Episode 148: Back For Christmas

Santa LorreEpisode 148: Back For Christmas
(Detective Dexter Roland presents a classic episode of Suspense from 23 December 1943, with Peter Lorre in the lead roll!)

Detective Dexter Roland, Private Investigator, was about to head home to Max’s Bar, for a few Christmas Eve cocktails to celebrate the holiday properly.  Little did he know that Peter Lorre was going to drop by, to deliver a tale that is perfect for the holiday season.  From the Old Time Radio radio archives, we bring you Back For Christmas, a tale well calculated to keep you in… Supense!

This podcast-only show features a perfect marriage: moody, holiday-ish music with a creepy tale with a last minute turn that is perfect for this kind of medium.  Bartók has always had a bit of a spooky feel to him anyway, and his renditions of Roumanian Christmas Carols seemed all to appropriate to complement Peter Lorre’s European-is accent.  While I can’t exactly claim that Moonbell fits exactly right, I feel as if the “White Light” being sung about could be seen as a metaphor for what the main character may be thinking at that point in the story.    And Dexter Roland tying it all together?  Well, let’s just say it had been a while, and our guest Peter Lorre inspired his return.

Not much else to say about this one.  If all goes well, there should be  a good New Year’s show coming up this weekend.  And stay tuned for big things in January.  2012 will be interesting.

See you in seven.

Back For Christmas
# Title * Artist * Album * Further Info
01.) Back For Christmas * Suspense Cast * 23 December 1943 * CBS Radio
02.) Roumanian Christmas carols Sz. 57 * Béla Bartók (Performed by György Sàndor) * Complete Solo Piano Music
03.) Winter Snow * Booker T & The MGs * The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959 – 1968 * Stax Records
04.) White Light * Moonbell * Figurine EP * Self-Released
05.) Listen, The Snow Is Falling * Galaxie 500 * This Is Our Music * Rough Trade

Episode 147: The Origins Of Christmas

Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe?

Episode 147: The Origins Of Christmas
(Featuring a brief history on this troubling holiday, and some songs that attempt to cover an array of feelings associated with this time of year.)

Probably the biggest frustration I suffer from this time of year is one of Holiday Burnout: I just get sick of deluge of Christmas Songs, fake consideration for our fellow man, and the pain-in-the-ass errands that you have to run during a time of year when it is constantly cold and dark 20 hours a day.  The plastic sheen of wonder and good tidings cover layers and layers of deception and misdirection that appears to go unnoticed by the majority of the public.  And who could blame them?  If I could put out of my mind all the things that frustrate me about this time of year, and medicate myself to the point where I have visions of Sugar Plums too, then I might stupidly smile and obliviously wish everyone a happy something or other, that may actually conflict with their religious beliefs, too.

So, I decided to tackle the problem head-on with a radio program that uncovers the origins of this holiday, with an attempt to give my own perspective a much needed positive boost.  It wasn’t easy; while I am not a Scrooge or a Grinch, I would say that I don’t find it easy to be as merry or happy as most people want me to be.  I could feel one way or the other about Christmas, and while I enjoy the time off and the chance to spend time with friends or family, years of retail job exposure, combined with a fairly virulent case of atheism, has provided me with endless examples of how awful people are to each other, and how easily they try to hide or mask it.  It unsettles me to the point of being down on the holidays.  Fortunately, I’m not the only one.

The connective tissue of this show comes from a History Channel documentary, The History of Christmas.  I have to admit, I’ve lost a bit of faith in The History Channel over the years, and their work now is shoddy (at best).  But this one is old enough that it has things like research in it, and the narrator sticks to just relating that research, and doesn’t cut to bone-heads who don’t have any expertise, or rely on weird creepy music followed by a narrator asking a question.  (“But who WAS Santa, really?”)  Plus, I use about 4 minutes of it, total.

