The Kirby Krackle!

The Universe It Bigger Than We Think

The Universe Is Bigger Than We Think

The Kirby Krackle! 
(A special guest appearance on, covering for What’s This Called?, with Miss Rikki Lee backing me up, while Ricardo Wang is out of town.)

The recent thunder and lightning – very atypical for the Portland Metro area – has filled out town with lights and sounds that are not usually part of the typical makeup of our fair city.  In many ways it reminded me of nothing less that The New Gods themselves traversing the threshold of a Boom Tube, a sound so dramatic that is insists that you listen, above all other things.  It was with that in mind that I decided to let The King by my guide, and put together an hour of spacey wonder, ambient landscapes, and droning rock music that would make the man himself proud of where we are going for an hour.  It is my great pleasure to bring you The Kirby Krackle!  A special How’s It Named? presentation while Ricardo Wang is out of town.

This all came about in an unusual way, but for the sake of brevity: with summer here, much of the KPSU staff were unavailable this week, leaving Miss Rikki (of Closet Radio) short-handed when she needed an engineer.  After some wrangling and favor-promising, KPSU offered to let me handle the audio work (more on that next entry).  Meanwhile, Ricardo had to leave town unexpectedly during the same week.  Thinking back to the days when we were on back to back, episodes of How’s It Named? were a regular feature, and since I was going to be there anyway, he asked if I could lend a hand.  And, of course, I was happy to.

As Rikki and I were going to be prepping for the live music blowout (again, more on that next entry), I opted for a long songs show, something I’ve done before and rather enjoy.  However, the sounds of thunder and lightning shifted the focus very suddenly, not merely to long songs, but to spaced out rock in honor of the strange storms that appeared out of nowhere, much like Kirby’s amazing artwork.  In the end, it worked out perfectly, and the results are this broadcast you can now stream to your heart’s content.

I didn’t get to mention it during the show, but I always like to draw attention to Sailboats whenever I can.  Little known, and even less seen, they manage to capture some of the eeriest and most beautiful strangeness every time I listen.  They are on the Pecho Grande label, and while their site says that much of their catalog is out of print, I bet if you asked nicely you could locate a copy or two.  I highly recommend checking out Sailboats, as well as the other incredible things they have to offer.

Special thanks to KPSU, Ricardo Wang and Miss Rikki Lee, as each of them helped make this show possible.  It was fun to be back in the studio for a while, and I know that neither Ricardo or Rikki will allow me to take nearly as long between future appearances.  That’s just the way they are.

And then, there was live music…

The Kirby Krackle!

01.) Yeti (Improvisation) * Amon Düül II * Yeti
02.) Trigger In, Trigger Out * Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno * Just Another Band From The Cosmic Inferno
03.) 777 * Autechre * LP5
04.) Attach * Sailboats * Adrift * Pecho Grande

Episode 145: Space Out II

Continuing Our Journey

Continuing Our Journey

Episode 145: Space Out II
(Featuring even more international Space Rock from the ’60’s and ’70’s.)

Continuing to get further and further into the outer reaches of space as the holiday season rapidly approaches, here are even more selections from the Mutant Sounds archives, covering the vast expanses of Space Rock that was so near and dear to the world’s hearts in that long-lost decade known as the 1970’s.  Times were simpler then: musicians were taking powerful drugs, mastering guitar / synthesizer / flute performances, and attempting to make sense of the universe the only way they knew how: filling sides of LPs with unusual compositions.  Now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.

We open our show with a “Journey Into A Dream,” which is what most of the Space Rockers of the ’70’s were attempting to do.  But it is also a metaphor for this very show, in that as we continue through the years ourselves, we come closer and closer to making our own dreams come true.  Radio has been a dream of mine since childhood, and being able to make it happen, for nearly 14 years now, has been a real Journey that seems to find more and more destinations as time continues it forward momentum.  As 2012 approaches, we will be entering new and uncharted territory (yet again), and I’m very excited about what the future holds.  Moreso than usual.

Attentive listeners will notice that there is one track that is, unfortunately, not from the period in question: “Utterly Simple” by Extra.  After last weeks show hit the digital airwaves, I was contacted by Fruits De Mer Records, who deal exclusively in vinyl-only compilations that feature covers of songs from the period in question.  I have to plead ignorance with regards to this label, being a yankee and all, but once I knew they existed, I knew I had to play this track. The original song is by Traffic, who were active in the ’60’s and ’70’s recording exactly this kind of music.  It only made sense to try and bring things full-circle, and illustrate that this music continues to influence and inform the music of today.  Outside of their records, you can’t find this music anywhere else.  I recommend checking out their site, and perhaps ordering a record or two if you are so inclined.

