration


01.) Eugene, OR * The Varicoasters
02.) Theme * Los Mex Pistols * KWVA Radio

Part I: Got To Get Right Out

03.) Freedom Attack * Attack and the Fun * Freedom Attack 7″
04.) One Step Closer * The Undertakers * Slaughter on 13th Street
05.) Jesus 4 Sale The Treatment * Pollen Count
06.) Sometimes * The Black Dahlias * Slaughter on 13th Street

Part II: We Are Angry And We Have Guitars!

07.) Salt Pepper Ketchup Flavor * 200 Yang * Hot Taste
08.) Track 02 * 200 Yang * Free Samples
09.) Humor Demons * E-13 * No Mercy For Swine EP
10.) Welcome To The Truth * Artless Motives * Everything But The Kitchen Sink
11.) My Own Way * The Redundants * I Hate The Redundants
12.) Weekend Christian * Piglet * Not Ralphing At Your First Keg Party
13.) I Am Undecided (SOPA) * /root_DIR
14.) Apathetic Media Slave * Young Death
15.) Idiot * Cathead * The Album
16.) 49er Stomp * 9th Life

Part III: Anxious

17.) Another Journey By Bus * Johnson Unit * Panic On 13th
18.) Keep Steady * Readymen * Restless
19.) Attraction / Distraction * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals
20.) Alien Girl * The Crabs * Alien Girl EP
21.) Teenage Chainsmokers * The Wristrockets! * Humans Are Stoopid
22.) When I Was * Redmond Shooting Stars * Down In Front: Outtakes + Unreleased 24 Songs
23.) Jungle Law * Thee Headhunters * Jungle Law EP
24.) Pretty Girls * Billy Jack * Wrestling The Bald-Headed Champ

Part IV: A Short Narrative About Surviving

25.) Short Narrative * Snakepit * Panic On 13th
26.) Be In A Country Band w/ Me * Honey Vizer * I Wish We Could Go To The Moon
27.) Guns-Guitars-n-VCR’s * Holy Rodent * Pollen Count
28.) Track 14 * 200 Yang * Free Samples
29.) Tour of Eugene * Zombie Toolshed * Positively 13th
30.) Look At The Girls * Moose Lodge * New World Babies
31.) Decay * Snakepit * Positively 13th
32.) Self Destruction * Johnson Unit * The Triangular Effect
33.) Preyed Upon * Oswald Five-O * Pollen Count
34.) Animal Box * Robert Christie * The Way of Things
35.) Flatland Radio * The Flatlanders * Flatland Radio
36.) Amazing Grace * 13th Ave. Parking Lot Choir * The Way of Things

Episode 132: Blank Generation

History Lesson Part II

History Lesson Part II

Episode 132: History Lesson Part II: Blank Generation (Still Before ’75) 
(Featuring more in the continuing story of the early rumblings of punk rock.)

This week, we continue our journey through the early days of punk rock, backtracking slightly to cover Suicide, the early Ohio Scene, Devo, The Modern Lovers, and the venues of New York, Max’s Kansas City & CGBG’s. All that, and plenty of music as we move chronologically through the early days of punk rock. This one is not to be missed.

History Lesson Part II: The Blank Generation (Still Before ’75)

# Title * Artist * Album * Label

Part I: Ghost Riders In New York

01.) Introduction * Interviews * Rock & Roll Part 9: Punk * PBS
02.) Blank Generation (NYC, 76) * Richard Hell & The Voidoids
03.) Slow Death (San Francisco, California, 72) * The Flamin’ Groovies
04.) Frankie Teardrop [Edit] Suicide * Suicide
05.) Interview Clips * Suicide * Kill Your Idols
06.) Interview Clips * Suicide, Etc. * Punk Attitude
07.) Ghost Rider * Suicide * Suicide

Part II: The Ohio Scene

08.) Longhaired Woman (NYC, 76) * Killer Kane Band
09.) Interview * David Thomas * Toronto TV Clip
10.) 30 Seconds Over Tokyo * Rocket From The Tombs * The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs
11.) Punk Roots In Ohio * The Dead Boys * Punk Rock Diary 1970 – 1979
12.) Down In Flames (Cleveland, Ohio, 75) * Frankenstein
13.) Cleveland Scene 2 * Cheetah Chrome * Interviews From The Edge
14.) She Smiled Wild (Cleveland, Ohio, 75) * Mirrors
15.) Cleveland Scene 3 * Cheetah Chrome * Interviews From The Edge
16.) Rocket To Nowhere (Columbus, Ohio, 75) * Mike Rep & The Quotas
17.) Cleveland Scene 4 * Cheetah Chrome * Interviews From The Edge
18.) Lady Doubonette (Akron, Ohio, 76) * Bizarros

Part III: We’re All Devo!