The rest of the show features holiday songs that fit in a little more closely with my view of this time of year, and of the world in general.  Of note are two great compilations that I drew heavily from, and have been wanting to use for a while, but never had the chance.  The first is from an Andy Cirzan compilation from 2009, called The Cassette Years: Part 2.  Andy is a Christmas Music collector, who has been putting together wacked-out comps on tape (and now, CD and radio via Sound Opinions), of the weirdest holiday music you’ve ever heard.  His comps are a real treat, and they make even the most annoying holiday tunes seem listenable.  The other is called Black Christmas, which I obtained a few years back, and can’t for the life of me remember where I got it.  If anyone has any information about it, I would be most appreciative.  It contains a number of great holiday songs that are a little more realistic than the average fare.  The show is divided into three sections: Punk Songs, Rock Songs, and the Hanukkah / What Does It All Mean? wrap-up.  I am extremely happy with the way this show out, and I think it sounds great.  I hope you enjoy it too.  (Spoiler Alert: The show does end on a bit of an “up” note, if you’re worried about slogging through the horrors of religious subjugation, and songs about the bad things that happen this time of year.)

That’s it for this week.  Stay tuned for a Podcast-only Christmas Eve special next week.  Be good to each other, and happy holidays.

See you in seven.

The Origins Of Christmas

01.) Carol Of The Bells * George Winston * December
02.) Holiday Sedation * Unknown * The Cassette Years: Part 2
03.) The History Of Christmas Part 01 * The History Channel
04.) The First Noel * Chet Baker * The Cassette Years: Part 2
05.) The History Of Christmas Part 02 * The History Channel
06.) Fuck Christmas * Fear * The Record
07.) Pulling The Christmas Pig By The Wrong Pair Of Ears * The Locust * Plague Soundscapes
08.) Steal Softly Thru Snow * Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band * Trout Mask Replica
09.) C’mon Santa! * Mach Bell & His Elves * Xmas Snertz: Have A Very Gulcher Christmas!
10.) The History Of Christmas Part 03 * The History Channel
11.) Snow Girl * The Billy Nayer Show * BNS Presents

12.) Jingle Bells * Vel Mares * Black Christmas
13.) A St. Nick Dangerous Christmas Eve * The Firesign Theater * All Things Firesign
14.) (It’s Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas * The Ravers * Once Upon A Time Vol. 13: California & Pacific Northwest ’77
15.) Don’t Believe In Christmas * The Sonics * Black Christmas
16.) The History Of Christmas Part 04 * The History Channel
17.) There’s Trouble Brewing * Jack Scott * Black Christmas
18.) Christmas Blues * Washboard Pete * Black Christmas
19.) Mars Wants Santa! * Santa Claus Conquers The Martians * The Cassette Years: Part 2
20.) Christmas At The Byaou * Vin Bruce’s Cajuns * The Cassette Years: Part 2
21.) The History Of Christmas Part 05 * The History Channel
22.) Christmas in Jail * The Youngsters * Black Christmas

23.) Snow * April Stevens
24.) We Three Kings Of Orient Are * X-Ray Tango * Xmas Snertz: Have A Very Gulcher Christmas!
25.) The History Of Christmas Part 06 * The History Channel
26.) Happy Hanukkah * Mr. Paul F. Tompkins * The Pod F. Tompkast Extrasode
27.) What We Do On Christmas * Atom And His Package
28.) Most Wonderful Time Of The Year * Pete Jolly Trio * The Cassette Years: Part 2
29.) Lucretius, Man Of Modern Mystery * Robert Krulwich * Hmmm…. Krulwich on Science Podcast
30.) Snowy Morning Blues * James P. Johnson * Father Of The Stride Piano
31.) Snowfall * Henry Mancini * Greatest Hits
32.) When the Mountains Part 2 * The Cast * Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
33.) Sleepy Santa Interlude * The Cassette Years: Part 2
34.) Snowstorm * Galaxie 500 * On Fire

Episode 146: A Seasonal Show (22259)

A "Seasonal" Show

A “Seasonal” Show

Episode 146: A Seasonal Show (22259)
(Featuring another simulcast from DJ JustanotherDJ and our Southern California affiliate for Blasphuphmus Radio.)

With the holidays in full swing, I knew that holiday shopping and whatnot would prevent me from being able to assemble a two hour show this week.  Fortunately, DJ JustanotherDJ (at our Southern California affiliate) is regularly able to get my back in situations like this, and it was easy enough to program the quantum number generator to switch the feed to him for the first hour of the show.  With that in mind, we present one of the more unusual interpretations of holiday broadcasting, as DJ JustanotherDJ dives into A Seasonal Show.

