15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part III: Cathead!



15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part III: Cathead!

This show did not start out as an opportunity for Cathead to reform.  Let’s make that abundantly clear up front.  This was never the intention, nor the desire from the start.  However, as several of us began to realize that we would be in the same room together, it wasn’t long before WANC Records contacted us about a “Contractual Obligation Performance” required at the 20 year mark of our first forming.  We hemmed and hawed, and really tried to resist, but in the end it was apparent: Cathead would take the stage again.

Day 1

Day 1

Cathead was never about being fantastic performers, or even about having songs or music, per se.  Our avant-punk stylings were more about a sort of abstract performance art, a sort of loaf-core-taken-to-the-next-level band, where all of our most terrible, awful, and despicable ideas were funneled into one band.  We had a rule in Cathead: when you say, “I have a really bad idea,” no other band member can refuse the suggestion, and pretty soon it wasn’t hard to get behind a one-off reunion.

This hadn’t been the first time the idea came up.  In 2006, the idea of a reunion came up, and we even went so far as to write two new songs, which both appear in this performance, in addition to a sort of “tour” through Cathead’s catalog, focusing on the songs we wrote with Syd Louse.  (Die-hard Cathead fans will remember that there was a later incarnation, minus Syd.  However, we could not locate Scratchy The Raving Derelict for this performance, and thus decided to drop our later-period songs.)  In typical Cathead fashion, we practiced once before this show.

I would like to thank Duckfuzz – yet again – for completely failing to open for us.

In a way, the show was exactly like old Cathead shows, with the added exceptions that we were drinking, something we would have never added to our chemical compositions back in the day, and we actually sounded a little better than we ever did back then.  This is probably going to be the final statement of this particular brand of expression, only because some of us may not make it to the 50 Year reunion outlined in our awful contract with WANC.

Included are a few shots from the audience.

Thanks again for letting me put a quarter in the ride, and enjoying one last march across the stage.

MyFacester+ Photo Album



Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L

Inter-World Airlines

Inter-World Airlines

Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L (20 January 1999 Retrocast)
(Featuring a retrocast of a program from 20 January 1999, as part of our 14th Anniversary Explosion!)

Join us for a special 14th Anniversary Retrocast of a program from 1999, where we present the fascinating audio-drama that dares to create, “…a dramatic comparison to death.”  Presented in this episode: three quarters of the original broadcast (recreated from cassette recordings and partial playlists that have survived into the modern era), PLUS!: A brand new A Minute With The Pope, a feature that comes and goes with the whims of The Pope Himself, and a confused phone call from DJ Really Sloppy, who has recently become unstuck in time and seems to be having trouble figuring out exactly what that means for a person as confused as him.  Plus a couple of Phantom Surfers tracks for good measure.

As you can tell from this show – which approximates what it was like to hear us when we first started – our murky origins have many of the elements that came to dominate our format now.  I knew I wanted to play music I liked, and as a huge Over The Edge fan, I knew I wanted to do some form of re-mix on the air.  But as a novice, just getting started, my first forays into this realm were not as skilled as they have become.  That’s not to say that they were bad, but that they were of an amateur level.  The ideas were in place, but the execution was not what it would become.

I remember finding a copy of this record – one that I had heard sampled and began to wonder exactly what it could be – and knew instantly that sooner or later it would appear on the show.  In what form, I wasn’t quite sure.  But one night I showed up to do the program solo, noticed that I had packed it along with a bunch of other stuff, and it was then that I went to work.  The results – or, at least, most of them – are audible in the show you’re hearing today.

Note: If anyone can identify the Satan’s Pilgrim’s song included in this playlist, please let me know.  Thanks!

See you in seven.

Flight F-I-N-A-L Playlist

Part I: “One Of The Passengers Appears To Be Singing…”

01.) Holiday Harbor * The Phantom Surfers * The Great Surf Crash of ’97
02.) Revenge * Black Flag *
03.) Land Of Treason * Germs * (MIA) * Slash Records
04.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part I *
05.) Be Good (The Frumpies) *
06.) All My Drugs * Royal Grand Prix *  High Performance
07.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part II *
08.) Pacific Coast Highway * Sonic Youth * Sister
09.) Embarrassed Teen Accidentally Uses Valuable Rare Postage Stamp * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo * Strange But True
10.) High School Witch * The’s * The’s
11.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part III *
12.) Indication * The Rondelles * Fiction Romance, Fast Machines * Smells Like Records
13.) I’m Gonna Make Him Mine (Tonight) * The Donnas * The Donnas

Part II: “Inter-World Airlines, Flight FINAL.”

