VideoZine#4: “Why Are We Here?”

VideoZine#4: "Why Are We Here?"

VideoZine#4: “Why Are We Here?”

VideoZine#4: “Why Are We Here?”
(Our first compilation, with material by artists and directors from a number of under-represented places.)

Our program is always evolving and changing, and one vision that I have always had for these VideoZines is that I could begin to incorporate the work of other directors.  There are a number of people who are in the same realm as I, making videos and trying to exhibit their seed of creativity.  Why not create a platform for some of these videos and artists?

This collection raids the BlasphuphmusRadio archives, where I present video that has never been seen in this form before.  I have a variety of video treats that have been suffering for a variety of reason, namely due to poor audio and bad editing.  Presented here for the first time are live performances by bands that appeared on Blasphuphmus Radio & Is This Music?  These performances were booked by Johnathan Boober, and feature incredible performances by Nasalrod, SLOTHS, Valkyrie Rodeo & RABBITS.   Rounding out this collection are two videos shot during practice performances by The Nervous & Moth Hunter.  The Nervous performance is of particular note, as they have become quite a powerhouse live outfit, and this recording was captured before they had even played live for anyone by their partners.

In addition to these live videos (all featuring newly remastered audio, and re-edited for this presentation), we also feature work by a number of directors, including Nil Admirari (eponymous, Library of Congress, Esmar Road), Matt O. (Half Eye, Iarvles, Dry Cleaners), Colin Hicks (Vomit Violence), Ryan A. Ray (” ‘Ho,’ The Humanity”), Paco Jones & Eric Hausmann.  Each of these directors have a unique and distinct voice that is compelling and beautiful, and it is no wonder that with all of them, film is only part of the passion.  These videos represent some cool work that you will not see anywhere else.

In addition to that, it is with this episode that we declare that this is an office show.  The VideoZine will continue this year, and hopefully continue to return for subsequent seasons.  Our plan is to produce at least Six episodes this year, but it is possible that we might hit the Eight or even Ten mark, depending on how productive the next month is.  We do not make any money off this program, but we do enjoy making it, and hopefully you enjoy what we do, too.

This episode has all the bells and whistles: a remastered soundtrack, individual videos you can link to for each segment of the show, and the typical 60 minute presentation that we’ve come to know and love.  I’ve done my best to create a little audio narrative, and to have some fun, so hopefully you do, too.



“Why Are We Here?”

Produced, Directed & Edited by Austin Rich.


VideoZine #4 Playlist

“Why Are We Here?”


01.) “A Stitch In Spacetime” by Nil Admirari
02.) “Hello, I’m Drunk” by Austin Rich (with backing music provided by the “Crusin’ 1955” LP)

Part I: “Let’s Talk About Social Etiquette”

03.) “Fascist Rumble” by Half Eye
04.) “It’s Everywhere, Yr Going To Die” by Tyrants
05.) “Two Songs” by Vomit Violence
06.) “Homebrew” by The Thrash-key Kids
07.) “Alex The Spider” by Iarvles
08.) “You Look Good In Glasses” by The Nervous
09.) “Be Polite” by Nasalrod
10.) “Postcards of Darby Crash” by SLOTHS
11.) “Duck, The Pigs“ by RABBITS
12.) ” ‘Ho,’ The Humanity” by Ryan A. Ray

Part II: “Where, Again?”

13.) “Lawrence of Arabia” by Valkyrie Rodeo
14.) “Steilacoom” by Dry Cleaners
15.) “Manchurian Avalanche” by Library of Congress
16.) “No Contact” by Moth Hunter
17.) “Project 13” by Paco Jones
18.) “What You Seek Is Seeking You” by Space Gambus Experiment with Eric Hausmann
19.) “Anchorage” by Esmar Road

15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part I: The Nervous!

The Nervous!

The Nervous!

15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part I: The Nervous!

The Blas-Travaganza was a complete success, and while I have some specific ideas of how I would like to present all the amazing material that we documented over the two days, I just can’t wait to bring you the music that we were excited for on those days.  So, first up, here is the complete performance by Portland’s very own, The Nervous!

Day 1

Day 1

I love booking shows with my friends bands, not only because I like their music (honestly – there are a lot of friends I didn’t ask to play this event), but also because they are really easy to work with, and a lot of fun!  I’ve known these guys for ages, and both Chris and Jesse have been a part of this show dating back to the ’90’s incarnation.  As The Nervous, they are no strangers to the show, either, allowing me to interview them prior to any kind of live, public performances, and their Groundhog Day debut show is still in the archive, and will surface at some point in the future.  (You can watch the video over here, if you just can’t wait.)

While you’re enjoying some music and whatnot, why not check out our digital compilation, released at this show, and featuring a track by The Nervous?  Lost In The Supermarket is a collection of songs recorded by friends of the program, and is available now to stream, and for a small donation, to download as well.  Attendees managed to receive free download codes, packaged with a blank CD to use any way they see fit.  You can get this per-assembled version from me, or download the entire collection from the link above.  The Nervous were really kind enough to donate a track, and I was very happy to include them.