A Seasonal Show (22259)

SHOW NOTES 12/17/2011

Hey, folks.  DJ JustAnotherDJ here.

THE NIGHTS ARE GETTING LONGER!  No, I’m not trying to depress anyone – beyond any S.A.D. they may already be going through on their own.  That’s just my first correction.  During the show, I said the days were getting longer this time of year, when, of course, we all know it’s the nights.  I guess since I’m a night person, I just kind of turned things around there.  I did a lot of that this week.

My other correction is that “Splinter” is actually about the Snow Queen, not the Ice Queen.  Guess that fairy tale isn’t all that famous after all, if I can’t even remember what she’s the queen of – no, that would just be my problem.  It’s famous enough.  The version of the song heard here is a “bonus” track, which isn’t as easy to throw onto a CD as it is on vinyl – it’s actually contained in the track for the final song of the album, “White Linen”, after about 15 minutes of silence.  Stupid CDs.  Though, for my money, better than “the Cloud.”  Hey, lets all line up to buy things we can’t actually possess!  Yeah, that’ll end well.

For the “bells” section of the show, all those songs are from 2010.  In fact, a couple of the bands had their debut that year, and they all were formed generally around that time.  Interesting how there were decades of music with no bands that had the word “bells” in their names, then, all of a sudden there’s, like, four.  Life is an odd place.

So, yeah, maybe I can’t get seasonal music right, but I hope I played some songs that you liked.  And, I also hope you all have a happy whatever-you-do for this time of year!


01.) Infinity Guitars * Sleigh Bells * Treats * Mom + Pop/N.E.E.T.
02.) Make A Deal With The City * Hurricane Bells * Down Comes The Rain * Invisible Brigades (self-release)
03.) Babelonia * School of Seven Bells * Disconnect from Desire * Ghostly International / Vagrant Records
04.) Your Head Is On Fire * Broken Bells * Broken Bells Columbia
05.) Winter * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
06.) The Pool * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
07.) Take to the Sky * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
08.) Sweet Dreams * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
09.) Inside Out * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
10.) Under Ice * Kate Bush * Hounds Of Love * EMI
11.) Splinter (alternate version) * 17 Reasons Why * The Dark Years * 17 Reasons Why
12.) Winter On Ice * The Spinanes * Strand * Sub Pop
13.) Icepond * Sunset Valley * Icepond * Barsuk
14.) Every Iceberg Is Afire * Sky Cries Mary * This Timeless Turning * World Domination Recordings / Capitol Records

Episode 145: Space Out II

Continuing Our Journey

Continuing Our Journey

Episode 145: Space Out II
(Featuring even more international Space Rock from the ’60’s and ’70’s.)

Continuing to get further and further into the outer reaches of space as the holiday season rapidly approaches, here are even more selections from the Mutant Sounds archives, covering the vast expanses of Space Rock that was so near and dear to the world’s hearts in that long-lost decade known as the 1970’s.  Times were simpler then: musicians were taking powerful drugs, mastering guitar / synthesizer / flute performances, and attempting to make sense of the universe the only way they knew how: filling sides of LPs with unusual compositions.  Now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.

We open our show with a “Journey Into A Dream,” which is what most of the Space Rockers of the ’70’s were attempting to do.  But it is also a metaphor for this very show, in that as we continue through the years ourselves, we come closer and closer to making our own dreams come true.  Radio has been a dream of mine since childhood, and being able to make it happen, for nearly 14 years now, has been a real Journey that seems to find more and more destinations as time continues it forward momentum.  As 2012 approaches, we will be entering new and uncharted territory (yet again), and I’m very excited about what the future holds.  Moreso than usual.

Attentive listeners will notice that there is one track that is, unfortunately, not from the period in question: “Utterly Simple” by Extra.  After last weeks show hit the digital airwaves, I was contacted by Fruits De Mer Records, who deal exclusively in vinyl-only compilations that feature covers of songs from the period in question.  I have to plead ignorance with regards to this label, being a yankee and all, but once I knew they existed, I knew I had to play this track. The original song is by Traffic, who were active in the ’60’s and ’70’s recording exactly this kind of music.  It only made sense to try and bring things full-circle, and illustrate that this music continues to influence and inform the music of today.  Outside of their records, you can’t find this music anywhere else.  I recommend checking out their site, and perhaps ordering a record or two if you are so inclined.

