Sanguinary 79

So Sorry To See You Go

So Sorry To See You Go

Sanguinary 79


Going six feet underground with Miss Rikki. Hope you brought your spider spray.

Black Ships Ate The Sky Current 93
Message From Home Theater of Ice
Wasting My Time Klaus Nomi
They Just Fade Away Ghosting
At The Crossroads Crime & The City Solution
Desert Souls The Virgin Web
Prey DJ Food f/ JG Thirlwell
Sexbeat Sexbeat
Walking WIth The Beast The Gun Club
Why Are We Alive? Swans

78 Dead Ants

Pink Panter Joke

Pink Panter Joke

78 Dead Ants


Time After Time Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords
Pet Cemetery The Ramones
Big Boom Bop Big John Bates
Bleeding Taper Candle The Limit Club
When I’m WIth You Legendary Pink Dots
Here There Be Witches Creature Feature
Inferno The Gravetones
Leave A Stellar Corpse Stellar Corpses
Preacher Man Fields Of Nephalim
Old Snake Road The Hell Caminos
Last Night At The Bacchanal Scarring PArty
Christmas Eve Montage The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir

77 Bats of Fury



77 Bats of Fury


Hell Kat Klub My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Pink Halloween Rolodex
Walk Through The Mirror The Nuns
Gone Fast Soviet Soviet
A Means To An End Joy Division
Deep In The Woods The Birthday Party
Haunted when the minutes drag Love And Rockets
Hands of Death (Feat. Rob Zombie) Alice Cooper
No One Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society

76 Cinders Of Sputnik

76 Cinders Of Sputnik


Mollie’s back for good this time!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space The Dickies
Going to a Graveyard The Witch Doctors
Ouija (Bring It Back To Me) the hitmen
Aim For the Head Creature Feature
Paranoid The Lounge Brigade Sabbath in the Suburbs
Fits and Starts Ashrae Fax Never Really Been Into It
There’s A Rat My Brightest Diamond All Things Will Unwind
Batman Wolfman Frankenstein or Dracula The Diamonds
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) Concrete Blonde Bloodletting
Panic Like Moths the prids
Love’s Easy Tears Cocteau Twins
Wiseblood hazard county girls


75 Clove Cigarettes

75 Clove Cigarettes


XVVX Cemetery
The Wind Kissed Pictures Christian Death
The Omen Two Witches
Double Dare Bauhaus
Rose Red Emilie Autumn
Holy Water Death In June
Thoughts On The Floor I Love You but I’ve Chosen Darkness
Basement Fueled With Love AWOTT
Fire In The Mountains Indian Dream
Incubus (Blue Suit) Tuxedomoon

Capping 73 Knees

Capping 73 Knees


McKaw Rllrbll
But Not Them Siouxsie & the Banshees
Once Again AWOTT
Heart Of Stone And One
Everything New (Live) Die Robot
Ace In The Hole Iionel Cohen
Mohave Sundown George Sarah
Dance While The Sky Crashes Down JASON WEBLEY
Hot Rod Worm The Slow Poisoner
Dream Baby Dream Suicide
Pale On Pale Chelsea Wolfe

72 Back Alley Clans

72 Back Alley Clans


Miss Rikki flies this dark ship solo with lots of dark sounds to tantalize your bat wings.

Shout At The Sky Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Sweet Rosaline Back Alley Barbers
San Jose Kid Congo f/ Khan & Julee Cruise
Mesmerized Clan of Xymox
My Blues Is You Neon
Machine Velvet Acid Christ
She Can Click Click
Glitter Lost Cities
Macabre Royale Crawling Chaos
Confusion Electro Vampires
The New Trail of Tears Theater of Hate

Pleasuredome ’71

Pleasuredome ’71

Post-Apocalyptic Hijinx, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the return of DJ Dirty Mollie!