14.) Know It Alls * The Fartz * Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks * Alternative Tentacles Records
15.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part IV *
16.) The End Of A Skater * The Phantom Surfers featuring Davie Allen * Skaterhater * Lookout! Records
17.) ?? (Satan’s Pilgrims) *
18.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part V *
19.) Brother Rat / What Slayde Says * NOMEANSNO * The Day Everything Became Nothing * Alternative Tentacles Records
20.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part VI *
21.) Here’s To The Losers * Frank Sinatra * Softly As I Leave You * Universal Records

Part III: DJ Really Sloppy Calls In!

22.) Out Of The Window * The Phantom Surfers * The Great Surf Crash of ’97

DJ Really Sloppy, who has become unstuck in time, calls into the show from a darkened room containing a cat, and is not entirely sure what name he knows me by, or what time he is currently a part of.  Thinking it is 1999, the time period of my show, he briefly flirts with changing the time stream, then gets confused.

Part IV: “I Am Your Captain, The Lord Jesus Christ.”

22.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part VII
23.) Here Comes The Martian Martians * Jonathan Richman * The Beserkley Years: The Best Of Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers * Rhino Records
24.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part VIII *
25.) The Old Man Blues * Cathead * Greatest sHits * Self-Released
26.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part IX
27.) Title Track * King Missile * Mystical Shit * Shimmy-Disc Records
28.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part X
29.) Mongoloid * Devo * Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! * Warner Bros. Records
30.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XI *
31.) Don’t Know What I Am * The Wipers * Is This Real?
32.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XII
33.) Old Queen Cole * Ween * God Ween Satan: The Oneness

A Minute With The Pope 06: Bob Is Dead All That’s Left Is Earl * The Pope * Recorded on a Handheld Cassette Recorder & an iPhone.

Part V: The Gate Of Death

34.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XIII *
35.) Bleach Boys * The Dead Milkmen * Beelzebubba * Enigma Records
36.) Lousy Weekend * Daniel Johnston * Fun * Atlantic Records
37.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XIV *
38.) Pie * KARP * Suplex * Kill Rock Stars Records
39.) Cowboy Love * The Reverand Horton Heat * Holy Roller * Sub Pop Records
40.) Flight F-I-N-A-L Part XV *
41.) The Halo Benders * The Halo Benders * Don’t Tell Me Now * K Records
42.) Hair * Adickdid * Stars Kill Rock
43.) Brainwashed * The Crabs * Brainwashed * K Records
44.) Reason To Live * The Oblivians * Soul Food * Crypt Records

Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!

Happy 14th!

Happy 14th!

Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!

As the 14th Anniversary of our first broadcast was on Sunday, today’s show is a retrocast of selections and samples from our earliest recorded programs from or KWVA years.  In the late ’90’s, College Radio (the kind of radio I prefer) was a very different place.  We had different technology, and a different approach to what qualified as entertainment.  Fortunately, the glory of cassette tapes has maintained a way for us to capture these broadcasts and re-present them to you here, and now.

However, there is a slightly sinister element to this episode, too.  In somewhat of a sequel to “It Looks Like Thousands Of Stars” (and episode from 18 July 2007), I accidentally encounter a space / time anomaly, where I encounter none other that DJ Really Sloppy, who has also become unstuck in time.  As I continue to experience the sounds of past radio programs, I hope that by listening to them may offer me a chance to return home afterward.  Will I?  Tune in and find out!

This episode was a lot of fun.  While the official archive of our programs does not include every show we aired (or, even, complete shows), we do have a number of recordings of the shows from our KWVA incarnation.  Digging through that archive – now digital, thank Earl – allowed me to pick some of the more well known moments captured on tape.  As you can tell, I was heavily influenced by Negativland’s “Over The Edge” program, and you’ll find that these mixes and whatnot are but the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what the show really was like.

Having done a lot of preliminary editing, there will be more “best of” programs as I sort and organize the material.  But this is a show I’ve been wanting to do since 2004, and only now do I have the technology to really bring it to you the way I was hoping I could.

Along with this show, we’ve also released a new podcast feed, entitled “14th Anniversary,” that we suggest as a compliment to this program.    It contains a number of programs that illustrate more of the kind of program this show was like in the early years, as well as some other anniversary broadcasts, including: an interview with Exene Cervenka, two programs featuring Holden Craft’s appearances on this show, and the surviving audio from our very first program on 15 April 1998.  It’s all part of the anniversary fun.

I hope you enjoy these strange and twisted audio creations I made during my radio show really late at night in Eugene during the late ’90’s after I would get fully loaded at the bar and broadcast on FM Radio.  They were as much fun to make as they are to describe.

See you in seven!