Again, this show was not archived, but this recreation gives you a chance to hear the show as it was broadcast on Saturday.

That’s all for this week.  Stayed tuned, as our Spacy Holiday Madness continues.  And, keep your ears peeled for some news regarding our show in the coming weeks.  Things are about to change.

See you in seven.

Space Out II

# Title * Artist * Album * Further Info
01.) Journey Into A Dream * F.G. Experimental Laboratory * Journey Into A Dream * Switzerland, 1975

02.) Socrates Drank The Conium * Socrates Drank The Conium * Zontanoi Sto Kyttapo * Greece, 1971
03.) Fantomen * Midsommar * Belsebub Ar Los * Sweden, 1971

04.) Syphlonic Diplovits * Chou Pahrot * Live * Scotland, 1979
05.) Ajatuksia * Apollo * Apollo * Finland, 1970
06.) Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten… * Ton Steine Scherben * Wenn Die Nacht Am Tiefsten… * Germany, 1975

07.) Wieczna Pielgrzymka * Ossian * Ossian (aka Ksiega Deszczu) * Poland, 1975
08.) E Per Te * Claudio Rocchi * Essenza * Italy, 1973

09.) The Ancient Consciousness Of Evil Spirit * George Hirota * Sahasurara * Japan, 1976
10.) Pythagorian child No. 2: Arrival In Time * Bib Set * It Wasn’t Meant To Happen… * Sweden, 1969
11.) Searching For The World * Sleepy John * Sleepy John * USA, 1970
12.) Utterly Simple * Extra * Fruits de Mer Volume 21: Keep Off The Grass * UK, 2011 (Original: UK, 1967)
13.) To Xehasmeno Pigadi * Exadaktylos * Zontanoi Sto Kyttapo * Greece, 1971
14.) Epilogi * Nimbus * Obus * Finland, 1974

KPSU Playlist

Episode 144: Space Out

Space Out

Space Out

Episode 144: Space Out
(Featuring an international selection of Space Rock from the ’70’s.)

While many look forward to the holiday season with fondness toward the music they will hear, I often find myself frustrated with the content of such songs.  It is fortunate that I came into a huge stash of authentic ’70’s Space Rock Records recently (thanks, Mutant Sounds), and have decided to kick off my holiday season with a tour of this curious genre from a variety of countries around the world.

You want to talk obscure?  I’m never heard of any of the bands I played today until I dug them out to play them for this show.  While I’ve always been fascinated by Hawkwind, King Crimson, and a variety of other artists who have trod the more unusual musical pathways in this particular decade, the sheer depth and wealth of artists who were on that same wavelength is staggering when you begin digging.  As I’ve been enjoying the holiday season, and moving into a new home, I thought it only fitting to let myself explore these artists for the first time with you.

This show is full of long, strange, “flute-y,” and otherwise exploratory experiments in just where you can take this particular genre.  My suggestion is to just go with the flow, and Space Out.

See you in seven.

(Note: Sadly, this show did not get archived as it was originally broadcast.  The version that is available for download is a special podcast recreation, made two days after the original was aired live.  These things happen.  Sorry.)

Space Out

# Title * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Countdown * The Muffins * Secret Signals 1 * (1974 – 1978 USA)
02.) Diggar Ditt Hal-1 * Blodarna * Blodarna * (1979 Sweden)
03.) Ambiance * Popera Cosmic * Les Esclaves * (1969 France)

04.) The Hook * Jukka Tolonen * The Hook * (1974 Finland)
05.) Monster Comes To The City * Logproof * A Random Sampler * Random Radar Records (1977 UK)
06.) Caspita * Totem * Corrupcion * (1973 Uruguay)

07.) A Mutant Underglass * Illegal Aliens * A Random Sampler * Random Radar Records (1977 UK)
08.) Alien Activity From The 45th Parallel * Cellutron & The Invisible * Reflecting On The First Watch, We Uncover Treasure Buried For The Blind * (1978 USA)

09.) Fire Dance * Lagger Blues Machine * Tanit Live * (1970 Belgium)
10.) Automaty * Klan * Mrowisko * (1970 Poland)
11.) Total Space * The Rolf Kuhn Group * Total Space * (1975 Germany)

