The Closet Radio Video Jukebox (VideoZine #6)

The Closet Radio Video Jukebox

The Closet Radio Video Jukebox

The Closet Radio Video Jukebox (VideoZine #6)

A Journey Into The Radio Unknown.

Directed by Austin Rich

Live documentation of performances on Closet Radio, with additional material shot by Miss Rikki & Tunacan Jones.



Step inside the incredible world of Miss Rikki’s Closet Radio, and witness the strange and bizarre happenings that await you inside!  Rock & Roll music, tempting your hips to move and shake!  Secret gatherings with loud, rhythmic blasts of teenage libido!  Orchestrated by none other than Miss Rikki herself!  This is: The Closet Radio Video Jukebox!

This collection contains a wide range of performances from the number of artists who swept through the studios, including one field trip to The East End.  A dozen artists spread out over 60 minutes, this collection wraps up Series 1 of our VideoZines, and brings you some of the wildest moments from Closet Radio’s history.  Drink deep, and enjoy some of the greatest Rock & Roll to grace the airwaves.

The Closet Radio Video Jukebox: A Journey Into The Radio Unknown



The Closet Radio Video Jukebox


01.) “Inappropriate For Grown Ups”
02.) “Please Advise” by Estocar
03.) “The Story So Far”
04.) “Condemned Vessel” by The Limit Club
05.) “Hue” by Bastidas!
06.) A Song by No Bone
07.) “Ashamed” by Monogamy Party
08.) “Hunter of Bugs” by JJCnV
09.) A Song by No Bone
10.) “Green Mile” by Sweat Lodge
11.) “Husker Don’t” by Not Not Not Ever
12.) A Song by No Bone
13.) “Jet Black” by Gobstopper
14.) “Blank Stare” by Monogamy Party
15.) A Song by Towers
16.) A Song by La Fin Absolute Du Monde
17.) A Song by DEAD
18.) “Untangled From” by Estocar
19.) “Attitude” by No Bone


Try The Place On Lombard (VideoZine #5)

When You Want To Win An Argument, You Just...

When You Want To Win An Argument, You Just…

Try The Place On Lombard (VideoZine #5)

(A “What’s This Called?” Film)

Directed by Austin Rich

Including shorts by Ricardo Wang, Ryan A. Ray, & Lennon


You’ve tried the rest, now, with us as your guide, why not Try The Place On Lombard?

Austin Rich delivers another installment of his VideoZines.  Working closely with Ricardo Wang, not only bears the fruits of some truly unique audio performances, but from time to time these rare moments are captured on film, too.  Experimental music is rarely presented in this format – both on the radio or as music videos – and to be involved with capturing these incredible moments has been a treat that I will never tire of.

The visual record of live artists on Ricardo Wang’s “What’s This Called?” has been documented twice before, and with that in mind this collection of videos and performances attempts to combine never-before-seen footage with remastered audio, and includes videos directed by other WTC Hanger Ons, too.  The voice of the on-air ID directs a few videos, Ricardo Wang himself shares a number of videos shot “on location,” and filmmaker Ryan A. Ray gave us two performances by Divine Circles & Elisa Faires.

All in all, 16 artists are represented in this collection, which is an incredible reflection of the recent work happing on this radio program.  As we do out best to continue to offer music and films that you cannot find anywhere else, we want to thank you for being willing to Try The Place On Lombard.


Try The Place On Lombard


01.) Lennon & Abusive Delay
02.) Fischkopf Sinfoniker
03.) The Holy Filament
04.) Crank Sturgeon
05.) Four Dimensional Nightmare
06.) Overdose The Katatonic
07.) Divine Circles
08.) Elisa Faires
09.) Ilima Considine & The Sexbots
10.) Daniel Menche
11.) Negativland
12.) Tres Gone
13.) PRND
14.) Party Killer
15.) Melvins
16.) The Colour Out of Space
17.) Ricardo Wang & Abusive Delay

VideoZine#4: “Why Are We Here?”

VideoZine#4: "Why Are We Here?"

VideoZine#4: “Why Are We Here?”

VideoZine#4: “Why Are We Here?”
(Our first compilation, with material by artists and directors from a number of under-represented places.)

Our program is always evolving and changing, and one vision that I have always had for these VideoZines is that I could begin to incorporate the work of other directors.  There are a number of people who are in the same realm as I, making videos and trying to exhibit their seed of creativity.  Why not create a platform for some of these videos and artists?