Part I: Two Turntables, To CD Players, And A Microphone

01.) Man… Or Astro-Man? Intro * 21 April 1999 * KWVA Radio
02.) Have A Cigar Re-Mix * 05 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
03.) Back In The Days Of Canadian Sport Fishing w/ The Ramen City Kid * 08 July 1998 * KWVA Radio
04.) Dub Narcotic Sound Re-Mix * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
05.) Beastie Boys “License To Ill” Backwards * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
06.) Excuse Me Put Pardon My Re-Mix * 19 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
07.) Grateful Dead Backwards * 14 April 1999 * KWVA Radio

Part II: Backwards sdrawkcaB

08.) April Stevens, The Weathergirl * 14 April 1999 * KWVA Radio
09.) The Sound Effects of Vince Guarldi * 30 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
10.) A Minute With The Pope * 13 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
11.) Nirvana “Incesticide” Backwards * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
12.) Butthole Surfers Re-Mix * 19 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
13.) Mertz Commercial * 29 April 1998 * KWVA Radio
14.) Henry Rollins, Frankie Carle and Walter Carlos Get A Drink Late At Night * 27 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
15.) Praise The Lord Jesus * 28 April 1999 * KWVA Radio

Part III: “Face” b/w “The Cremation Of Sam McGee.”

16.) School Cancelations * 10 February 1999 * KWVA Radio
17.) Face Re-Mix * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
18.) The Cremation Of Sam McGee * 23 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
19.) The Sound Effects Of White Christmas * 23 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
20.) The Passing Of Dick Clark w/ Holden Craft & The Pope * 13 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
21.) Hovercraft Outro * 27 May 1998 * KWVA Radio

Episode 161: A Eugene Celebration

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Episode 161: The Grumpy Punk Presents: A Eugene Celebration

I lived in Eugene from 1994 until the year 2000, when I moved to Portland. In that time I was in one band, wrote a fistful of ‘zines, and drank beer with my friends. I also listened to a lot of music. In this show, I make a solid effort to feature a much of the great music that Eugene has had to offer over the years. A lot of amazing bands came out of the Eugene scene, many of which are still playing and performing. While the years that I lived there were only a small slice of the history of this town, I’ve expanded the content of this show to include a number of bands that I’ve discovered since I moved away. It’s a veritable cornucopia of music that sets the context for life in this unusual town.

A show like this could not have been done without help, and I want to thank two websites that really made this show possible. Panic On 13th is an excellent music blog that features releases by a number of Eugene bands. This site is fantastic, and all the links lead to amazing discoveries that I’m still sorting through. I cannot recommend this site enough. While I still had a number of my own contributions that I could donate to this show, this site really made it possible. Give them the love and respect they really deserve.

I would also like to thank the Icky’s Teahouse Online Music Library. While I only used a few selections that I got from this site, I should point out that they do host recordings by my old band, Cathead, but recordings by a number of other bands that I was really fond of, and I can already sense a few sequels in the works. This site really draws attention to bands that had little more than a cassette release, and it’s great to find a way to hear this music again.

In addition to these sites, there are a few people without which I wouldn’t have the interest in this music that I do. Isosceles Diego (also known as The Ramen City Kid) is not only an important friend who introduced me to a number of amazing bands, local and otherwise. He was the brain behind the fantastic ‘zine, Ramen City USA, which I used as a guide on more than one occasion.

Syd Louse and kissu d’salyss were two people I met when I started taking classes at LCC. Meeting them, and their group of friends, has established a core group of friends that I still know to this day. They also played in Cathead with me, and both continue to play music to this day.

There are also a number of people that influenced my life in a big way, and only a few were mentioned in the show. Hopefully, as I continue this series I will manage to credit everyone who deserves it. Until then, a very special thank you to: Chris Brooks, Jesse Ransom, Lyra Cyst, Brian who is called Brian, the folks that lived at The Blitzhaus & The 19th St. House, the staff at House of Records, Green Noise & Happy Trails, all the members of all the bands, and anyone else we knew back in the day. You guys are all incredible.

Full disclosure: this show is not going to encompass the entire Eugene scene. There are just too many bands. I went from a five hour show to this slim production you hear now, and left at least 30 other bands off the playlist. But the subject of this show has really gotten me excited, so I’m already planning parts two and three. If you were in a band in Eugene at any time, and would like to submit your music for future episodes, please contact me at blasphuphmus [is-at] gmail [ditty-dot] com. I would be more than happy to include your band, too.

And, for that matter, if you were in any of these bands, and you like to comment on your participations in them (or, happened to live in Eugene at any time, and has some memories they would like to share on a future show), you can reach us on Skype at: blasphuphmus. Feel free to leave a message, and it will end up in a future episode. There are a million good stories about bands in Eugene, and there is no way that I know them all. I would love to hear your side of the story.

