DJ Really Sloppy

TAFKA DJ JustanotherDJ, turned into a hat.

TAFKA DJ JustanotherDJ, turned into a hat.

DJ Really Sloppy

Previously the host of the Southern California incarnation of Blasphuphmus Radio, he is now between-gigs as he looks for a new radio home.  In the meantime, he has opted to make regular appearances on our program, sometimes as a substitute host, and often as someone who hosts an as-yet-unnamed segment about culture on our program.  Recently he has been turned into a hat with a feather in it, about which we can only speculate as to some of the finer points of his day-to-day life, like how he records his segments for the show, how he listens to music without ears, and how he persists as a sentient modern being in today’s society.

  • The ADD Minute And A…: Wondercon - The ADD Minute And A…: Wondercon DJ Austin Rich tries to help DJ Really Sloppy make some sense out of what he saw on his recent visit to a comic book convention.  Shouldn’t they actually call these “media conventions” now? Here’s a link to the “State of the Sundry” video DJ Really Sloppy mentions. And,…Read more The ADD Minute And A…: Wondercon
  • February 10th 2012 - February 10th 2012? (Featuring a “lost” episode, mistakenly uploaded to post in 2013 by DJ Really Sloppy, instead of 2012, like it should have.) Wow.  Time flies when you’re having fun. Nearly a year ago, DJ Really Sloppy and I did a fantastic pair of Soul Shows back to back, and in doing so, created…Read more February 10th 2012
  • Welcome to the Hellmouth - Welcome to the Hellmouth DJ Really Sloppy here.  Just thought I’d throw some songs from the soundtrack albums from the original “broadcast” version of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer up here to go along with DJ Austin Rich’s recent review of the comic books for season 9.  These are a few of my favorites,…Read more Welcome to the Hellmouth
  • Episode 175: Summer, Jam - Episode 175: Summer, Jam (3365)  (Featuring a selections of seasonally appropriate songs, selected by our long-lost, unstuck-in-time co-host, DJ Really Sloppy.) While the idea of doing a summer show seemed like a good idea at the time, it turned out that this week, I had nothing.  Not a single idea for songs about summer, outside…Read more Episode 175: Summer, Jam
  • Episode 166: Moth Hunter, LIVE! - Episode 166: Moth Hunter, LIVE! (Featuring a live performance by local circuit-bend  experimental pscychedlic, Moth Hunter!) Join us for a very special live performance by local circuit-bent, experimental noise artist Moth Hunter!  This performance was recorded in his home studio on 08 May 2012, at roughly 8 PM that evening, and was quite possibly one…Read more Episode 166: Moth Hunter, LIVE!
  • Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L - Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L (20 January 1999 Retrocast) (Featuring a retrocast of a program from 20 January 1999, as part of our 14th Anniversary Explosion!) Join us for a special 14th Anniversary Retrocast of a program from 1999, where we present the fascinating audio-drama that dares to…Read more Episode 164: Flight F – I – N – A – L
  • Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion! - Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion! As the 14th Anniversary of our first broadcast was on Sunday, today’s show is a retrocast of selections and samples from our earliest recorded programs from or KWVA years.  In the late ’90’s, College Radio (the kind of radio I prefer) was a very different place.  We had different technology,…Read more Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!
  • Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III - Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III Time Travel has always been my favorite Sci-Fi subject, and I’ve toyed with the subject myself on this very program a few times before.  But it is not always a subject that easily translates to music.  For some reason, there are just not that many songs about the…Read more Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III
  • Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur - Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur In the ’50’s, amid the din and clatter that was dramatic theater on the radio, the show that blew almost all the others away was undoubtedly X Minus One.  They had an amazing crew of writers who went on to do a number of outstanding things, among them Isaac…Read more Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur
  • Episode 157: Talk Talk - Episode 157: Talk Talk Topics Included: The Music Machine & Sean Boniwell’s passing a few months ago, Cambodian Rocks!, Not in the FER Studios this week because Greg & Sarah were sick, Loosing An Hour, SxSW, Music Break, Paco Jones & The Infernal Connundrum or TiC (from Malaysia!), The Sounds of Portland Oregon, Moebius dead…Read more Episode 157: Talk Talk


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