The Stuff That Myths Are Built On

Just How I Like It: No One Around

Just How I Like It: No One Around

The Stuff That Myths Are Built On
(For this show, we throw our listeners to the wolves.)

The subject of loneliness and being alone came up when I was selecting records for this show, and a jazzy, moody theme quickly began to develop, which Miss Rikki ran with.

We also interview Kevin McCallister, PHD in Social Sciences, who emphasizes students of people who are at Home, Alone.

Then, we throw you to the wolves.



The Stuff That Myths Are Built On

Part I: 18 Months & Two Weeks

01.) The Wolf You Never Knew [Excerpts] * Robert Redford * The Language and Music of The Wolves
02.) Blue Monk * The Thelonious Monk Quartet And Pee Wee Russell * Miles & Monk At Newport
03.) Word Salad * Miss Rikki
04.) Straight, No Chaser * The Miles Davis Sextet featuring Julian “Cannonball” Adderley * Miles & Monk At Newport
05.) Movie Excerpt

Part II: Kevin McCallister, PHD in Social Sciences & Being at Home, Alone.

06.) ‘Round Midnight” * Lionel Hampton with Rhythm and Reeds * Golden Vibes
07.) “There Is Not A Rhinoceros In This Room”
08.) Move * Charlie Parker, Tadd Dameron & Curley Russell* Live Sessions
09.) The Wolf You Never Knew [Excerpts] * Robert Redford * The Language and Music of The Wolves
10.) Hot House * Carlie Parker, Kenny Dorham, Al Haig, Nelson Boyd & Max Roach * Live Sessions
11.) “What Ever Happened To Baby Jayne?” [Excerpt]
12.) Audrey Hepburn on Dick Cavett

Part III: Someone’s Calling Your Name

12.) Open All Night / My Father’s House [Excerpt] * Bruce Springsteen * Nebraska
13.) A Phone Call From Dr. McCallister
14.) Jeffrey Lee Pierce on What’s Wrong With Everything
15.) I Hear Your Name * The Dead Milkmen * Eat Your Paisley

The People Who Died: June 2014 Edition

We Will Miss You, One And All

We Will Miss You, One And All

The People Who Died: June 2014 Edition
(Miss Rikki & I sit down to do a tribute show to some of the incredible artists we have lost this year, only to find ourselves visited by three callers.)

Miss Rikki & I pay tribute to some of the incredible artists that have passed.  There were a number of excellent artists of many varieties who we lost in the not-too-distant past, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to play some music and clips by these incredible artists.  We are also visited by three callers who are all dead?



The People Who Died


Part I: Clutching A Pair Of My Husband’s Shorts

01.) Peek-A-Boo (DEVO Dub) * Devo * Peek-A-Boo 12″
02.) “Word Salad” * Miss Rikki
03.) Death * Rik Mayall
04.) Deal With It * Beastie Boys * Aglio E Olio
05.) Concertos No. 1 in E flat and No. 2 in A [Excerpts] * Liszt (performed by Samson Francois)
06.) A Phone Call From Elvis Presley


Part II: When The Music’s Over

07.) When The Music’s Over * The Doors * Strange Days
08.) A Phone Call From Bob Dylan
09.) 13 Women (And Only One Man In Town) * Bill Haley & His Comets * 45


Part III: Silence Is More Compelling

10.) European Son * The Velvet Underground * The Velvet Underground & Nico
11.) “Word Salad” * Miss Rikki
12.) Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs in “Almost Famous”
13.) Casey Casam & Jerry Lewis
14.) Concertos No. 1 in E flat and No. 2 in A [Excerpts] * Liszt (performed by Samson Francois) [Excerpts]
15.) A Phone Call From Kurt Cobain

In Sincerest Apologies (A Vinyl Solution)

Where To Begin?

Where To Begin?

In Sincerest Apologies (A Vinyl Solution)
(Miss Rikki & I are joined by The Professor, receive a phone call from Tunacan Jones, and lay down the fattest beats of all time with an new incarnation of an old favorite.)

Miss Rikki & I begin to dial in the exact format of the show, and present a wide range of vinyl and digital recordings as people wander in and out of the studio.  Tunacan calls in to lamely apologize, and we play a lot of incredible records from the newly uncovered archive at The Southernmost Outpost.