This collection raids the BlasphuphmusRadio archives, where I present video that has never been seen in this form before.  I have a variety of video treats that have been suffering for a variety of reason, namely due to poor audio and bad editing.  Presented here for the first time are live performances by bands that appeared on Blasphuphmus Radio & Is This Music?  These performances were booked by Johnathan Boober, and feature incredible performances by Nasalrod, SLOTHS, Valkyrie Rodeo & RABBITS.   Rounding out this collection are two videos shot during practice performances by The Nervous & Moth Hunter.  The Nervous performance is of particular note, as they have become quite a powerhouse live outfit, and this recording was captured before they had even played live for anyone by their partners.

In addition to these live videos (all featuring newly remastered audio, and re-edited for this presentation), we also feature work by a number of directors, including Nil Admirari (eponymous, Library of Congress, Esmar Road), Matt O. (Half Eye, Iarvles, Dry Cleaners), Colin Hicks (Vomit Violence), Ryan A. Ray (” ‘Ho,’ The Humanity”), Paco Jones & Eric Hausmann.  Each of these directors have a unique and distinct voice that is compelling and beautiful, and it is no wonder that with all of them, film is only part of the passion.  These videos represent some cool work that you will not see anywhere else.

In addition to that, it is with this episode that we declare that this is an office show.  The VideoZine will continue this year, and hopefully continue to return for subsequent seasons.  Our plan is to produce at least Six episodes this year, but it is possible that we might hit the Eight or even Ten mark, depending on how productive the next month is.  We do not make any money off this program, but we do enjoy making it, and hopefully you enjoy what we do, too.

This episode has all the bells and whistles: a remastered soundtrack, individual videos you can link to for each segment of the show, and the typical 60 minute presentation that we’ve come to know and love.  I’ve done my best to create a little audio narrative, and to have some fun, so hopefully you do, too.



“Why Are We Here?”

Produced, Directed & Edited by Austin Rich.


VideoZine #4 Playlist

“Why Are We Here?”


01.) “A Stitch In Spacetime” by Nil Admirari
02.) “Hello, I’m Drunk” by Austin Rich (with backing music provided by the “Crusin’ 1955” LP)

Part I: “Let’s Talk About Social Etiquette”

03.) “Fascist Rumble” by Half Eye
04.) “It’s Everywhere, Yr Going To Die” by Tyrants
05.) “Two Songs” by Vomit Violence
06.) “Homebrew” by The Thrash-key Kids
07.) “Alex The Spider” by Iarvles
08.) “You Look Good In Glasses” by The Nervous
09.) “Be Polite” by Nasalrod
10.) “Postcards of Darby Crash” by SLOTHS
11.) “Duck, The Pigs“ by RABBITS
12.) ” ‘Ho,’ The Humanity” by Ryan A. Ray

Part II: “Where, Again?”

13.) “Lawrence of Arabia” by Valkyrie Rodeo
14.) “Steilacoom” by Dry Cleaners
15.) “Manchurian Avalanche” by Library of Congress
16.) “No Contact” by Moth Hunter
17.) “Project 13” by Paco Jones
18.) “What You Seek Is Seeking You” by Space Gambus Experiment with Eric Hausmann
19.) “Anchorage” by Esmar Road

VideoZine #3: ‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’

VideoZine #3

VideoZine #3

VideoZine#3: ‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’
(In a move of George Lucas proportions, Austin Rich has remastered some of the earliest videos he made, and has created a one hour edit of the performances captured on 14 September 2014 at Slim’s in Historic St. John’s.)

While videos of these performances were released some time ago, if you were to try and watch them you would notice that I was learning to edit video while working on those edits.  That is to say: it starts poorly, and get’s better as the videos progress.  This is partly because I was learning as I was editing, and by the end I knew more about what I was doing than I ever had before.

The Original Flier

The Original Flier

While there were some things I couldn’t do, and certain kinds of improvements that were just too much to take on, I did manage to get a good hour-long presentation ready that highlights the best moments of the night, and fixes certain issues like lighting, sound-sync, and other things that were bothering me.  While by no means perfect (some problems were beyond post-production control), this is a much better document of the evening, and a nice opportunity to see the parts that I got right.



‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’

Live performances by Jeremy C. Long, Fiaso!, Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson, The Dead Air Fresheners & ALTO!

Camera Operators: Austin Rich, Miss Rikki, Tage Savage & Tunacan Jones.

Sound Recording & Mastering by Austin Rich.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Austin Rich.

In making this film, and lot of material had to be cut to get everything down to sixty minutes.  That being said, below are links to uncut performances by all the bands.  These links will be available until the remaining content is used elsewhere.  In the meantime: Enjoy!


VideoZine #3 Playlist

‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’

01.) Jeremy C. Long * Excerpt

02.) Fiasco!