19.) Loretta (Boston, Massachusetts, 76) * Nervous Eaters
20.) We’re All Devo! * Devo * Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology
21.) Interviews * Devo * Punk Rock Diary 1970 – 1979
22.) Jocko Homo [Booji Boy Version] * Devo * Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology
23.) De-Evolution In Akron 2 * Devo * Punk Rock Diary 1970 – 1979
24.) Clockout * Devo * Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
25.) De-Evolution In Akron 3 * Devo * Punk Rock Diary 1970 – 1979

Part IV: The Modern World

26.) Drop Dead (Detroit, Michigan, 75) * The Punks * Once Upon A Time Vol. 01: U.S.A 1972 – 75
27.) Ramblin’ Rose (Detroit, Michigan, 74) (Edit) * Wayne Kramer * Once Upon A Time Vol. 01: U.S.A 1972 – 75
28.) The Modern Lovers * Interviews * Rock & Roll Part 9: Punk
29.) Roadrunner * The Modern Lovers * The Modern Lovers
30.) The Modern Lovers * Interviews * Rock & Roll Part 9: Punk
31.) Girl Friend * The Modern Lovers * The Modern Lovers
32.) Modern Lovers * Interviews * Rock & Roll Part 9: Punk
33.) That’s All I Know (Right Now) (NYC, 73) * Neon Boys * Once Upon A Time Vol. 01: U.S.A 1972 – 75

Part V: But Where Can We Play?

34.) Agitated (Cleveland, Ohio, 75) * Electric Eels * Once Upon A Time Vol. 01: U.S.A 1972 – 75
35.) CGBGs & Max’s * Interviews * Punk Attitude
36.) Max’s Kansas City ’76 (NYC, 76) * Wayne County & The Backstreet Boys * Once Upon A Time Vol. 02: U.S.A. 1976
37.) What I Remember * CGBG’s: The Roots of Punk
38.) Opening * Punk Attitude
39.) Jungle Rot (Baltimore, Maryland, 75) * George Brigman * Once Upon A Time Vol. 01: U.S.A 1972 – 75
40.) Full of Smoke * CGBG’s: The Roots of Punk
41.) John Rock (Lansing, Michigan, 76) * The Dogs * Once Upon A Time Vol. 02: U.S.A. 1976

Part VI: Garage Revival

42.) Monster Au Go-Go (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 76) * Suicide Commandos * Once Upon A Time Vol. 02: U.S.A. 1976
43.) The Enviornment * CGBG’s: The Roots of Punk
44.) Chicken Queen (Bloomington, Indiana, 76) * The Gizmos * Once Upon A Time Vol. 02: U.S.A. 1976 Punk
45.) CBGBs * CGBG’s: The Roots of Punk
46.) In The Sun (NYC, 76) * Blondie * Once Upon A Time Vol. 02: U.S.A. 1976
47.) Boy From Nowhere (Boston, Massachusetts, 76) * DMZ * Once Upon A Time Vol. 02: U.S.A. 1976
48.) Garage History * Interviews * Rock & Roll Part 9: Punk
49.) Little Johnny Jewel (NYC, 75) * Television * Once Upon A Time Vol. 01: U.S.A 1972 – 75
50.) Punk Previews

Episode 129: History Lesson Part I

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Episode 129: History Lesson Part I: Before ’75
(Featuring a near-chronological overview of the origins of punk music.)

As someone who grew up in the ’80’s and ’90’s, Punk was already transmuting into a plethora of other kinds of music by the time I reached musical consciousness.  While I came to appreciate everything that spawned from it, I had a real interest in where it came from, which has informed my musical sensibilities in that time.  While my interests now may range far and wide, the net that is cast embodies all that is punk, in the way that I define it.

This episode features edited samples from the IFC film Punk Attitude mixed with a variety of music that helped get the ball rolling.  I also include a few clips from other sources, to help flesh out the story when needed.  If you look at “punk” as a mode of music making, the genesis itself lies in The Blues, leading to Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Punk music is often steeped in the roots of Chuck Berry riffs, but as an ethos, encompasses so much more.  I try to provide as much musical insight as I have into the music that was bubbling under the surface when 1975, an important year for Punk Rock, was in full swing.

I open the show with the fantastic Pere Ubu version of “Final Solution.”  In a lot of ways, Punk was about searching for a Final Solution.  Music needed to be forever affected by something new in order to break away from some of the mainstream crimes that had been committed.  But the people themselves, desperate and hungry for something else, were also looking for a social Final Solution, a way to put behind them all the pain and horror that the world could inflict.  While Punk may not have made any massive, or permanent changes that could be considered “Final,” I think this song really sets the tone for the kind of people that made punk possible.  They were those who were searching for that Solution, and punk is the story of what came of their efforts.

This show was a real pleasure to make, and I it features some of my favorite music that has ever been recorded.  While this is the only show that is completed in this form, I hope to continue this series much more frequently in the near future.  The Grumpy Punk has been reawakened in a way that I cannot sate with a mere two hour show.  I wouldn’t be surprised, October and future guests not withstanding, that this will be the foreseeable format of the show for the time being.