I was really happy to have them kick-off the Blas-Travaganza. Not only are they a lot of fun, but they set a good mood and tone for the weekend, and I was really happy to include them on the bill.  As more and more A/V is uncovered and available, I’ll be posting more and more stuff to connect with these recordings.  Additionally, these will only be available in their unedited format for a limited time, as I have some sneaky plans for both the video and audio.

But in the meantime, enjoy this fantastic nerd-rock treat.  Please: send you photos, videos, and anything else you captured of these guys.  All of it will be used in some form or another!

MyFacester+ Photo Album



Getting Nervous

The Nervous

The Nervous

Getting Nervous
(Featuring an interview with new local band, The Nervous, which includes the world premier of their music on this very podcast!)

I have known Chris and Jesse from The Nervous for years, and the band they’d started in the ’90’s back in Eugene – Mondale – was a rare treat for the few who got to rock out to them.  Now, in this far-flung, post-apocalyptic year of 2013, we encounter their newest musical endeavor, a trio (rounded out by their drummer, Splinters), which is offering some of the greatest Nerd Rock anthems guaranteed to start promptly at every performance.

In preparation for their impending live gigs, I was invited down to the compound where The Nervous hone their craft, and managed to sit down with the guys afterward in their comfortable “Living Room” to chat about pursuing music as a hobby, and what its like to be in really terrible bands with assholes.  Interspersed throughout the interview are songs that inspire them, two never-before heard songs from their current set, and an old Mondale tune (or two) to round things out.

Long-time listeners may remember a live performance by Jesse Ransom (featured in The Nervous) in 2006.  This episode is also available to stream or download at this time, accompanied by a playlist and photos.  Jesse Ransom 06 June 2006.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and it gives you an acoustic taste of what he brings to the party.

Special thanks to Chris, Jesse and Spinters, not only for being stand up guys and great musicians, but for trusting me to record them in their natural habitat.  You guys are fantastic, and I can’t wait for more people to hear you.


MyFacester+ Photoset (with video footage of the band rehearsing on 30 December 2012).

Getting Nervous

01.) Get Out Of Our Way, We’re A-Comin’ Through * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released
02.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part I * 30 December 2012
03.) Musical Interlude * Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet * Savvy Show Stoppers * Cargo Records
04.) High Impact Smart Girls * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released
05.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part II * 30 December 2012
06.) Gates Of Steel * Devo * Freedom Of Choice * Warner Bros.
07.) Sex Mad * Nomeansno * Sex Mad * Alternative Tentacles Records
08.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part III * 30 December 2012
09.) Theme From EEVIAC * Man… Or Astro-Man? * EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices * Touch & Go Records
10.) Entry Level Position * The Nervous * Unreleased Practice Recording
11.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part IV * 30 December 2012
12.) Little Girls * Oingo Boingo * Only A Lad * A&M Records
13.) You Look Good In Glasses * The Nervous * Unreleased Practice Recording
14.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part V * 30 December 2012
15.) 21st Century Digital Boy * Bad Religion * Stranger Than Fiction * Atlantic Records

Jesse Ransom, LIVE!

Jesse Ransom

Jesse Ransom

Jesse Ransom, LIVE! (KPSU Phase I Episode 103)

Jesse Ransom is one of those rare people that you feel lucky to meet in your lifetime: a talented, funny, and genuine person who happens to write beautiful songs that are sometimes as poignant as their are hilarious. His band Mondale (named after the Jello Biafra’s “Names For Bands” spoken word piece) was one of my faves: a great mix of Punk, Surf and songs about girls. In the years since Jesse has kept his guitar muscles firmly flexed, which has culminated in me finally calling him and telling him to show up to play music on the air, on this most hallowed of holidays, 666. In the ensuing hour, Ransom busts out three originals, three covers, a lot of anecdotal humor about music in general, and a small taste of some of his big influences. This is a show I’ve been waiting to do for some time now, and it makes me happy to see it finally come to fruition. Please listen, won’t you?

MyFacester+ Photoset

Jesse Ransom

01.) Raven Is A Spy * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released

02.) New School Gearhead * Jesse Ransom * Performed Live 6/6/06
03.) Attraction / Distraction * Jesse Ransom * Performed Live 6/6/06
04.) Salome (Old 97’s Cover) * Jesse Ransom * Performed Live 6/6/06

05.) Proto Unit V-3 * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released

06.) Dear God (XTC Cover) * Jesse Ransom * Performed Live 6/6/06
07.) I Wanna Be A Catholic * Jesse Ransom * Performed Live 6/6/06
08.) God Isn’t Real (Robbie Fulks Cover) * Jesse Ransom * Performed Live 6/6/06

09.) Jean-Claude Van Damme * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals
10.) Flat Earth Society * Bad Religion * Against The Grain
11.) Galactic Pioneers * Phenomanauts * Rockets And Robots
12.) Chimaera * Bad Religion * Generator
13.) Telepathetic * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released

KPSU Playlist