Chou Frou CHBB
Wasteland Billy Idol Cyberpunk
Coming Up For Air Chinese Wasps
Feurio! Einsturzende Neubauten
Lost Zoe Keating
Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix) Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Phantoms 45 Grave
Love Missile F-11 Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Those Days Theo & The Skyscrapers
Thunderclaps The Horrors

Lords of 69

Lords of 69


“You have nothing to fear but fear itself…. and stairs.” (Behind the scenes: Tuna has offered an extra-long egg beater to you)

Out comes the evil Lords of Acid
Nachtbringer Blutengel
Sion Trivalia
New Noise Refused
Primary Strength UK Subs
Hate Is A Four Letter Word Shock Therapy
It’s Gonna Be The Same Frustration
On The Other Side Silke Bischoff
A Message From The Temple ov Psychic Youth Psychic TV
You Can’t Please Everyone Soft Riot
Follow The Locust Wire

Cleaning Up 68

Cleaning Up 68


Band Organ Medley Anton Szandor Lavey
Within Neurosis & Jarboe
Wash It All Off Foetus
Up Jumped The Devil Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Wearing A Star Trek Uniform, Watching Tony Lechmanski Sleep The Gothsicles
Never Trust A Klingon S.P.O.C.K.
Banshee Antiworld
If You Go Away Julie Christmas
Darker My Love Voodoo Church
Whiskey And Me Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords

Buried in 67

Buried in 67


Some pray for heaven while we all live in hell.

Major Tom Apoptygma Berzerk
Portrait Of The Damned My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Desire Feels So Good When It’s Wrong Archbishop Jason Polland
Beneath The Crown SubRosa
Touch Wolfsheim
Sympathy For Tomorrow Cruxshadows
The Disease Echo & The Bunnymen
Cavern Healers
Tiny Spiders The Soft Moon
Hi Xiu Xiu
Procession Savage Republic

Short on 66

Short on 66


Devil’s Ball NIght Flight
That’s Propaganda The Damned
Decry Film Noir
How Deep Is The Water The Dead Brothers
He of Cloven Hoof Those Poor Bastards
Go Away Danny elfman
Himbeereis Aloa
Tongues Bend Like Bows RPM Orchestra
State of Decay Deathride ’69
Weigh Me Down lorn
Kasvetli Kutlama She Past Away
Vanishing Point New Order
Nobody’s City Iggy Pop & Nick Cave f/ Thurston Moore

65 Elders

65 Elders


Fechadura Yellowfante
Untouchable Crime & The City Solution
Fan Club The Damned
Self Induced Shock Therapy Manual Sex Drive
You Know Nothing Swans
Paint It Black London Symphony Orchestra
No Friend Of Mine Aimless Device
No Fear Kommunity FK
Change Killing Joke
Tales Of Innocence Gitane Demone
Is/ Was M. Gira/ D. Matz

Fore Before 64

Fore Before 64


One Time, One Place Skinny Puppy
E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon) Alien Sex Fiend
Girl With No Eyes It’s A Beautiful Day
When You Scream (You’re Gonna Scream) The Limit Club
Well Oiled Machines Koffin Kats
We Three Painmaker
Melting Ice Ladytron
Hall Of Mirrors Siouxsie & the Banshees
Give Me A Sign File Not Found
Pale Dog Metallic Falcons
Graceful Guns Musee Mechanique
Twinkling Stars Nine Circles

63 Bearded Ladies

63 Bearded Ladies


Dirty Mollie rejoins Miss Rikki and they are both joined by Adrian Snoderly to discuss the upcoming Bearded Lady Competition!

When You’re Evil (Cave Canem Demo) Aurelio Voltaire
Orbis de Ignis Dead Can Dance
If I Had a Heart Fever Ray
New Dawn Fades Joy Division
Filii Neidhardi Corvus Corax
Siren 13 Candles
Thrill Kill The Damned
Die, Die My Darling The Misfits



Miss Rikki keeps the spooky churning in the depths while Dirty Mollie is away.


Station Station Alan Vega
Krysar Zikkurat
Orbis de Ignis Dead Can Dance
Guilty Brotherhood of Pagans
Hellbelly Plays With Marionettes
One Time, One Place Skinny Puppy
E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon) Alien Sex Fiend
Sirens 13 Candles
Die Die Die My Darling Misfits
Something You Can’t Forget Soviet Soviet

59er Over Me

59er Over Me

(4-12-14) Miss Rikki holds down the eternal darkness while Dirty Mollie is away.