There is a lot that could be said of the artists in this show, and I could wax poetic for pages.  But I’ll let the radio do the talking.  It tells the story much better than I could, that’s for sure.  I will say that, before the show even started, I was getting comments and e-mail from people who wanted to make sure that I didn’t leave stuff out.  And, of course, I did.  Humorously enough, I managed to fit one or two in at the last minute.  There is an out-of-chronology Kinks song, sadly, but getting “Louie Louie” in near the front was a wise, wise move.  I have plans, after I finish the initial run of this show, to go back and plug all the holes, and expand on the work I did in this show.  Hopefully, I don’t loose motivation by then.

That’s it for this week.  See you in seven.

History Lesson Part I: Before ’75

Part I

01.) Part 01 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
02.) Final Solution (Cleveland, Ohio, 76) * Pere Ubu * Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection * Rough Trade Records
03.) Louie Louie * The Kingsmen * “Louie Louie” b/w “Haunted Castle” * Wand Records
03.) Part 02 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
04.) “What Have You Got?” * Marlon Brando * The Wild Ones * Columbia Pictures
04.) Search & Destroy (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 73) * Iggy & The Stooges * Raw Power * Columbia Records
05.) Part 03 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
06.) Maybellene * Chuck Berry * The Chess Story: 1947 – 1975 * Chess Records
07.) Part 04 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
08.) Incense And Peppermints * Strawberry Alarm Clock * Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965–1968 * Rhino Records

Part II

09.) Part 05 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
10.) 96 Tears * ? & The Mysterians * “96 Tears” b/w “Midnight Hour” * Pa Go Go Records
11.) Part 06 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
12.) Strychnine * The Sonics * Here Are The Sonics!!! * Norton Records
13.) Part 07 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
14.) Riot on Sunset Strip * The Standells * The Best of the Standells * Rhino Records
15.) Part 08 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
16.) Psychotic Reaction * The Count Five * “Psychotic Reaction” b/w “They’re Gonna Get You” * Double Shot Records
17.) The Gift (Edit) * The Velvet Underground * Peel Slowly And See * Polydor Records
18.) Part 09 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
19.) Lou Reed on Andy Warhol * Lou Reed * Interview * Flora.tv
20.) All Tomorrow’s Parties (1965) * The Velvet Underground * Peel Slowly And See * Polydor Records

Part III

21.) Pushin’ Too Hard * The Seeds * The Seeds * GNP Crescendo
22.) Part 10 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
23.) Boy In The Sandbox (1968) * Michael Yonkers Band * Microminiature Love * Sub Pop Records
24.) Part 11 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
25.) White Responsibility * Huey Newton    Punk Attitude * The Complete Malcom X on DVD * http://malcolmxfiles.blogspot.com/
26.) Feel It (1970) * It’s All Meat * It’s All Meat * New Music Records
27.) Part 12 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
28.) Kick Out the Jams (1969) * MC5 * Kick Out the Jams * Elektra Records
29.) Part 13 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
30.) Helium Head (I Got A Love) (1970) * Sir Lord Baltimore * Kingdom Come * Anthology Recordings

Part IV

31.) Queen Of Stars (Loop) * Kim Fowley / Austin Rich * Unreleased * Blasphuphmus Radio
32.) Part 14 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
33.) Light My Fire (Edit) (Live) * The Doors * Alive, She Cried * Elektra Records
34.) Part 15 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
35.) Long Way To Go (71) * Alice Cooper * Love It To Death * Warner Bros. Records
36.) Part 16 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
37.) Not Right (1969) * The Stooges * The Stooges * Elektra Records
38.) Part 17 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
39.) Buick Mackane (72) * Marc Bolan & T.Rex * The Slider * Reprise Records

Part V

40.) Politicians In My Eyes (Loop) * Death / Austin Rich * Unreleased * Blasphuphmus Radio
41.) Part 18 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
42.) Hang On To Yourself (72) * David Bowie * The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars * RCA Records
43.) Part 19 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
44.) Space Age Love (LA 74) * Zolar-X * Timeless * Alternative Tentacles Records
45.) Part 20 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
46.) Vietnamese Baby (NYC, 73) * The New York Dolls * The New York Dolls * Island Records
47.) Part 21 Vietnamese Baby
48.) One Way Spit (Chickasha, Oklahoma, 75) * Debris * Static Disposal * Anopheles Records
49.) You Really Got Me * The Kinks * “You Really Got Me” b/w “It’s All Right” * Reprise Records

Part VI

50.) Part 22 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
51.) You’re A Prisoner (Detroit, Michigan, 75) * Death * …For The Whole World To See * Drag City
52.) Part 23 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
53.) Master Race (NYC, 75) The Dictators * The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! * Epic Records
54.) We Ended Up * The Mumps * How I Saved The World * Sympathy For The Record Industry
55.) Part 24 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
56.) The Gift (Instrumental Edit) * The Velvet Underground / Austin Rich * Unreleased * Blasphuphmus Radio
57.) Ain’t It Fun (Cleveland, Ohio, 75) * Peter Laughner * Take The Guitar Player For A Ride * Tim Kerr Records

KPSU Playlist