12.) Skladanka * Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik * Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik * (1974 Czechoslovakia)
13.) Voo Cego * Marcos Valle * Vento Sul * (1972 Brazil)
14.) Weg Vom Fenster * Metzlutzkas Erben * Wiener Blutrausch * (1979 Austria)
15.) Noises of The Evening * Doctors Of Madness * Figments of Emancipation * Polydor Records (1976 UK)
16.) Master of The Universe * Hawkwind * In Search of Space * (1971 UK)
17.) El Final * Síntesis * Síntesis * (1976 Argentina)

KPSU Playlist

Episode 051: A Grumpy Punk Christmas

Smile For The Camera

Smile For The Camera

Episode 051: A Grumpy Punk Christmas w/ DJ Swill (Grumpy Punk Part III)

Join DJ Swill and I for an hour-long, Grumpy Punk exploration of Christmas Music for people who don’t like Christmas Music.  We tag team through a number of X-Mas oddities, and talk about our interests as music fans, in this very special Grumpy Punk broadcast.

Aside from Halloween, there are very few holidays that we here at Blasphuphmus Radio celebrate.  However, it is difficult to ignore the holiday season when the rest of the world is taken in its grip for the majority of the winter months.  Sooner or later, the influence of these holidays reaches even us.  Fortunately, DJ Swill and I are on the same page, and we decide to celebrate Christmas the Grumpy Way.

Below you will find a short video, shot by Wendy, of us in action, so you can get a visual of what this is all about.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music.  Enjoy!

Episode 050: Ghosts Of Christmas Past

The Ghosts of Christmas Past!

The Ghosts of Christmas Past!

Episode 050: Ghosts Of Christmas Past
(Featuring selections from previous broadcasts on 12/23/98, 12/14/04, 12/13/06, and 12/20/06.)

Playlist & Footnotes.

In the 13 years we’ve been on the air, try as we might, a handful of holiday programs have made it into our archives that offer holiday themes and content to our fair listeners.  Given that the holiday season is upon us, is seemed only fitting to go through the vaults and dig out these rare gems.

For today’s show, I decided to delve into the archives again and pull out some selections from my favorite Holiday shows of the past. I’m not a big Christmas person (for the most part), and when I do get into Seasonal Music, it’s generally not what you would hear in the Mall. So consider this a snapshot of what I like to bump this time of year.

If nothing else, you should really listen to my rendition of The Cremation Of Sam McGee from 2006, near the end of the show.

Next week: tune in for the return of The Grumpy Punk, with a special co-host, who will be helping me pick the tunes for that hour. Should be pretty epic.

See ya in seven.

Out With The New, In With The Old



Be That Song?: Out With The New, In With The Old.
(Special Is This Music? coverage for Hogwash while he’s out of town.)

This is a 60 Minute audio essay about the Holiday Season, with music, sound effects, voice-overs, and a few commercials. For those of you who have never heard the kind of shows I do, this is an excellent introduction to my radio style, and a wonderful hour of holiday sounds for those New Year’s parties around the corner.  (Token mentions of X-Mas were, sadly, unavoidable.)  Consider this my holiday gift to the city of Portland, and anyone else I forgot to get a gift for.  Sorry.

Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music Part II

The Cremation Of Sam McGee

The Cremation Of Sam McGee

Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music Part II (Phase I Episode 133)

While Blasphuphmus Radio has never been the kind of show to flip format when the holidays arise, every year or so I get the urge to deliver back to the listeners my idea of holiday offerings.  Christmas is a time of year when we are overwhelmed with holiday offerings, and rather than go down that same old road, I usually try to cook up something that is a little more than your average Jingle Bell Rock.

This particular show comes from our “Phase I” archive, consisting of shows that were aired during the early years of KPSU broadcasting.  While I never went much for themes in those days, this show hints at things to come, and set the tone for all future holiday broadcasts.  While this wasn’t exactly new to me, it gave me a chance to lay the foundation of things to come.

This episode is part two of two.

Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music Part II
# Title * Artist * Album
01.) Wir Christenleut * Johann Sebastian Bach * A Nonesuch Christmas
02.) Troll Wedding * Fishtank Ensemble * Super Raoul
03.) Gloria In Excelsis Deo * Pond * It’s Finally Christmas!
04.) Utan Utan * Selda * Selda
05.) Santa Claus Is Back In Town * Poison Idea * It’s Finally Christmas!
06.) Low Down * Tom Waits * Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
07.) The Grinch * The Whirlees * It’s Finally Christmas!
08.) White Christmas * Corporal Blossom * A Mutated Christmas
09.) Machine Gun * Rich & Famous * Messthetics #101
10.) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town * Corporal Blossom * A Mutated Christmas
11.) Over The Edge * Dead Moon * Echoes Of The Past
12.) The Odds Against Christmas * C3-P0 & R2-D2 * Christmas In The Stars
13.) The Cremation Of Sam McGee * Austin Rich * Read Live On The Air
14.) Woovy Groovy * Los Buenos * Sensacional Soul
15.) Seasoned Greetings * The Residents * Meet The Residents

KPSU Playlist

Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music Part I

Not Decking The Halls

Not Decking The Halls

Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music Part I

While Blasphuphmus Radio has never been the kind of show to flip format when the holidays arise, every year or so I get the urge to deliver back to the listeners my idea of holiday offerings.  Christmas is a time of year when we are overwhelmed with holiday offerings, and rather than go down that same old road, I usually try to cook up something that is a little more than your average Jingle Bell Rock.

This particular show comes from our “Phase I” archive, consisting of shows that were aired during the early years of KPSU broadcasting.  While I never went much for themes in those days, this show hints at things to come, and set the tone for all future holiday broadcasts.  While this wasn’t exactly new to me, it gave me a chance to lay the foundation of things to come.

This episode is part one of two.

If If, Was Was… LIVE!

If If, Was Was...

If If, Was Was…

If If, Was Was… Live! (Phase I Episode 078)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

Featured Artist: If If, Was Was…

As part two of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, If If, Was Was… joins me at KPSU for some lo-fi rock music the likes of which you’ve never heard before. Slowly making a name for himself around PDX by playing at Billy Rays dive, he has an ear for songcraft that is unique unto itself, while being careful to pay tribute to everything the he, himself, was weened on. But unlike a lot of singer-songwriters on the market these days, he has a sense of humor that gives him an edge; the CD he’s released of home-recorded tracks is entitled, “Another Word For Thesaurus,” and that alone makes it – and his music – quite entertaining. Joining us for this performance are his brother Thomas on drums, and their friend Megan on Violin. Tune in for some fun.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)

Gordon Taylor, LIVE!

A Gordon Taylor

A Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor, Live! (Phase I Episode 077)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

As part of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, I’ve lined up two weeks of music on my show guaranteed to knock your socks off. This week, I have the up-and-coming rock outfit, Gordon Taylor, risen out of the ashes of Rise Over Run and The Mayonaise vs. Venn Demonstrational. With beautiful lyrics and a slight wink-and-nod to some of the emo greats of the past, they have fantastic songs that will draw you in and make you want to dance.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)

Christmas In The Stars

Christmas In The Stars

Christmas In The Stars

Christmas In The Stars (Phase I Episode 026)

In this early KPSU show, what you get here is your average show from this period (heavy on the punk music) with occasional additions from the amazing Christmas In The Stars album, a fave at KPSU.  I had just found it, and felt the need to inflict it upon the listeners.  Other than that, it’s an average show.

I did include some other holiday-ish tunes, but this is merely a music show.  But it works perfect this time of year, as the annoying is only occasional, and the bulk of what you hear is just straight up music.  It’s the kind of holiday show I would like if other stations didn’t just cave in and play only holiday stuff.

So, nothing fancy.  Just more music from Blasphuphmus Radio.  (This show was originally on from 4 P.M. – 6 P.M.)