Again, this show was not archived, but this recreation gives you a chance to hear the show as it was broadcast on Saturday.

That’s all for this week.  Stayed tuned, as our Spacy Holiday Madness continues.  And, keep your ears peeled for some news regarding our show in the coming weeks.  Things are about to change.

See you in seven.

Space Out II

# Title * Artist * Album * Further Info
01.) Journey Into A Dream * F.G. Experimental Laboratory * Journey Into A Dream * Switzerland, 1975

02.) Socrates Drank The Conium * Socrates Drank The Conium * Zontanoi Sto Kyttapo * Greece, 1971
03.) Fantomen * Midsommar * Belsebub Ar Los * Sweden, 1971

04.) Syphlonic Diplovits * Chou Pahrot * Live * Scotland, 1979
05.) Ajatuksia * Apollo * Apollo * Finland, 1970
06.) Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten… * Ton Steine Scherben * Wenn Die Nacht Am Tiefsten… * Germany, 1975

07.) Wieczna Pielgrzymka * Ossian * Ossian (aka Ksiega Deszczu) * Poland, 1975
08.) E Per Te * Claudio Rocchi * Essenza * Italy, 1973

09.) The Ancient Consciousness Of Evil Spirit * George Hirota * Sahasurara * Japan, 1976
10.) Pythagorian child No. 2: Arrival In Time * Bib Set * It Wasn’t Meant To Happen… * Sweden, 1969
11.) Searching For The World * Sleepy John * Sleepy John * USA, 1970
12.) Utterly Simple * Extra * Fruits de Mer Volume 21: Keep Off The Grass * UK, 2011 (Original: UK, 1967)
13.) To Xehasmeno Pigadi * Exadaktylos * Zontanoi Sto Kyttapo * Greece, 1971
14.) Epilogi * Nimbus * Obus * Finland, 1974

KPSU Playlist

Episode 144: Space Out

Space Out

Space Out

Episode 144: Space Out
(Featuring an international selection of Space Rock from the ’70’s.)

While many look forward to the holiday season with fondness toward the music they will hear, I often find myself frustrated with the content of such songs.  It is fortunate that I came into a huge stash of authentic ’70’s Space Rock Records recently (thanks, Mutant Sounds), and have decided to kick off my holiday season with a tour of this curious genre from a variety of countries around the world.

You want to talk obscure?  I’m never heard of any of the bands I played today until I dug them out to play them for this show.  While I’ve always been fascinated by Hawkwind, King Crimson, and a variety of other artists who have trod the more unusual musical pathways in this particular decade, the sheer depth and wealth of artists who were on that same wavelength is staggering when you begin digging.  As I’ve been enjoying the holiday season, and moving into a new home, I thought it only fitting to let myself explore these artists for the first time with you.

This show is full of long, strange, “flute-y,” and otherwise exploratory experiments in just where you can take this particular genre.  My suggestion is to just go with the flow, and Space Out.

See you in seven.

(Note: Sadly, this show did not get archived as it was originally broadcast.  The version that is available for download is a special podcast recreation, made two days after the original was aired live.  These things happen.  Sorry.)

Space Out

# Title * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Countdown * The Muffins * Secret Signals 1 * (1974 – 1978 USA)
02.) Diggar Ditt Hal-1 * Blodarna * Blodarna * (1979 Sweden)
03.) Ambiance * Popera Cosmic * Les Esclaves * (1969 France)

04.) The Hook * Jukka Tolonen * The Hook * (1974 Finland)
05.) Monster Comes To The City * Logproof * A Random Sampler * Random Radar Records (1977 UK)
06.) Caspita * Totem * Corrupcion * (1973 Uruguay)

07.) A Mutant Underglass * Illegal Aliens * A Random Sampler * Random Radar Records (1977 UK)
08.) Alien Activity From The 45th Parallel * Cellutron & The Invisible * Reflecting On The First Watch, We Uncover Treasure Buried For The Blind * (1978 USA)

09.) Fire Dance * Lagger Blues Machine * Tanit Live * (1970 Belgium)
10.) Automaty * Klan * Mrowisko * (1970 Poland)
11.) Total Space * The Rolf Kuhn Group * Total Space * (1975 Germany)

12.) Skladanka * Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik * Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik * (1974 Czechoslovakia)
13.) Voo Cego * Marcos Valle * Vento Sul * (1972 Brazil)
14.) Weg Vom Fenster * Metzlutzkas Erben * Wiener Blutrausch * (1979 Austria)
15.) Noises of The Evening * Doctors Of Madness * Figments of Emancipation * Polydor Records (1976 UK)
16.) Master of The Universe * Hawkwind * In Search of Space * (1971 UK)
17.) El Final * Síntesis * Síntesis * (1976 Argentina)

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