In Sincerest Apologies(A Vinyl Solution)


Part I: Everything’s Topsy Turvy!

01.) Theme  from “A Fistful of Dollars” * Ennio Morricone * “A Fistful of Dollars”: An Original Soundtrack Recording
02.) Live At Cafe Oto * Souls On Board * Recorded at “The Night Of The Long Worms”
03.) Sounds of Insects * Albro T. Gaul * Folkways Records
04.) Mr. Topsy Turvy * Mr. Men * Animated Book
05.) “The Context of Apology” * The Professor
06.) Sounds of Animals: At The Zoo * Arthur Greenhall * Folkways Records
07.) Throwing Down A Perfumed Gauntlet * Sebastian Horsely
08.) Three Men In A Boat * read by Hugh Laurie
09.) Imagining The Fourth Dimension (An educational video)
10.) An Apology To The Audience * The Professor’s Wife
11.) Leading the Deer and Monoceros Through the Disintegrating Forest * Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III * Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III / Tarr Split LP
12.) Opening * Jonathan Winters * Here’s Jonathan
13.) The Beginning Of Love * Warped 45


Part II: Tunacan’s Sincerest Apology

14.) Leading the Deer and Monoceros Through the Disintegrating Forest * Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III * Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III / Tarr Split LP


Part III: Improviso Em Bossa Nova de Vinyl

15.) metallized excitements of our shared dreams of technology * Tarr * Tarr / Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III Split LP
16.) The Metamorphosis * Franz Kafka * Audiobook
17.) Into The Ground * ITG Crew At WXYC * Psychogeographic Y
18.) Our Mr. Sun * Disney Educational Video
19.) Babelfish Swing Ballet * Felix Kubin * Psychogeographic Y
20.) I Beg Your Pardon * Johnny Burnett * “I Beg Your Pardon” b/w “You’re Sixteen”
21.) Improviso Em Bossa Nova * Baden Powell * “Hits” Da Bossa Nova
22.) I’m Sorry * King Missile * Happy Hour


Bonus DJ Set: The Golden Age of Entertainment

<Secret Hidden Playlist>

23.) Take The “A” Train * Duke Ellington & His Orchestra * The Golden Age of Entertainment
24.) You’re The Top * Cole Porter * The Golden Age of Entertainment
25.) The Moon of Manakoora * Dorothy Lamour with Dick McIntire and His Harmony Hawaiians * The Golden Age of Entertainment
26.) Chattanooga Choo Choo * Tex Beneke, Paula Kelly and The Modernaires with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra * The Golden Age of Entertainment
27.) The Trolly Song * Judy Garland with George Stoll and His Orchestra * The Golden Age of Entertainment
28.) Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) * The Andrews Sisters * The Golden Age of Entertainment
29.) “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” from Leave It To Me! * Mary Martin with Orchestra Conducted by Ray Sinatra * The Golden Age of Entertainment
30.) They Say It’s Wonderful * Ethel Merman & Bruce Yarnell * The Golden Age of Entertainment
31.) Swinging On A Star * Bing Crosby * The Golden Age of Entertainment
32.) Inka Dinka Doo * Jimmy Durante with Six Hits and a Miss * The Golden Age of Entertainment
33.) King Porter Stomp * Benny Goodman and His Orchestra * The Golden Age of Entertainment
34.) When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain * Kate Smith with Orchestra Under the Direction of Skitch Henderson * The Golden Age of Entertainment
35.) You’ll Never Know * Dick Haymes with The Song Spinners * The Golden Age of Entertainment
36.) Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy * June Cristy with Stan Kenton and His Orchestra * The Golden Age of Entertainment
37.) Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams * Ben Bernie * The Golden Age of Entertainment

</Secret Hidden Playlist>

A Momentary Lapse of Reason w/ Tunacan Jones


The Greatest DJ The World Has Ever Known

The Greatest DJ The World Has Ever Known

A Momentary Lapse of Reason w/ Tunacan Jones
(This is probably the greatest show of A Momentary Lapse of Reason that has ever aired. It is all due to the labored genius of Tunacan Jones. What an example of radio prowess!)

It is unbelievable that radio could reach such heights with a host like Tunacan Jones. He deftly moves from song to interview to phone calls with such grace and dignity. One could call him a combination of Ali, Ghandi and the “rock” group, Haim. Listen and learn from one of the masters of the airwaves who had everything against him and came out triumphant.