This show is really near and dear to my heart, and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Stay tuned next week, as I’ll be bringing you our 14th Anniversary show, where I’ll be digging up clips of my airchecks from the earliest days of this program, when I was on KWVA in Eugene, Oregon. This should prove to be… interesting.

See you in seven.

The Grumpy Punk Presents: A Eugene Celebration


01.) Eugene, OR * The Varicoasters
02.) Theme * Los Mex Pistols * KWVA Radio

Part I: Got To Get Right Out

03.) Freedom Attack * Attack and the Fun * Freedom Attack 7″
04.) One Step Closer * The Undertakers * Slaughter on 13th Street
05.) Jesus 4 Sale The Treatment * Pollen Count
06.) Sometimes * The Black Dahlias * Slaughter on 13th Street

Part II: We Are Angry And We Have Guitars!

07.) Salt Pepper Ketchup Flavor * 200 Yang * Hot Taste
08.) Track 02 * 200 Yang * Free Samples
09.) Humor Demons * E-13 * No Mercy For Swine EP
10.) Welcome To The Truth * Artless Motives * Everything But The Kitchen Sink
11.) My Own Way * The Redundants * I Hate The Redundants
12.) Weekend Christian * Piglet * Not Ralphing At Your First Keg Party
13.) I Am Undecided (SOPA) * /root_DIR
14.) Apathetic Media Slave * Young Death
15.) Idiot * Cathead * The Album
16.) 49er Stomp * 9th Life

Part III: Anxious

17.) Another Journey By Bus * Johnson Unit * Panic On 13th
18.) Keep Steady * Readymen * Restless
19.) Attraction / Distraction * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals
20.) Alien Girl * The Crabs * Alien Girl EP
21.) Teenage Chainsmokers * The Wristrockets! * Humans Are Stoopid
22.) When I Was * Redmond Shooting Stars * Down In Front: Outtakes + Unreleased 24 Songs
23.) Jungle Law * Thee Headhunters * Jungle Law EP
24.) Pretty Girls * Billy Jack * Wrestling The Bald-Headed Champ

Part IV: A Short Narrative About Surviving

25.) Short Narrative * Snakepit * Panic On 13th
26.) Be In A Country Band w/ Me * Honey Vizer * I Wish We Could Go To The Moon
27.) Guns-Guitars-n-VCR’s * Holy Rodent * Pollen Count
28.) Track 14 * 200 Yang * Free Samples
29.) Tour of Eugene * Zombie Toolshed * Positively 13th
30.) Look At The Girls * Moose Lodge * New World Babies
31.) Decay * Snakepit * Positively 13th
32.) Self Destruction * Johnson Unit * The Triangular Effect
33.) Preyed Upon * Oswald Five-O * Pollen Count
34.) Animal Box * Robert Christie * The Way of Things
35.) Flatland Radio * The Flatlanders * Flatland Radio
36.) Amazing Grace * 13th Ave. Parking Lot Choir * The Way of Things

Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III

Traveling Through Time Part III

Traveling Through Time Part III

Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III

Time Travel has always been my favorite Sci-Fi subject, and I’ve toyed with the subject myself on this very program a few times before.  But it is not always a subject that easily translates to music.  For some reason, there are just not that many songs about the Grandfather Paradox.  Nonetheless, myself and DJ Really Sloppy made a bonafide effort to piece together a short musical tribute to some of the artists that have tackled the subject.  Abstractly at times, yes.  But you know how it goes.

This episode also marks the introduction of our new studio!  Soylent Green Is People Studios has undergone some improvements in the last week, and we’re happy to report that the show now sounds… well, like a radio program.  I appreciate the patience that listeners have shows in the last several weeks as we’ve recorded in some less-than-stellar enviorns, and your reward will come in the form of bigger, better, and more impressive sounding shows.  I’ve got a slew of new ideas that will be coming your way in the coming weeks, and now we have a good place to create it all from.  If you’ve dug what I’ve done in the past, then you know that what’s to come will be right up your ally.

I want to give a special shout out to kiisu d’salyss, who performed much of the backing music that is throughout this episode.  kiisu and I have been friends for years, and he’s appeared on this show in a few of the different bands that he’s been in, and as a solo artist.  For the music in this particular episode, the music was performed on a Kitara, a computer / keytar / guitar hybrid, manufactured by Misa Digital.  I’m hoping to incorporate more of his performances with this instrument in future episodes, and I really want to thank him for his willingness to join the madness that is our show.  If you hear something that sounds spacey in this show, it’s him.

This one is short and sweet, just the way these shows used to be.  I’m still trying to pin down exactly how long this show is going to be, now that I have the freedom to go as long as I want.  For the time being, I’m going to say that I’ll go anywhere between an hour or two, depending on my mood and the theme.  But I do have some ideas for some longer programs in the future, so we shall see.

See you in seven.

