40th Birthday Party

plewsaustin24 April 2015: Plew’s Brews

01.) Admirin (battlesnakesnow.com/admiran)

02.) Doug Theriault (dougtheriault.org)

03.) Eric Hausmann, Tiffany Lee Brown, Kamal Sabran & Mike Mahaffay [Mixed by Eric Hausmann] (erichausmann.bandcamp.com/album/easter-island-projectspacegambusexperiment.bandcamp.comfacebook.com/mike.mahaffay)

04.) Overdose The Katatonic (soundcloud.com/overdose-the-katatonic)

05.) Austin Rich & The Dead Air Fresheners (acronyminc.orgen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Air_Fresheners)

2kentonclubaustin5 April 2015The World Famous Kenton Club

06.) The Nervous (thenervouspdx.bandcamp.com)

07.) The Welfare State (facebook.com/thewelfarestate)

08.) /root_DIR (rootdir.bandcamp.com)

09.) Xiphoid Process (facebook.com/xiphoidprocesspdx)

MyFacester+ Twinstisnapcrap: Fliers, Photos, Animated .gifs, and Videos are collected here.


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