Miniature Show Update Alert Alert Alert! (#3)



Miniature Show Update Alert Alert Alert! (#3)
(Featuring a quick rundown of all sorts of cool things we’ve got coming your way.)

Check out our Fourth of July Shows!:

The Fourth of July Picnic: partially cannibalized from a Negativland release, this is a july forth presentation that was a lot of fun to put together.  Hopefully, you’ll agree!

Live From An Actual 4th of July BBQ: Mixed with some killer tunes and a live phone call to an actual BBQ, this is one of my all-time favorite shows from the first wave of KPSU broadcasts.  Enjoy!

New Shows!  We’ve expanded our network to include two new shows:

Closet Radio!  You can now podcast this program for free from iTunes.  We also host all the back episodes on our server.  Everything is available, for free or download!

The Night Shift!  We’ve also added a goth show!  You can paste this link into your RSS aggregator of choice, and enjoy all the back episodes from us, too.

All our shows are free!

Also: we’ve got a whole bunch of live shows coming up!  You can get the full low-down from this link.  We’ve got all sorts of amazing things happening, including: Paco Jones live on What’s This Called?, La Fin Absolute Du Monde & Estocar at East EndThe Thrash-key Kids and /root_DIR live from Slim’s Cocktail Bar, our live show happening at St. John’s No Fest 2013The Gordon Taylor & The Nervous live at The Kenton Club, and Dead / Towers live on the program!  Check out our Myfacester+ website for all the details, and we’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Don’t forget our Lost In The Supermarket compilation.  It’s rad.

Star Trek: Into Darkenss & Man of Steel: don’t suck!

Thanks for listening!  More cool shit to come!


01.) Video Games Buried In The Desert * By The End Of Tonight * Fireworks On Ice
02.) Your Street vs. Wall Street * The Oxes * The Oxes
03.) New Laws * Don Caballero * For Respect
04.) The Pittmans 4th of July Speech * Bob & Ray * The Lost Tapes Vol. 2

Episode 123: The Fourth Of July Picnic

Picnic Friendly Radio

Picnic Friendly Radio

Episode 123: The Fourth of July Picnic
(Join us for an audio journey into the July 4th Picnic, with lots of help from Negativland.)

Join me as I take you on a radio journey through the annual 4th of July picnic, via your old familiar friend, local radio.  After hiking out to our remote broadcast location, I bring you a host of songs about America, the 4th of July, BBQ and Picnics, and the complete story behind our own National Anthem.  It’s an hour of audio wonders as we explore this ancient and mysterious holiday with the likes of John Phillip Sousa, Galaxie 500, Chuck Berry and Woodie Guthrie (both via requests), Dick Kent, Paul Williams, Johnny Punchclock, and a pair of real-live phone calls from 2007 from an actual, live 4th of July BBQ in progress.  How cool is that?


The Fourth of July Picnic
# Track * Artist * Album

01.) Fireworks General Atmosphere * Madacy Records * 100 Spectacular Sound Effects * Madacy Records
02.) Walking And Driving And Hiking To The Show * Negativland * Over The Edge Vol. 1: Negativland’s 4th Of July Stockholders’ Picnic * Seeland Records
03.) Stars And Stripes Forever March * Sousa’s Band * Amberol Cylinder 4M-285 * Edison Records
04.) Parade Of Condiments * Negativland * Over The Edge Vol. 1: Negativland’s 4th Of July Stockholders’ Picnic * Seeland Records
05.) American Metaphysical Circus * The United States of America * The United States of America * Columbia Records
06.) Fourth Of July * Galaxie 500 * This Is Our Music * Rough Trade Records
07.) 12 O’Clock, July * The Mussies * Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 60’s Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals But Were Afraid To Ask * Arf! Art! Records
08.) BBQ Call 1 * Austin Rich & Johnny * 04 July 2007 * Blasphuphmus Radio
09.) Sweet Little Sixteen (Single Version) * Chuck Berry * The Definitive Collection * Chess Records
10.) Do Re Mi * Woody Guthrie * Very Best of Woody Guthrie * Music Club Records
11.) Roll Me Through The Fire * Johnny Punchclock * (demos) * Unreleased
12.) The National Anthem vs. Testosterone (Take 4) * kiisu d’salyss * Cabin Fever * Unreleased
13.) BBQ Call 2 * Austin Rich & Tom * 04 July 2007 * Blasphuphmus Radio
14.) Barbeque * Paul Williams * Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas * The Jim Henson Company
15.) UFO’s, Big Rigs And BBQ  * Mojo Nixon and The World Famous Blue Jays * Brain In A Box: The Science Fiction Collection * Rhino Records
16.) Rat A Tat Tat, America * Dick Kent * The American Song-poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush * Bar / None Records
17.) Our National Anthem * Negativland * Free * Seeland Records
18.) Firesign Goes To War!: No Jokes About America! * The Firesign Theater * All Things Firesign * Artemis Records
19.) America Kicks Ass * King Missile III * Royal Lunch * Important Records

KPSU Playlist

Episode 027: Live From An Actual 4th of July Bar-B-Que (2007 Retrocast)

To Infinity And Beyond

To Infinity And Beyond

Episode 027: Retrocast: “Live From An Actual 4th of July Bar-B-Que” 2007
(Featuring phone interviews with Johnny & Tom, each present at an actual 4th of July Celebration.)

Even though I was out of town for my usual show this week, there was a two-fold treat for those who just can’t get enough Blasphuphmus Radio. Live, in the studio, Ricardo Wang did a special two-hour version of No Skinny Ties in honor of our Nation’s most important celebration. Those of you who tuned in live got to experience that. However, there is also an internet-only treat for the truly dedicated listener.

This is one of my all-time favorite shows, and now it can be yours, too, with a mere Inter-Web-A-Tron download. Can you believe it?

Tune in next week, when I actually DJ an hour of radio for a change of pace. What will happen? Who can say? Tune in and find out.

See ya in seven.