Traveling Through Time Part III


01.) Is Time Travel Possible? * Michio Kaku * YouTube.com
02.) Kitara Composition [Excerpt I] * kissu  d’salyss * Blasphuphmus Radio
03.) Time * The Heartaches * Too Cool For School

Segment One: How To Travel Through Time

04.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt I] * Lost University * YouTube.com
05.) Kitara Composition [Excerpt II] * kissu  d’salyss * Blasphuphmus Radio
06.) Slide Machine * 13th Floor Elevators * Easter Everywhere
07.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt II] * Lost University * YouTube.com
08.) Kitara Composition [Excerpt III] * kissu  d’salyss * Blasphuphmus Radio
09.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt III] * Lost University * YouTube.com
10.) Time Has Come Today * The Ramones * Subterranean Jungle

Segment Two: Let’s Go Back In Time

Thrift Store 31 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Salem Oregon
A Minute With The Pope 04: On Tuesdays * The Pope * Recorded Entirely On An iPhone.

11.) The Conversation We’re Having Right Now * Hurley & Miles * Lost * ABC Television

Segment Three: The ADD Minute And A… w/ DJ Really Sloppy

DJ Really Sloppy and I discuss the Time Travel App he installed on his iPod, and his experiences watching the LACMA Rock get moved, experiencing the awful fashion of the mid ’60’s via Mad Men, and his impressions of the new Nicki Minaj single, and then really becomes unstuck in time.  Again.

Segment Four: Some Kind Of Parallel Universe

12.) Time Flies By * Quasi * Early Recordings * Touch & Go 1996
13.) “My name is Peabody.” * Mr. Peabody * Jay Ward
14.) Time (Live) * Clifford Brown & Max Roach * At Basin Street * Verve 1956
15.) Time Machine * Grand Funk Railroad * Capitol Collectors Series * Capitol 1969
16.) “I never look back.” * The Incredibles * Pixar 2004
17.) She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) * The Judybats * Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson * Sire/Warner Bros. 1990
18.) “Some kind of parallel universe?” * Chris in the Morning * Northern Exposure * Universal
19.) Time Theory 11:11 * Miss Murgatroid * Through Alien Empires * Japan Overseas 1995
20.) “Don’t touch it!” * Time Bandits * HandMade Films / Janus Films 1981

Downtown Traffic 31 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Salem Oregon Traffic

Segment Five: Time (Slowly) Marches On

21.) Slow Down Time * Sky Cries Mary * This Timeless Turning * World Domination Music Group 1994

Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur

Gun For Dinosaur

Gun For Dinosaur

Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur

In the ’50’s, amid the din and clatter that was dramatic theater on the radio, the show that blew almost all the others away was undoubtedly X Minus One.  They had an amazing crew of writers who went on to do a number of outstanding things, among them Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and Frederik Pohl, just to name a few.  It was the kind of show that could not be missed, and is a big influence on my entire aesthetic.

As part of our Traveling Through Time series, we present A Gun For Dinosaur, writeen by L. Sprague de Camp, originally broadcast on NBC on 7 March 1956.  I’m proud of this audio essay, which also includes The ADD Minute And A … with DJ Really Sloppy weighing in on the subject of the Geek & Sundry launch at Wonder Con.  And, of course, we have A Minute With The Pope, recorded entirely on his iPhone.  I like to think we attempt to deliver a new interpretation of those fantastic radio stories.  With music.

As DJ Really Sloppy seems to have become Unstuck In Time, next week will mostly likely continue our Traveling Through Time series.  Will he survive his experience unscathed?  Tune in next week, to find out.

See you in seven

A Gun For Dinosaur


01.) Vanishing of Time * The Vivian Girls * Share The Joy
02.) Live Performance * Mortal Engines * Blasphuphmus Radio * 11 April 2009

Segment One: A Gun For Dinosaur Part I

03.) Have Another Drink * MX-80 * Alway’s Leave ‘Em Wanting Less * Atavistic Records
04.) Tell ‘Em * Sleigh Bells * Treats
05.) Headhunter * Thee Headhunters * Jungle Law EP

Wedding 25 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

Segment Two: A Gun For Dinosaur Part II
06.) The Small Stuff * The Dismemberment Plan * !
07.) Open Up Your Door * Richard & The Young Lions
08.) Raw Meat * The Black Lips * Arabia Mountain

Dinner Cooking 08 February 2012 * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

Segment Three: A Gun For Dinosaur Part III

09.) How Long Do I Have To Wait For You? * Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings * Naturally
10.) Where Did He Go? * The Briefs * Hit After Hit
11.) I Don’t See You * Camper Van Beethoven * Telephone Free Landslide Victory
12.) Dinosaur Rock * Narthex * Duo-Phonic Sounds System: 1980 – 1983

Segment Four: The ADD Minute And A .. w/ DJ Really Sloppy

DJ Really Sloppy and I discuss the launch of Geek And Sundry that he attended while he was at Wonder Con, then he accidentally becomes Unstuck In Time after talking about Wil Wheaton.