Black Saint witch
Ice Cream To God Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons
Hall Of Mirrors Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
Eyes In The Center Chrome
The Sparrows and The Nightingales Wolfsheim
No, Nothing, Never dark day
Never Enough The KVB
Pleasure Sixth June
Interim Lovers Einsturzende Neubauten
Monochrome Covenant
Red Right Hand (Scream 3 Version) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Episode 58 – Old-School Mollie

Episode 58 – Old-School Mollie

This week, Rikki’s 6 feet under, so Dirty Mollie takes it solo with a classic old-school goth/techno set for #AMPKPSU.

Sleep Switchblade Symphony Bread and Jam for Frances
More Sisters of Mercy Vision Thing
Where Good Girls Go to Die London After Midnight London After Midnight
Cry Little Sister Carfax Abbey Asleep By Dawn Presents: DJ Ferret’s Underground Mix
Video Kid The Birthday Massacre Violet
Everyday is Halloween Ministry Twelve Inch Singles (1981-1984)
Fault Line O. Children O. Children
Where’s My Lucky Star? My Scarlet Life Buzzbomb
A Shoulder to the Wheel Bel Canto Death Guild 13th Anniversary

Long Short 57 Long Short

Long Short 57 Long Short

Long, epic, spooky things with a side of new-old.


Voodoo U * Lords of Acid

America Babylon * Saviour Machine

Sex On Wheels * Thrill Kill Kult

Generique: Theme From City of Lost Children * City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra f/ Marianne Faithful

The Night * Voltaire

The Seer Returns * Swans

Nemesis * Shreikback

Shock On The Wire * Psykosonik

Grimmly 56

Grimmly 56


When The Circus Came To Town * Voltaire

Finishing Jubilee Street * Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Dirty Dog * Switchblade Symphony

Scorpion Sleeps * Rob Zombie

Let Me Be Your Wolfman * Elliot The Letter Ostrich

Gypsy * Anders Manga

Wings * The Fall

My Last Black Scarf * Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

Victim Convenience * The Faint

Fires On The Shore * End: The DJ


Bored With 54

Bored With 54

Miss Rikki takes you through the tunnels of the underworld.


The Star We Spin Around * George Sarah

The Usher * SubRosa

I Wanna Be You * Barry Adamson

Warhouse * Dom Dar

City Lights * Adventures With Might

The One Left * Tropic of Cancer


Hollows of Devotion * Death In June

Killbot 2000 * murder by death

Death Of A King * Legendary Pink Dots

Real Men * Savage Republic

53 Twangs Down Under

53 Twangs Down Under

Spooky Hyjinx and Muenster-Swiss-Cheese Brain


God Help Me* Emilie Autumn

I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty * Legendary Pink Dots

Decades * Joy Division

Light Myself on Fire * Vestibule

Death Whispered A Lullaby * Opeth

There Will Be Blood * Anders Manga

There Will Come A Day * The Gravetones

That’s The Way * The Turbines

Night of the Phantom * Isaac Rother & The Phantoms

You Make Me Feel So Dead * Pittbull Daycare

Moons of 52

Moons of 52


Miss Rikki and Dirty Mpllie bringing you new and old gothy treats.

Machine of Instant Death* Calabrese

Untitled Self Portrait * Will Arnett

Lunacy * Swans

Girl In The Furskin Rug * The Mission UK

Somebody Put A Hex on Me * Isaac Rother & The Phantoms

The Last Day * Crime & The City Solution

Underworld * Duologue

2 Raised Right Men * Tom Waits

The Lunaticsc Have Taken Over The * Fun Boy Three

King Of Fools * Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords

Say No More Mon Amour! * Rex Manning

What Has 51 To Do With Anything?

What Has 51 To Do With Anything?


Miss Rikki gets darky in the KPSU dungeon.


March Violets – “Religious As Hell”

Amanda Palmer – “Lost”

Chvrches – “You Caught The Light”

Leather Nun – “Gimme Gimme Gimme”

Midnight Configuration – “Sinister Sinister”

Crime & The City Solution – “Domina”

David Lynch – “The Line It Curves”

Legendary Pink Dots – “Stigmata (part 4)”

Blue Faces – “Ancient Theater (Reprise)”

Ghastly Ones – “Mysterion”




50 Of Them…

50 Of Them…


The dark, the loud, the industrial. Stomp.


Thieves * Ministry

Paris In Magenta * The Dead Red Velvet

Nero * Theater of Hate

The Order Of Death * Public Image Ltd.

