Episode 167: Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio

The Blitzhäus Kith

The Blitzhäus Kith: Josephus, Brandy, Josh, Toby, Kelly & Tia.

Episode 167: Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio
(Featuring edited highlights from four early episodes, where my roommates joined me in the studio for silly, late night, college radio fun.)

In the earliest days of the program, my notion of having guests on my program was to invite my roommates into the studio, while we were all drunk, to listen to some college radio.  Now, in the distant future, I’m asking you to join us on a similar journey.  Highlighting four episodes from 1998, here are my roommates, my friends, and my guests, from the embryonic era that is so near to this programs beginning.

I have to say, with the complete perspective that hindsight so acutely offers, it is interesting to comb through the airchecks, and revisit these programs.  I’m friends with nearly all of these people to this very day, and each of them have moved on to pursue their own lives and interests in amazing ways.  These programs are small cross-sections, a blip on the radar from their perspective.  But to me, these were important evenings, fun times that I happen to have a documented record of, and that is so rare for anyone who considers their youth.  Hopefully, some of the joy I get out of these seeps through as you listen to these recordings today.

For the first time since I recorded these shows, they are hearing the light of day, and at the proper speed!  The tape recordings were often too slow – or too fast – to make much sense, but modern technology has allowed me to fix these errors.  To my knowledge, only these people have ever heard these recordings before, as this program began in a time before podcasts, and before digital distribution.  My hope is that this functions as a record of those times, and a sampling of the various formats this show had in the early days.

Many apologies for the delay getting this episode posted.  There were a number of personal and production delays, mostly because I wanted these episodes to be presented at their proper speeds, and other recording opportunities popped up at the last minute.  Fortunately, these opportunities have manifested in shows that you can download now, and one that you will hear in the future.  These opportunities involve live music, and also some cool Sci-Fi remixes.  I’m hoping to get back on track, and there may well be another episode this week to make up for this, at least a Mini-Cast.  So, stay tuned.

That’s all for this Memorial Day.  Thanks again for indulging me.

See you real soon.

Bit Players In The College Radio Drama That Is Blasphuphmus Radio

Introduction: The More Things Stay The Same

01.) Updated Theme From Supercar * Man… Or Astro-Man? * All Punk Rods!: A Gearhead Magazine Collection * Lookout! Records

Part I: Josephus of Sinkhole (22 April 1998)

02.) Sonata For Loudspeakers * Unwound * Challenge For A Civilized Society * Kill Rock Stars Records
03.) The Trials of Being A Jedi * Supergenius * Star Wars Breakbeats * Suckadellic Records
04.) Some Hits * Anal Cunt * Top 40 Hits * Earache Records
05.) Driver Down * Trent Reznor * Lost Highway Soundtrack * Interscope Records
06.) Dragnet Theme * Ray Anthony And His Orchestra *
07.) Fame * Irena Cara * Fame Soundtrack * RSO Records
08.) Satan’s Little Lamb * Ethel Merman * I Get A Kick Out Of You * Pavillion Records
09.) Raw Meat Torn By Saxophone Blasts * Mike Patton * ‪Pranzo Oltranzista‬

Part II: “Girl Power” w/ Brandy (29 July 1998)

10.) Frank Talk About Mutants, Also * Men’s Recovery Project * Frank Talk About Humans
11.) Rebel Girl * Bikini Kill * “New Radio” b/w “Rebel Girl” 7″
12.) Hard Knock Life * “Annie” Original Cast Recording
13.) ?? * ??
14.) I Love Livin’ In The City * Fear * Fear The Record
15.) Let’s Have A Party * The’s * Can’t Help It! * Rockville Records

Part III: “Never Before Has The Beauty Of The Sexual Act Been So Grossly Exploited” (19 August 1998)

16.) El Perversio * Deadbolt * Tijuana Hit Squad
17.) Adventures Through Inner Space * The Bomboras * Head Shrinkin’ Fun * Zombie A Go-Go Records
18.) Eugene OR * The Varicoasters *
19.) Istanbul (Not Constantinople) * They Might Be Giants * Flood * Elekra Records
20.) My Mind’s Got A Mind Of It’s Own * ?? *
21.) When It’s Over * The Wipers * Youth Of America

Part IV: “The Kelly Experience” w/ Tia (11 November 1998)

22.) Come Out And Play * The Moog Cookbook * The Moog Cookbook
23.) Handsome Traveller * KARP * Moustache’s Wild * Kill Rock Stars Records
24.) ?? * ??
25.) Fuck Shit Up * Dub Narcotic Sound System * “Fuck Shit Up” b/w “Version” * K Records
26.) Scream * Kemikal Religion * Self-Released
27.) Coffee Mug * The Descendants *
28.) Estrogen * The Supermodels
29.) Manic * Kemikal Religion

Empty Room, LIVE!