13.) Museum 1 * 6955 * Nintendo Museum EP

Segment Five: A Gun For Dinosaur Part IV

16.) Bad News * The Trashmen * Tube City!  The Best of The Trashmen
17.) All Tied Up * The Shakers * Teenline Vol. 3
18.) Paid In Cigarettes * Hot Snakes * Suicide Invoice

A Minute With The Pope 03: Computer Fight * The Pope * Recorded Entirely On An iPhone.

Segment Six: A Gun For Dinosaur Part V
20.) Prevenge * The Might Be Giants * The Spine
21.) Tell Me When It’s Over * The Dream Syndicate * The Days Of Wine & Roses
22.) No Doubt About It * The Wipers * Follow Blind

Episode 157: Talk Talk

How Did I Miss Sean Boniwell's Death In December?  Yikes!

How Did I Miss Sean Boniwell’s Death In December? Yikes!

Episode 157: Talk Talk

Topics Included:

The Music Machine & Sean Boniwell’s passing a few months ago, Cambodian Rocks!, Not in the FER Studios this week because Greg & Sarah were sick, Loosing An Hour, SxSW, Music Break, Paco Jones & The Infernal Connundrum or TiC (from Malaysia!), The Sounds of Portland Oregon, Moebius dead at 73, Peter Bergman dead at 72, An Ad For Rush Limbaugh, DJ JustanotherDJ is now DJ Really Sloppy, and his Segment is now called The ADD Minute And A H… Did I tell you this one is about the show Community?, Music Break, The Sounds of Portland Oregon, & Community Service Day 1.

This week, I’m flying solo, and in my home studio in Historic St. John’s as Greg & Sarah were both sick.  So it goes.  This seems to have been another installment of “The People Who Died,” in that I talk about three different deaths, all by people who were amazing.  Hopefully, you find them amazing, too.  Tune in Next Week for an interview with Miss Rikki of Closet Radio, among other things. Thanks for listening!

Talk Talk:

Opening Theme * Paco Jones & Austin Rich

Segment 1: Austin Rich, Curator of Taste

Talk Talk * The Music Machine * Original Sound Records * Released 1966 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Music_Machine)
Cambodian Rocks! * Parallel World Records * 1996 (http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2007/12/cambodian-rocks.html)

Loosing An Hour

(Not Going To) SxSW

A Minute With The Pope 02: What You Think * The Pope * Recorded Entirely On An iPhone.

Segment 2: Starting Over Leftovers

01.) New Dreams * Naked Raygun * All Rise
02.) New Direction * The Black Lips * Arabia Mountain
03.) New Rose * The Damned * Damned Damned Damned
04.) Begin The Beguine * Esquivel * Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
05.) Window * Paco Jones & The Infernal Conundrum aka TiC (http://soundcloud.com/ticnoise)

Bus Stop In The Rain 09 February 2012 * The Sounds of Portland Oregon

Segment 3: The Grumpy Punk vs. The Music Nerd.

Moebius (Jean Giraud) dies at age 73 after a long battle with Cancer.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Giraud)
01.) Tower Music / Let Us Pray * Wendy Carlos / The London Philharmonic Orchestra * Tron Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
02.) Miracle And Magician * Wendy Carlos / The London Philharmonic Orchestra * Tron Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Peter Bergman dies at age 72 due to complications from Leukemia treatment.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Bergman_(comedian))
01.) Ralph Spoilport’s Going Out of Body Sale * The Firesign Theatre * Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death
02.) The News Drought Continues * The Firesign Theatre * Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

Advertising For Rush Limbaugh
01.) Sledgehammer * Peter Gabrial
02.) Halloween Theme * John Carpenter

The ADD Minute And A … w/ DJ Really Sloppy.  “Community.
01.) Short Attention Span * Fizzy Bangers * Short Music For Short People
01.) Spanish Key * Miles Davis * Bitches Brew
02.) Excerpts from “Allison Brie & Danny Pudi in ‘Too Many Feet’ ” & Selected Episodes of “Community.”

Segment 4: DJ Really Sloppy’s Set

01.) At Least It Was Here * The 88 * Community Soundtrack * 2011
02.) Dark Matter * Björk * Biophilia * 2011
03.) Coffins * Explode Into Colors * Quilts * 2010
04.) Glass * Joy Division * Substance 1977-1980 * 1978
05.) “Yay! We’re doomed!” * Gir * Invader Zim * 2001
06.) Cold Turkey * John Lennon * The John Lennon Collection * 1969
07.) “Nice party…” * Kaylie * Firefly * 2002
08.) Movement * LCD Soundsystem * LCD Soundsystem [Disc 1] * 2005

Cascade Mall 26 February 2012 * The Sounds of Portland Oregon

Segment 5: Odds & Sods

Community Service Day 1: Like Pulling Nails From A Board * Austin Rich & Ornette Coleman

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts [Excerpt] * X

Thanks For Listening!