Flamingos * Aloa

Body Electric * Sisters of Mercy

Dragula (Matrix Remix) * Rob Zombie

Zydrate Anatomy * Darren Lynn Bousman

Angry Inch * Type O Negative

49 Or…

49 Or…

The Grimm and The Dark.



Circus At The End Of The World * Abney Park

Can’t Keep A Good Corpse Down * Stellar Corpses

When The Circus Comes To Town * Voltaire

Lucky Stiff * The Mission Creeps

Carnival of Light * Dead Can Dance

Midnight Man * Flash & The Pan

Pink Elephants On Parade * CIRCUS CONTRAPTION

Not Happy * Bruce McCulloch

Carnival of the Poisoned Rose * Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society

Hunters Kiss * Rasputina

Carousel Of Flames * Demonika and the Darklings

Little Red Riding Hood * Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs

48 Below

48 Below


MIss RIkki takes the reins as Dirty Mollie is away with goths on wheels. Joined instead, by a disenchanted Tunacan Jones, we play dark things and discuss the spooky.


Chelsea Wolfe – “I Let Love In”

Sawyer Family – “On The Hunt”

Coil -“Where Are You?”

Lydia Lunch – “I Wish, I Wish”

David Bowie – “Something In The Air”

Manual Sex Drive – “Perfect Stranger”

Duran Duran – “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”

Emilie Autumn – “Opheliac”

Snake River Conspiracy – “Lovesong”




47 Answers

47 Answers


Voltaire-a-rific! Because he’s spiffy!


When You’re Evil * Voltaire * Projekt Sampler

Twenty Four Hours * Nine Inch Nails f/ Bauhaus

Don’t Go By The River * Voltaire

Little Empty Boat * Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Graveyard Picnic * Voltaire

Memorial * Russian Circles f/ Chelsea Wolfe

Ex-Lover’s Lover * Voltaire

Desperate But Not Serious * Adam & the Ants

Dirtiest Song That Ain’t * Voltaire

Cairo * Lakobeil

Alchemy Mondays * Voltaire

46 Stitches

46 Stitches

Mellow Goth and Andy Gibb to keep you safe in the dark.


Bitch * Apoptygma Bezerk

Amen * The Damned

I Hope You Hurt * The Limit Club

My Girlfiend’s Girlfriend * Type O Negative

Die For Me * TSOL

Stranger Than Kindness * Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Ulysses * Dead Can Dance

Harmless Monster * cocorosie

Hall Of Mirrors * Siouxsie & the Banshees

Rasputin * Johnny Hollow

45 Goodbyes

45 Goodbyes


Dirty Mollie is back for precisely 5 Hail Satans.


Raison Raison * Alien Hand Syndrome

05a 1.2 Persistence of Vision * RPM Orchestra

St. Vitus Dance * Bauhaus

Light Myself on Fire * Vestibule

Broken Needle * The Glass Cavalry

Gingerbread Coffin * Rasputina

Blood Runs Cold * The Builders & The Butchers

Dark Carnivale * Frenchy and the Punk

Smoke & Mirrors * Ghostfire

It’s Useless To Struggle * The Gothic Archies

May The 44’s Be With You

May The 44’s Be With You

Apoptygma Berzerk – Burnin’ Heretic

Soviet Soviet – “No Lesson”

Gluecifer – Titanium Sunset

RevCo – “The Rockabye”

Rocket From The Crypt – “Can You Hear It?”

The Graveyard Five – “The Graveyard Theme”

Ministry – “The Supernaut”

Current 93 – “Antichrist and Barcodes”

The Gun Club – “Death Party”

Skinny Puppy – “Dig It”

My Brightest Diamond – “Reaching Through To The Other Side”

43 Velveteen Vallies

43 Velveteen Vallies

Technical Difficulties abound and the playlist gets shuffled, sliced, diced and improvised as Dirty Mollie and Miss Rikki endure the wackiness and still bring off great tunes!

Age of Confusion * Dada

Careful What You Wish For * Coil

Campos de Vampyros * Los Holys

(I Don’t Want to Have) Easy Listening Night * Nurse With Wound

Serenade For the Dead * Leaether Strip

Love Song * London After Midnight

New York * Theo & The Skyscrapers

Somnolent * Delerium Sanguine

Dreams * Emeralde Fear

Number 42 The Answer

Number 42 The Answer

Gothic goodies and macabre madness with Dirty Mollie and Miss Rikkie, starting out slow and picking up speed all hour long!