Empty Room

Empty Room

Empty Room, LIVE! (Live Friday 018)

Empty Room is a unique blend of post-punk and new wave with an up-to-date sensibility. With only had a small number of live performances to show off their skills, the few they’ve done have been testaments to their ability and skill as performers. Their first EP, “Silence,” has upheld the promise of these performances: a solid and sophisticated release, pleasing yet challenging all at once.

Krandroid The Friendly Robot, LIVE!

Krandroid The Friendly Robot

Krandroid The Friendly Robot

Krandroid The Friendly Robot, LIVE! (Live Friday 015)

Krandroid The Friendly Robot is the result of the unholy mating of a man and machine, both left in the damp neighborhoods of Portland to ferment, grow, and mutate. Krandroid plays danceable totalitarian techno metal and remixed video game classics. The “Man” portion of Krandroid has been playing music since the age of 12. He is a Native of L.A., but has been fully transplanted to the fertile soil of Portland. In his spare time, Krandroid enjoys bringing harmony to the Galaxy via the soothing and efficiency-inspiring sounds of his music.

The Kelly Experience

The Kelly Experience

The Kelly Experience

The Kelly Experience (Phase I Episode 005)

The Kelly Experience is just that: an experience.  I decided to bring him down to the station and have him pick out two hours of music.  These were the results.  4 P.M. – 6 P.M.


01.) Contra-Snowfields * The Advantage
02.) Zelda-Fortress * The Advantage
03.) Stars And Stripes * KMFDM
04.) Chapter Four * Avenged Sevenfold
05.) Moses * Soulfly
06.) Warp City * Ministry
07.) Machines Of Hate * Fear Factory
08.) Pore * Ohgr
09.) Minors At Night (Still Sick) * Adult.
10.) Everything’s Cool * Pop Will Eat Itself
11.) opretta * Dabney Coleman Knife Fight
12.) The Dirty Glass * Dropkick Murphys
13.) Natural Woman * Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
14.) The KKK Took My Baby Away * Marylin Manson
15.) Girls Not Grey * AFI
16.) Pulse Of The Maggots * Slipknot
17.) Will To Die * Strife
18.) Gone Fishin’ * Pro-Pain
19.) No Good (Attack The Radical) * Pantara
20.) Five Year Winter * Zao
21.) Alive Is Dead * Zao
22.) Scrape * Unsane
23.) Cease To Exist * Earth Crisis
24.) (The “Commando” Song) * Arno Corps
25.) New Faith * Slayer
26.) Blind Man’s Penis (Peace And Love) * Ramsey Kearney
27.) Jaw, Knee, Music * NOFX
28.) All Medicated Geniuses * Pretty Girls Make Graves
29.) Psycho Therapy * The Ramones
30.) Nihilism * Rancid
31.) Teri Yakimoto * Guttermouth
32.) “New Song” * Avail

KPSU Playlist

The Kelly Experience


The Kelly Experience

The Kelly Experience

The Kelly Experience w/ Tia (KWVA Episode 031)

At this time our program was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.  The link above directs you to an episode from 28 May 2012, where part of it exists in a highly edited form.

Partial Playlist:

01.) Handsome Traveler (KARP) *
02.) Beastie Revolution (Beastie Boys) *
03.) All Lies (NOMEANSNO) *
04.) Reverb 10,000 (Man… Or Astro-Man?) *
05.) ?? (??) *
06.) ?? (??) *
07.) Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks) *
08.) We Are 138 (Misfits) *
09.) The Other Newest One (Germs) *
10.) It’s Expected I’m Gone (Jawbox) *
11.) ?? (??) *
12.) ?? (??) *
13.) Fuck Shit Up (Dub Narcotic Sound System) *
14.) Apt. #5 (Julie Ruin) *
15.) Index Of The S.R.A. (Servotron) *
16.) ?? (??) *
17.) Scream (Kemical Religion) *
18.) Stereo Sancity (Sonic Youth) *
19.) Envelope (Unwound) *
20.) Corporate Takeover (Operation Re-Information) *
21.) The Little Sandwhich Who Had A Horrible Guilt Complex Because He Was The Sole Surivor Of A Horrible Bus Crash (King Missile III) *
22.) Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz (Mr. Bungle) *
23.) American Jesus (Bad Religion) *
24.) Come Out And Play (The Moog Cookbook) *
25.) ?? (Sonic Youth) *
26.) ?? (Unwound) *
27.) Heihd (Cathead) *
28.) Batman (Naked City) *
29.) Up Front (Wipers) *
30.) Estrogen (The Supermodles) *
31.) I Have A Bad Feeling About This (Supergenius) *
32.) She Fucks Me (Ween) *
33.) Magic Pig Detective (Melvins) *
34.) ?? (??) *
35.) Manic (Kemical Religion) *