Episode 156: Starting Over (Again)



Episode 156: Starting Over (Again)
(Our very first episode on FunemploymentRadio.com, with special guests, my new bosses Greg Nibler & Sarah X. Dylan!)

Welcome to a new era for Blasphuphmus Radio.  I wrapped up my first show in the Funemployment Radio studios, and man it was a blast!  I can already tell that I am really going to enjoy the new possibilities that this show is going to offer.  Already, I’m impressed with what I put together for today.

There are a number of new segments.  Now that I have installed myself in the Lava Lamp Lounge (beneath the Funemployment Radio studios here in Portland, Oregon), I have been able to put together a number of new and fun segments for the show.  We have A Minute With The Pope, featuring audio oddities that are sent to me by The Pope of The Church Of Blasphuphmus.   We have The Sounds Of Portland Oregon, featuring field recordings of the sounds that surround us.  We have the first installment of my Community Service series of audio journals I kept when I served my time in February.  We also have a conversation between myself and DJ JustanotherDJ about the as-yet-untitled segment that he will be hosting from week to week.  Oh, and we even have a bunch of music.  It’s a taste of what this show is going to become as we make ourselves comfortable in the Lava Lamp Lounge.

Special thanks goes out to Paco Jones for writing the new theme music for the show, my wonderful (and understanding) girlfriend, and Greg and Sarah for helping me get this thing off the ground.  I had a lot of fun, and I know it’s only going to get better.

See you in seven!

Starting Over (Again):

Opening Theme * Paco Jones & Austin Rich

Segment 1: Austin Rich, Curator of Taste w/ Greg Nibler & Sarah X. Dylan

Don’t Let’s Start * They Might Be Giants * They Might Be Giants * Restless / Bar/None Records * Released 04 November 1986
Rites of Spring * Dischord Records * June, 1985

A Minute With The Pope 01: Enterprise * The Pope * Recorded Entirely On An iPhone.

Segment 2: Starting Over Again Part I

01.) My Life Is Starting Over * Daniel Johnston * Artistic Vice
02.) Start Wearing Purple * Gogol Bordello * Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike
03.) Start! * The Jam
04.) Start To Move * Wire * Pink Flag
05.) Cartoon Beginning * Eat Skull * Sick To Death
06.) Formed A Band * Art Brut

Pool Hall 01 March 2012 * The Sounds of Portland Oregon

Segment 3: The Grumpy Punk vs. The Music Nerd.

The Agenda * Start The Panic *

Davey Jones: 30 December 1945 – 29 February 2012

Davey Jones: 30 December 1945 – 29 February 2012

Davey Jones of The Monkees died on Lead Day 2012.
01.) Theme From The Monkees * The Monkees
02.) Hey Hey, We Are The Monkees * The Monkees * Head Soundtrack
03.) I’m A Believer * The Monkees * “I’m A Believer” b/w “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”
04.) The Porpoise Song * The Monkees * Head Soundtrack

Fair Use?: I Don’t Agree With Your Politics, So You Can’t Listen To Good Music.

01.) Eye Of The Tiger * Survivor
02.) Wavin’ Flag * K’naan
03.) Fuck The Motherfuckin’ President * Witchy Poo * A Slice Of Lemon * K / Kill Rock Stars Records

Guyve * Delaying The Inevitable * Self-Released (Official Release Party at Cloud 9 on 24 March 2012 in Corvallis, OR w/ T.O.A.S.T & Nasalrod.)

01.) Buffalohump * Guyve * Live Straight Outta KPSU 06/27/2009
02.) Habla Nada! * Guyve *  Live Straight Outta KPSU 06/27/2009

Wizard Rifle * Speak Loud And Say Nothing * Invisible Oranges Records (Out 13 March 2012).

Tears Won’t Soften Steel * Wizard Rifle * Speak Loud Say Nothing

Woody Allen’s Fall Project * DJ JustanotherDJ & Austin Rich.  A brief conversation about his new segment for the show.