Choir of Change * Demonika and the DarklingsvShelter

Blood Roses * Tori Amos

Halloween For Christmas* Frenchy & the Punk

Deny The World * Monster Maker

Dead Duck * Six Times Zero

Time In A Bottle * Sponge

Buried in Water* Dead Man’s Bones

In Nightmares* Zombeast

Bad Apple* Koffin Kats

Sylvestre Matuschka * Lard

The Night Shift Episode 040: Slugs



The Night Shift Episode 040: Slugs

Having stuck around to close out Closet Radio, it was easy enough to climb down into the crypt that is The Night Shift, and join Miss Rikki as she plays some incredible spooky music.  Plus: I don’t get to get my goth on too often, and Miss Rikki is the perfect person to help you indulge.



01.) Russian Circles – “Burial”
02.) JG Thirlwell – “Gawker”
03.) These Immortal Souls – “Shamed”
04.) Soviet Soviet – “Hidden”
05.) Xiu Xiu – “Honeysuckle”
06.) The Wake – “Control”
07.) Dark Planet – “Creeping Flesh”
08.) Nina Hagen – “Dr. Art”
09.) Clan of Xymox – “She’s Dangerous”
10.) Savage Republic – “Film Noir”
11.) This Mortal Coil – “Kangaroo”
12.) Siouxsie & The Banshees – “The Last Beat Of My Heart”

The Great 38 Elders

The Great 38 Elders


Foetus – “First Last and Always”

KMFDM f/ Peter Murphy – “Today”


Front 242 – Rhythm of Time”

Edera – “Vague Inklings”

Ultra Vivid Scene – “Mercy Seat”

Type O Negative -” Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)”

Rowland S. Howard – “Exit Everything”

Erasure – “Take A Chance On Me”

The Church – “No Explanation”

Neon – “Dark Age”

36 Devils

Emilie Autumn – “Hell Is Empty/ We Want Them Young”

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

Faith & The Muse – Dream of Macsen

Gene Moore – Footsteps / Isolation

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Voodoo Dolly

Wreckage – Come The Night


Phantom of The Black Hills – Scratchin’ At My Door

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Ghost of Stephen Foster

35 Before The Sunrise

35 Before The Sunrise

Nine Inch Nails – “Sin”

Midnight Configuration – “Decline and Fall”

Lebanon Hanover – “Cadaverously Quaint”

Crisis – “Captain Howdy”

Faith & The Muse – “Through The Pale Door”

Lydia Lunch & Clint Ruin – “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

Dr. Steel – “Bikinigram From Satan”

Nekromantix – “Where Do Monsters Go”

Creature Feature – “A Corpse In My Bed”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Black Crow king”

Night Shift 29



Tom VandenAvond – “Ha Ha This Way”

Peculiar Pretzelmen – “Going To Jericho”

Dusty Trails f/ Emmylou Harris – “Order Coffee”

The Scarring Party – “Biondetta”

Humanwine – “Death Wish For The Imposter”

Kim Boekbinder – “Gypsy”

Alice Cooper – “Last Man On Earth”

Groucho & Zeppo Marx -“I’m Against It”

Frenchy & The Punk – “Dark Carnivale”

Paul Roland – “The Poets and The Painters”

Calexico – “Sideshow”

THAT Damned Band – “Hook, Line, and Sinker”

Laura Stevenson & THe Cans – “I See Dark”

World Class Thugs – “Blue Day”



The Montesas – “Midnight Beat”

Neurosis & Jarboe – “Erase”

The Southern Death Cult – “False Faces”

Love & Rockets – “Mirror People”

Throbbing Gristle – “What A Day”

The Phantom Chords – “Born To Be Wicked”

Useless Eaters – “Black Night Ultraviolet”

Rasputina – “1816, The Year Without A Summer”

The Damned = “Nature’s Dark Passion”

Archbishop Jason Polland – “Charles B. GOes To Hell”

The Faint – “Cars Pass in Cold Blood”

Aria – “A Breed of Spite”

Propaganda – “Dr. Mabuse”

The Limit Club – “I Hope You Hurt”