Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ. (Pledge Drive 2014)

Miss Rikki & I During The Early Days of AMLOR

Miss Rikki & I During The Early Days of AMLOR

Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ. (Pledge Drive 2014)
(On the subject of DJs, Radio itself, and the 2014 Pledge Drive.)

As Miss Rikki & I continue our exploration of the Amp KPSU Pledge Drive, we decide to lay out our own interests and preferences in the world of radio.  We discuss DJs, DJing, and our own connections to this exciting hobby.  We also drop an incredible DJ set, deliver another installment of “We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like,” and get to rock out to The Tape-Beatles.  Hell Yeah.


Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ.

Part I: Cross Format Focused For Airplay Success

01.) Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal * They Might Be Giants * Miscellaneous T
02.) Moonland * Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds * Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
03.) Now Is Not The Time * CHVRCHES * Recover EP
04.) Announcement * Negativland * Escape From Noise
05.) Radio Lines * Störung * 7″
06.) Listen To The Radio * The Tape-Beatles *  A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse
07.) Final Liftoff * Moth Hunter * Lost In The Supermarket

Part II: I Thought You Said We Had A Deal?

08.) Universum Gloria * Glass Elevator

Part III: The Problem When Punks Get Old

08.) The Quintessential Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli

We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like:

09.) Spark In The Chain* Cheap Time * Exit Smiles

Episode 029: A Sound Salvation

Here's A Good Exercise

Episode 029: A Sound Salvation (Radio About Radio)
(Featuring all songs about Radio itself, including some valuable information from a professional DJ.)

There was a time when Blasphuphmus Radio was two hours every week, and the chance to pick up an extra hour these days causes me to look back to where I’ve been before. Going back to the first show I did this year, which could have been sub-titled “Radio About Radio,” I thought I would revisit the subject and attempt to put a new spin on it in the process. The results: “A Sound Salvation,” a two-hour audio-essay on the nature of being a Radio DJ itself, with special insight by none other than author and DJ Mike Staff! Want to get started in radio? Then this is the place to start!

Back in January, I was only able to fit in a handful of songs I’d found that all deserved airplay, and this show seemed like a perfect chance to put those other songs on the air. One thing I found was a pair of narrated cassettes that purported to explain how to become a Radio DJ (and how to make a Demo Tape).  I originally planned on including samples from these tapes in that first show, but a variety of factors left the tapes on the cutting room floor. One of the first things I reached for when I began work on this show were those tapes, and they make up the backbone of the show this week. This show could very well be sub-titled, “How To Become A Radio DJ,” but I feared that might create the wrong impression (either seriously, or sarcastically). I figured an Elvis Costello quote would not only send the right message, but hopefully put the samples in context.

I have to say, if it wasn’t already clear enough, this show forefronts my interest (and borderline obsession) with Negativland, and their own weekly radio show, Over The Edge. I’ve been a fan since the mid ’90’s, and have made an effort to listen as often as possible ever since. Over the years I’ve collected a number of recordings of their shows, and have often considered them a major influence on me. The problem is, to do a show like thier’s, you need a LOT of free time, and while I have made a lot of efforts to do something like they would do, it hasn’t always worked out that way. With a full week of free time at my disposal to prepare for this show, I was finally able to pick out and rehearse enough material to step up to the challenge. So, if you like what you hear, and you want to hear something weirder and / or more extreme, Over The Edge on KPFA (in Berkley, though they do stream and podcast it) is well worth your time and effort. Seriously.

This show includes a lot of music that wouldn’t normally appear on Blasphuphmus Radio, and while this isn’t a disclaimer (or even a warning), it seems that a bit of explanation might be in order. My musical interests range far and wide, and I’ve always imagined that at it’s most bizarre and cogent, my show enables a listener to draw a through-line between Bruce Springsteen, Shellac, Wall of Voodoo, Nirvana, Rudimentary Peni, Jet, Kraftwerk, Queens of The Stone Age, and Ornette Coleman. Of course, this is just my particular view of the musical universe, and I wouldn’t go so far as to claim that everyone can make those connections (or would even want to). For those more cynical than I, some of the cornier musical moments are included as “found sounds” that reinforce this Radio Essay; for those less cynical than I, the weirder and stranger moments are included as “found sounds” that, also, reinforce this Essay. I think the mish-mash makes perfect sense, if you consider the subject. Think about it…

I wanna thank Ricardo Wang for giving up his show this week so I could produce something like this, and Michelle Pecchia, Nil Admirari, Heather Hunt-Garrison, DJ Victrola, Steven Koriagin, Jennifer Howell, Shayna Proctor, Kyle Rich, Megan Kent, Reverend Marc Time (from our sister station, KWVA in Eugene), Alpha Protist, Heidi Stauber, Melissa Cooper, Jenna Lynn, Minded Rock Gate, and DJ Medusa, who all made suggestions for songs that should have been included in this show. If I didn’t use your suggestion, don’t sweat; I’ll probably use it next time. This series has some serious future potential.