Swami * The Monkees * Head Soundtrack

Gresham (Rainy) 02 March 2012 * The Sounds of Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Segment 4: Starting Over Again Part II

01.) Waste Of Time * The Fastbacks * Answer The Phone, Dummy
02.) Comeback Kid * Sleigh Bells
03.) New Orthophony * Stereolab * Aluminum Tunes
04.) The Beginning * The Collectors * Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 60’s Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals But Were Afraid To Ask

Segment 5: Odds & Sods

Construction Site (Valentie’s Day 2012) * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

The Ex * Starter & Alternators

Community Service: Getting The Ticket.  Produced by Austin Rich (with music by Santiago Latorre) at Soylent Green Is People Studios.

The MAX 02 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

Episode 034: The Pope Comes To Visit, Has Some Tea, Brings His Assistant Michelle, And Then Goes Home.

The Pope & Austin Rich, circa 1995

The Pope & Austin Rich, circa 1995

Episode 034: The Pope Comes To Visit, Has Some Tea, Brings His Assistant Michelle, And Then Goes Home.
(Wherein kiisu d’salyss, The Pope of The Church of Blasphuphmus (Not Jesus), drops by with Michelle to play a bunch of music they love.)

Very rarely have I done shows that were over two hours long, so this week was quite a surprise for everyone. First, the listeners, who got a three hour version of a 60 minute show. Then, for myself, who had THE POPE of the Church of Blasphuphmus (featured to the right, with myself, in our old Cathead days) show up to join him for 2 1/2 of those three hours. And finally, the space time continuum was rocked as I retrocasted a show, the premise of which was about the past intersecting with the present and the future as it itself was already retrocasting material from a similar show. Confused? Well, you soon won’t be.

Neutered Prunes & The Black Noise Orchestra, LIVE!

Neutered Prunes & The Black Noise Orchestra (KPSU Phase I Episode 112)

kiisu d’salyss was once a member of the band Cathead with yours truly, is the brain child behind the oddball entity Neutered Prunes, and additionally plays guitar in the well loved local group Empty Room.

He is also, in addition to being a local musician, THE POPE of The Church of Blasphuphmus, the faith we’re both intensely immersed in.

This evening, kiisu and I go through all sorts of shenanigans, including playing some tunes we enjoy, listening to a rare performance by Neutered Prunes, and then performing two improvised songs of our own under the guise of The Black Noise Orchestra. This is the first time we’ve performed publicly in almost 10 years, so this is one for the history books.


(At this period, the show was on from 9 P.M. – 10 P.M.)


01.) La Cucaracha (Long Version) * Eastside Connection * La Cucaracha 12″
02.) By The Mark * Danava * Invaders

03.) Hank * Neutered Prunes * Performed Live
04.) (piece 1) * The Black Noise Orchestra * Performed Live
05.) (piece 2) * The Black Noise Orchestra * Performed Live On

06.) Buffalo Gas Works * The Hataway Family Plot * MySpace

KPSU Playlist

Empty Room, LIVE!

Empty Room

Empty Room

Empty Room, LIVE! (Live Friday 018)

Empty Room is a unique blend of post-punk and new wave with an up-to-date sensibility. With only had a small number of live performances to show off their skills, the few they’ve done have been testaments to their ability and skill as performers. Their first EP, “Silence,” has upheld the promise of these performances: a solid and sophisticated release, pleasing yet challenging all at once.

The Pope Pays A Visit

He's Opening The Door To The Studio...

He’s Opening The Door To The Studio…

The Pope Pays A Visit (KWVA Episode 040)

At this time, our show was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.

The Pope Pays A Visit

01.) ?? (The Frumpies)
02.) ?? (Unwound)
03.) ?? (Yo La Tengo)
04.) Down At The Drive-In (The Donnas)
05.) ?? (Royal Grand Prix)
06.) ?? (The Fartz)
07.) ?? (Satan’s Pilgrims)
08.) ?? (The Phantom Surfers)
09.) Crochet (Julie Ruin)
10.) Suicidal Failure (Suicidal Tendencies)
11.) ?? (Belle & Sebastian)
12.) He’s Outta Sight (The Rondelles)
13.) The Muppet Show Theme
14.) Chewie The Rookie Wookie (The Rebel Force Band)
15.) Secret Agent Man (The Plugz)
16.) Nan (Ween)
17.) Yellow, Black And Rectangular (Negativland)
18.) ?? (??)
19.) Barefootin’ At Yer Own Risk (Cathead)
20.) Love Theme From Kiss (Kiss)
21.) World War III Is A Giant Ice Cream Cone (King Missile [Dog Fly Religion])
22.) Save The Children (Sam & Joe)
23.) After School Special (Mr. Bungle)
24.) Do You Think I’m Sexy (Revolting Cocks)
25.) Laughing Polka (Lawrence Welk)
26.) ?? (Gert Wilden & His Orchestra)
27.) The Sounds Of Science (Beastie Boys)
28.) See You At Lakefair (KARP)
29.) Martin Scorsese (King Missile)
30.) Seether (Veruca Salt)