Christmas In The Stars

# Title * Artist

01.) Theme * Descendants
02.) Christmas Rush * Dead Moon
03.) Breathless * X
04.) Art-I-Ficial * X-Ray Spex
05.) Waste Of Time * Fastbacks
06.) Love American Style * Mr. T Experience
07.) I Just Want Some Skank / Beverly Hills * Circle Jerks
08.) Pig In A Blanket * Rudimentary Peni
09.) Sounds Of Laughter * T.S.O.L.
10.) I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement * The Ramones
11.) Cheap Tragedies * Avengers
12.) Christmas In The Stars * C-3PO & R2D2
13.) Round ‘n’ Round * Germs
14.) Blow Up * The Dils
15.) White Minority * Black Flag
16.) [R]evoluntion In Rock * M.D.C.
17.) Books Bout UFOs * Hüsker Dü
18.) Legacy * Dicks
19.) Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro * Minutemen
20.) New Rose * The Damned
21.) Attitude * Bad Brains
22.) [I’m] Stranded * The Saints
23.) The Grinch * Caveman Shoestore
24.) The Odds Against Christmas * C-3PO & R2D2
25.) Baby Baby * The Vibrators
26.) I Can’t Hardly Stand It * The Cramps
27.) Gary Gilmore’s Eyes * The Adverts
28.) I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer * Fear
29.) Happy Holidays * Smegma
30.) 12XU * Wire
31.) What Do I Get? * Buzzcocks
32.) Fight It * Pennywise
33.) Love Comes In Spurts [Live] * Richard Hell
34.) Hopeless Romantic * The Bouncing Souls
35.) You Got A Brain [Use Is] * The Fartz
36.) This Way Out * Rocket From The Crypt
37.) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas * No-L
38.) Come On Down * Juanita Family & Friends
39.) Achin’ To Be * Pinhead Gunpowder
40.) Telepathic Love * Wipers
41.) That Gum You Like is Back in Style * Camper Van Beethoven
42.) Pond Song * Dinosaur Jr.
43.) Merry Merry Christmas * C-3PO & R2D2

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays (KWVA Episode 037)

Our first holiday broadcast, from 1998!  Not heard since then, and available in digital form for the first time!  This is also one of the most complete shows from this era.  (Mostly, just missing the commercials.)  The Cremation of Sam McGee!  (At least, the first time I ever read it on the air.)  And, a theme show, at that.  It’s the complete nostalgia package, all in one show!

Join us as we travel back in time to 1998, where I was just learning my radio chops, and decided to do an all-out spooky holiday show.  Weather or not I succeed is up to you, but I remember this one fondly, and feel that there are moments that hold up pretty well.  And listen to that tape hiss!  Ahh, the good old days.

In these days, my show was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.   On KWVA.  This was before podcasts, or streaming radio.  You heard this live, or on the tape I made of the show.  It’s a real treat to share it again, in a new form.  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays
# Title * Artist

01.) Put The Book Back On The Shelf * Belle & Sebastian
02.) ?? * Poison Idea
03.) Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie * Black Flag
04.) Squeegy Boy * Royal Grand Prix
05.) Happy Holidays * Smegma
06.) Monster’s Holiday * Bobby “Boris” Pickett
07.) Parasite * The Queers
08.) ?? * Rites Of Spring
09.) Serve, Obey, Guard Human’s From Harm * Servotron
10.) ?? * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo
11.) Arboretum * Unwound
12.) The Other Newest One * Germs
13.) I Don’t Care About You / Fuk Shit Up * Blatz
14.) 21st Century Digital Boy * Bad Religion
15.) Fuck Kitty * Frumpies
16.) This Fascist Kills Guitars * Men’s Recovery Project
17.) ?? * Julie Ruin
18.) ?? * The Fartz
19.) ?? * Satan’s Pilgrims
20.) ?? * Phantom Surfers
21.) ?? * The Rondelles
22.) The Rainbow * Ween
23.) Scat Sandwhich * The Cartoon Planet Band
23.) The Cremation Of Sam McGee * Austin Rich
24.) White Christmas * Billy Vaughn
25.) Mystery * Wipers
26.) I’m In The Mood To Move * Ween
27.) ?? * Boredoms
28.) I’m So Bored With The U.S.A. * The Clash
29.) The Suckling * The Thrones
30.) ?? * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
31.) ?? * The Ventures
32.) El Camino * Ween
33.) ?? * Butthole Surfers
34.) Jean Paul Sartre * The Crabs
35.) Midget * Devo
36.) Oh Little Town Of Bethleham * Billy Vaughn
37.) My Politics * NOMEANSNO