Next week Blasphuphmus Radio will be coming to you 23 hours later than usual, as various schedule changes will temporarily move from from Saturday at 1 PM to Sunday at 12 Noon. But on Sunday, tune in for Part II of a previous series, A Family Affair, featuring not one, not three, but TWO of my siblings, joining me on the air. Can you believe the excitement?

See ya in seven.

A Sound Salvation (Playlist In Progress)

# Title * Artist * Album *
01.) How Radio Was Done I (Excerpt 1) * Negativland * Over The Edge Radio
02.) Excerpts Scattered Throughout * Mike Staff * How To Become A Radio DJ
03.) Turn It On * The Flaming Lips * Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
04.) Amateur Radio * Sonic Youth w/ Jim O’Rourke Clip 1
05.) Radio Nowhere * Bruce Springsteen
06.) Radio Song * Jet
07.) Radio Song * R.E.M.
08.) Amateur Radio * Sonic Youth w/ Jim O’Rourke Clip 2
09.) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter * Nirvana * In Utero * DGC Records
10.) Please Play This Song On The Radio * NOFX
11.) God Is In The Radio * Queens Of The Stone Age *
12.) Radio Schitzo * Rudimentary Peni
13.) Capitol Radio One * The Clash
14.) Transmission * Joy Division
15.) Radioland * Kraftwerk
16.) Radio 4 * Public Image Ltd.
17.) Amateur Radio * Sonic Youth w/ Jim O’Rourke Clip 3
18.) How Radio Was Done I (Excerpt 2) * Negativland * Over The Edge Radio
19.) Radio Transmissions * Man… Or Astro-Man?
20.) Video Killed The Radio Star * The Buggles
21.) Mexican Radio * Wall Of Voodoo
22.) On The Radio * The Selecter
23.) Amateur Radio * Sonic Youth w/ Jim O’Rourke Clip 4
24.) Radio Silents * Young Marble Giants
25.) Blasting Radio * Desperate Bicyles
26.) Radio * God Is My Co-Pilot
27.) Radio Gra * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You * Kill Rock Stars
28.) Amateur Radio * Sonic Youth w/ Jim O’Rourke Clip 5
29.) How Radio Was Done I (Excerpt 3) * Negativland * Over The Edge Radio
30.) I Heard It On The Radio * Ornette Coleman.
31.) The End Of Radio * Shellac

Episode 001: Of A Beginning


And So It Begins Again...

And So It Begins Again…

Episode 001: Of A Beginning (Radio About Radio)
(Where Austin Rich returns to the airwaves after a mysterious absence… but where has he been?)

My second comeback show!

Well, the first episode finished a couple hours ago, and I think it was quite a success.  After a brief re-introduction to the medium of radio (and, to one degree, my previous radio incarnations), we jump into an episode that could just as easily have been called, “Radio About Radio.” All the hits (and a few misses) crop up throughout this audio-essay, complete with a Radio Recommendation, and Mr. Joel Gaddis co-staring as “Jerry.”

Some Interesting Factioids of Note: There are three clips from my previous radio broadcasts near the beginning of my show. The first was recorded on January 6th, 1999, exactly 10 years ago, with my then-co-host Holden Craft. That show was broacast at KWVA. The other two clips are from my tenure at KPSU: 06/29/04 (my first comeback show, with Dabney Coleman Knife Fight behind my talking), and 09/18/07 (my second-last show ever).

The “There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Radio” Clip comes from a mix-tape my friend (and ex-bandmate) Syd Louse made me in or around 1995. He recorded it off of a radio station he listened to obsessively as a kid in the ’80’s, the same time I grew up with radio (but in another rural town an hour away). I felt it was nice to play that a bring it full circle.

“WWED”: What Would Earl Do. As a member of the Church Of Blasphuphmus, you can always learn from Earl’s teachings.

“Talk Dirty To Me” is also sort of an inside joke between me and Syd, though in the years since it has taken on an additional significance for me, probably because of that.

“Night Court,” meanwhile, is a bit of an inside joke between myself & Holden Craft (dating back to Jr. High, practically). He and I played it on my show on January 6th, 1999. Again, I was going for the “full circle” effect.

While it’s a rather obvious pick, “This Is Radio Clash” was also important to me because I also played it on my first-ever broadcast when I started at KWVA.

“New Hit Radio”: My roommate of 15 years introduced me to Unwound. I never formally got to thank him for that, so I just play them a lot on my show and think of him.

The Parts & Labor song was picked only because I discovered that band via the Sound Opinions show.

Everything Else Not Already Cited / Credited: Mine Mine Mine!

Next week, stay tuned for It’s Alive: Part I, where I feature some of the recent live recordings I’ve made at KPSU.

As always, your input helps make the show, so please, feel free to send your comments and criticisms to: austinrich [at] gmail [ditty-dot] com. It’s the only way we learn.

See ya next week!