A Momentary Lapse of Reason w/ Tunacan Jones


Part I: The Sons of Amargosa (the band of kings)

01.) The Sons of Amargosa – Station (1:46)
02.) The Sons of Amargosa – Three Little Lines (1:57)
03.) The Sons of Amargosa – Emblem (4:12)
04.) The Sons of Amargosa – This Ghost Actress (3:52)
05.) The Sons of Amargosa – The Tower of Shifty Eyes (1:32)
06.) The Sons of Amargosa – Sunday Special Mauling (1:21)
07.) The Sons of Amargosa – Dying Diary (2:17)
08.) The Sons of Amargosa – Track (1:51)
09.) The Sons of Amargosa – Something Suddenly (1:21)


Part II: An Interview with real live local artist, David Carmack Lewis

10.) Ancient Weird Religious Rites – Blood Feast soundtrack (2:05)
11.) How Dry I Am – Blood Feast soundtrack  (3:40)
12.) Critical Condition (2:36) – Blood Feast soundtrack
13.) Teetering Rock (3:59) – Blood Feast soundtrack


Part III: Finish the Interview, Play Two Songs and Answer The Phone

14.) Ron Geesin – U.F.O. (2:06)
15.) soniafierce – tonight ill show you how dreams are prepared (2:50)
16.) The Sons of Amargosa – I Can’t Sleep (1:51)

NapTime with Tunacan Jones



NapTime with Tunacan Jones

Tunacan Jones understands naps and he understands what you need for your napping ears. He has a doctorate in napping, true story.

1.Sesame Street – Naptime (2:09)

2.Real Estate – Had To Hear (4:50)

3.Luna – 23 Minutes in Brussels (6:41)

4.Today is the Day – Yo La Tengo (5:32)

5.Tobin Sprout – All Used Up (1:59)

6.Jon Auer-You Used To Drive Me Around (5:52)

7.Whiskeytown – Inn Town (5:51)

8.South San Gabriel – I Feel Too Young to Die (4:59)

9.Chorine My Sheba Queen Johnson, Jim James, Jay Farrar and Anders Parker (New Multitudes) (4:33)

10.Disney Jr Nap Time Song #1 (0:24)

11.Ringo Deathstarr – Nap Time (3:42)


Dancing Into The Future (‘The Prom Show’)

Tunagram 1

Tunagram 1

Dancing Into The Future (‘The Prom Show’)
(Inspired by Waiter AZ David’s recent prom photos, Tunacan Jones & Miss Rikki join me in conversations about proms.)  

After being viciously turned down by Tunacan Jones, we bask in the glow of an authentic DJ set of Prom type standards (and a few oddities for good measure).  Then we engage in a lively conversation about Tuna’s love of Bastidas!, how I have still not seen The Venture Brothers, proms, & dances.

Smile Now.

Smile Now.

We also bring you a new edition of We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like, and, of course, ramble ramble ramble ’til there ain’t nor more ramblin’ to do.



MyFacester+ Photoset


The Prom Show


Part I: “Insert Generic Prom Music Here”

01.) Dancin’ Shoes * Murder City Devils * Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
02.) You Think You’re A Man * The Vaselines * Son of a Gun EP
03.) Don’t You (Forget About Me) * Simple Minds * Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “The Breakfast Club”
04.) If You Leave * Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark * Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Pretty In Pink”
05.) Fade Into You * Mazzy Star * So Tonight That I Might See


Part II: All Things Prom & Prom Related

06.) The Mix-Up * The Beastie Boys


Part III: Slowly Unraveling

07.) Dig!  Lazarus Dig! * Nick Case & The Bad Seeds

We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like (Selected by Tunacan Jones himself):

08.) Kaskaden * Casiokids * Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

Closet Friday: Bastidas! LIVE! (Live Friday 099)

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Closet Friday: Bastidas! LIVE! (Live Friday 099)
(Featuring an in-studio performance by Bastidas!)

As someone who hosted Live Friday for quite some time, and has occasionally sat in on the show in the years since, it was nice to have my 99th Appearance on this program be with the band Bastidas!  Their new EP “Time Portal” is a very tangy slice of psyche-pop, mixed with a high-energy performance that is very much my style.