03.) Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson * Excerpts

04.) The Dead Air Fresheners * Excerpts

05.) ALTO! * Excerpt

VideoZine#2: What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang



VideoZine#2: What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang
(After much agonizing and perfecting, VideoZine #2 is available for your viewing – and listening – pleasure, featuring performances by ALTO!, Soriah & Jonathan Howitt, Tres Gone, Forrest Friends, Doug Theriault, Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, Crank Sturgeon & PCRV, Death Pact Jazz Ensemble, Sky Chance & Paco Jones!)

When I initially sat down to being work on VideoZine #2, I only had the vaguest idea as to what it would ultimately look like, and even stranger, hadn’t yet filmed a few of the gems that are included in this video.  That’s the kind of project this has become, and as VideoZine #3 begins to lurch into production, I’m excited to see where that project will wind up.

In the end, I decided to select some of the best video projects from the various artists that have appeared on What’s This Called?  As someone who has been hands-on for most of the live music that has appeared on his program, in 2011 I began filming artists that came in.  Very quickly I began to amass some excellent footage, much of which has appeared in various raw forms on the previous incarnation of our Channel.  By editing down the best moments from all this footage, I was able to offer 60 minutes of solid performances, with a few other treats thrown in here and there.

I’m really proud of the videos in this collection, and to this day, they represent some of the best moments that I’ve ever been able to commit to video.  Each performance is available as a separate video that you can link to, and the audio is best heard as loud as possible.  Not only am I very excited about these videos as they are, but these set the tone for the kinds of projects that will come coming your way soon.



Live on What’s This Called?.  Hosted by Ricardo Wang.

Camera Operators: Austin Rich, Miss Rikki, Paco Jones & Lennon.

Sound Recording & Mastering by Austin Rich.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Austin Rich.

In making this film, and lot of material had to be cut to get everything down to sixty minutes.  That being said, below are links to uncut performances by all three bands.  These links will be available until the remaining content is used elsewhere.  In the meantime: Enjoy!


VideoZine #2 Playlist

What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang

Part I: Drone

01.) ALTO! * Excerpt I * 14 September 2013
02.) Soriah & Jonathan Howitt * Performance No 2 * 18 January 2014
03.) Tres Gone * Excerpt * 16 March 2013
04.) Forrest Friends * Excerpt * 23 March 2013

Part II: Noise

05.) Doug Theriault * Excerpt * 24 February 2014
06.) Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III * Excerpts * 5 November 2011
07.) Crank Sturgeon & PCRV * Excerpts * 16 April 2011
08.) Death Pact Jazz Ensemble * Excerpt * 13 April 2013

Part III: Beauty

09.) Sky Chance * Excerpt * 8 December 2012
10.) Paco Jones * Madmen And Spiders * 6 July 2013
11.) ALTO! * Excerpt II * 14 September 2013


Happy New Year! (w/ Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat, LIVE!)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! (w/ Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat, LIVE!)
(In our very first-ever VideoZine, we bring you an hour of highlights from a basement show hosted on 31 December 2014 featuring Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat!)

In an effort to offer a new twist on something we all know and love, I bring you the first in a series of VideoZine podcasts, multi-media experiences presented in the lowest-of-tech forms.  For our first endeavor, we bring you highlights from a New Year’s Eve Party at Casa De Bang Bang, where they put on a drunken mess of a basement show that was lovingly captured – warts and all – by the Blasphuphmus Radio production team.  

Now, you can view this sixty minute film, and relive this incredible evening here and now.  We are also presenting it in a number of formats.  For those of you who prefer our audio podcasts, we are offering the soundtrack to this film in that format.  We also have a YouTube Version available on our Channel therein, and a free iTunes Version available, too.  I wanted to offer this film in a number of ways, and there will even be a limited DVD Edition available, too.  My hope is that if there is a way you prefer these kinds of shows, I would like to be able to deliver it to you.   

To make this film, I essentially had to give myself a crash course in making movies, in my spare time, in addition to bringing you all the regular stuff we’ve been delivering.  But now that I am sitting on quite a bit of video, it made sense to find a way to get this stuff out.  There will be more films like this in the future, and my goal is to keep them at 60 minutes.  (This one clocks in at 60:05.)

And now, enjoy the show.

Happy New Year!: A Blasphuphmus Radio Production
Live At Casa De Bang Bang.  Hosted by Cheryl.  31 December 2013

Live performances by Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat.

Camera Operators: Melanie DeBellis, Isoceles Diego, Barbara Plummer & Austin Rich.

Live Sound Recording by The Bands & Austin Rich.

Produced & Edited by Austin Rich.

In making this film, and lot of material had to be cut to get everything down to sixty minutes.  That being said, below are links to uncut performances by all three bands.  These links will be available until the remaining content is used elsewhere.  In the meantime: Enjoy!

Part I: Empire Rocket Machine (First 20 Minutes.)

Part II: Steak Knife! (Second 20 Minutes)

Part III: Foster Pussy Cat (The Rest)