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Bastidas!, LIVE!

This episode couldn’t exist without the diligence of Tunacan Jones of the Firm Handshake Network, who did most of the legwork for the entire broadcast.  He convinced Miss Rikki of Closet Radio to host the program, wrangled me into running the sound, and even contacted PSU-TV in an effort to broadcast the entire performance, which you can see at the link below.  (The sound is cut out for the first 6o seconds, and there’s a commercial you have to sit through, first.  Patience.)  There will be more video of this performance eventually, but for now, enjoy this broadcast and relive the magic of their PDX adventure.

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Bastidas!, LIVE!

It was an extreme pleasure to meet Bastidas!, and I’ve already got their EP on heavy rotation at The Southernmost Outpost, my new home down south.  If you missed the show, then I urge you to check out this podcast, as they really are a lot of fun.  I took a million photos, most of which were turned into animated .gifs.  You can find them at the link below.


MyFacester+ Photoset (Use the “Highlights” feature to filter for only the best images.)

Closet Friday: Bastidas!, LIVE!

Away Young Docteurs
Wyld Parrots Wounded Lion
A Severe Bout of Career Insecurity The Associates
Nothing Happened Today Boomtown Rats
In-Studio Performance Bastidas! KPSU Live


Forgetting To Remember

Now, Which One To Remind Me Of... What Now?

Now, Which One To Remind Me Of… What Now?

Forgetting To Remember
(Miss Rikki & Tunacan Jones from Closet Radio drop by the studio for shenanigans and goings on.)

Feeling comical (and, secretly, not having prepared a topic), we explore the importance of forgetting things, something near and dear to all of our hearts.  We bring you another edition of “We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like,” and plug the impending Pledge Drive, just around the corner.


Forgetting To Remember

Part I: Signals From Space

01.) Age Class * Weekend * Sports
02.) Blinded By Fun * Trawler Bycatch * Schlep’M
03.) You Doped * Sister Iodine * Flame Desastre
04.) Signals From Space * Rejuvenation Trio * Rejuvenation Voyage
05.) Revelation * The North Sea * Bloodlines

Put 'Em On The Glass

Put ‘Em On The Glass

Part II: His Goddess Voice

06.) Cloud Cuckooland * Finders Keepers

Part III: Relax And Enjoy The Experience

07.) Freddi / Henchi And The Soul Setters * Crown Princes of Funk: The Last Set

We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like?  (What’s This Called? Edition)

08.) Light Echoes I * Steve Moore * Light Echoes


Let’s Get Started… Now!

This Looks Somewhat Familiar

This Looks Somewhat Familiar

Let’s Get Started… Now!
(Miss Rikki & Tunacan Jones join me to kick of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something tunes.)

Join myself, Miss Rikki, and Tunacan Jones (both of Closet Radio happiness) for a new program on KPSU, that is part of the Blasphuphmus Radio family.  This has been one of the secret new projects I’ve been developing recently, and it was a bit hard to keep it a secret.  However, the truth can now be told, and we are now ready for A Momentary Lapse Of Reason.

Our theme for this show is beginnings and endings, and specifically, why is it that every iteration of Austin Rich is really bad at endings, but great at beginnings.  Thanks again to Miss Rikki and Tunacan.  Be sure to check out their show, and all the great shows at KPSU.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason.  It’s for your own good.

Let’s Get Started… Now!

Part I: “It’s Not Easy Being Me”

01.) Nihilist Assault Group * Stereolab
02.) Now * Nomeansno
03.) Baby Won’t Weird Me Out * The Melvins Lite
04.) Fresh * Devo
05.) We Want The Airwaves * Ramones
06.) It’s Not Easy Being Me (Demo) * Harry Nilsson

Part II: “Beginnings Are Harder Than Endings”

07.) Soundtrack: Rhapsody In Blue * Gershwin

Miss Rikki, Tunacan Jones & Austin Rich in a round discussion of this and that.

Part III: “Inside Tunacan Jones: The Real Story”

08.) Soundtrack: First, Last & Always * Sisters Of Mercy

More of the same, focusing on Tunacan’s career as an artist, and “radio” tapes.  Additionally, we discuss Tunacan’s band, The Biscaynes.