Shindig Shakedown: Happy Birthday To You

NewCoverGet ready for the mother of all compilations, and Blasphuphmus Radio puts on another sham, and presents:

The Shindig Showdown!

Only available at Austin’s 40th Birthday Party, April 24th at Plew’s Brews in St. John’s, and April 25th at The World Famous Kenton Club.

This massive collection is not only a journey into the past, but features live performances from Blasphuphmus Radio, new music by friends and artists near and dear to the program, video, photography, writing and art culled from the various associates we all know and love, and contained in this handy 7″ package designed by Jonathan Christ of The Graves of Ghenna and Austin Rich himself.


This collection was originally only available at these two parties in April, but now you can get them digitally in our bandcamp store (Disc 1 and Disc 2 are here), or order the physical package via  Do not miss your chance to enjoy this incredible collection of music and art, assembled as a way of thanking you for helping me make it to the ripe old age of 40.

ShindigShakedownThe Shindig Showdown.  You do not want to miss this dance party.

Shindig Shakedown


01.) “Mr. E” by Estocar (taken from the 2007 album, “Giraffe Riot”
02.) “Between Us” by The Sons of Amargosa (written by The Rutles. B-Side from the single, “Her Birthday” !FHNrecords! 2006.
03.) “上を向いて歩こう” (Sukiyaki) by The Holry Molrys (by Kyu Sakamoto, written by Rokusuke Ei and Hachidai Nakamura. Performed live in The Holry Molry’s practice space in the early 2000s, and recorded straight to a boom box cassette.)
04.) “Get Off!” by Thee Headliners (Presented in glorious mono, and recorded at Thee Headliners practice space on 20 April 2015. Previously unreleased & unrecorded. Words & Music Thee Headliners.
05.) “Sundays In A Row” by Bacon Ray (from the Tomfoolery 7″, originally released in 1995. Special thanks to Merlin Mann and his podcast work, which fills me with an incredible amount of joy, and also for him saying yes when I asked if I could include this song on this compilation. I really appreciate it.
06.) “Yes Yes Yes” by The Welfare State (is a previously unreleased track, recorded in 2010 at PermaPress Studio, & produced by Pat Kearns.
07.) “Ramen City, USA!” by The Ramen City Kid (was an incredible ‘zine written by my friend and roommate of many, many years. He was inspirational, educational, and one of the best people to have in your corner in a jam. You can enjoy all the existing ‘zines that he was involved with here:
08.) “Pocket Jesus” by Bastidas! (from the “Time Portal” EP.
09.) “Robot Affliction” (Live) by The Human Genome Project (recorded live 17 September 2004 on KPSU as part of “Live Friday” hosted by Austin Rich.
10.) “Modern Conveniences” by The Tar Plains (Troy Mercy – vocals, Mo – programming.
11.) “Respect Austin” by David Berry (recorded by David Berry in 2015 for this compilation.
12.) “Can’t Let Go” by Herding Cats (written by Lucinda Williams, performed by Debra Ginsberg (In San Diego): Lead Vocals, Monika Burnside (In Melbourne Australia): Backing vocals, Wen B. Vegas (In San Francisco): Bass, Skip Adams (Nashville): Guitars, Backing Vocals, Organ, and “other stuff.” The film clip is from Harold Lloyd’s 1923 silent classic, “Safety Last.”)
13.) “Hierophant” by Little Hexes (from the album “In The Garden”
14.) “Attraction / Distraction” (Live) by Jesse Ransom (recorded live 6 June 2006 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio.” This is an old Mondale tune, the members of which now perform in The Nervous.)
15.) “Giddy Teens In Puberty” (Live) by The Punk Monk (recorded live in The Punk Monk’s living room in March of 2015. This is an old Lunchmeat tune, revisited.
16.) “Johnny Punchclock” (Live) by Johnny Punchclock (recorded live 18 August 2006 on KPSU as part of “Live Friday.” Engineered by Jason Wurster, hosted by Austin Rich.
17.) “Doppelgänger Boy” (Live) by Honey Vizer (recorded live 20 June 2009 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio.”
18.) “Let’s Get Drunk And Watch TV” (Live) by The Juanita Family & Friends (recorded live 10 June 2005 on KPSU as part of “Live Friday” hosted by Austin Rich.
19.) “Too Much Hate” by Manual Sex Drive (From the album, “Music Is Dead” Recorded and produced by Monty O’Blivion at Studioblivion,
20.) “Love Song” by Brainwarmer (from the album “Elliott Smith’s Guitar”
21.) “Dark Hair” (Live) by Levator (recorded live 8 June 2007 on KPSU as part of “Live Friday” hosted by Austin Rich.
22.) “Apple Orchards” (Live) by Summer Twins (recorded live 5 February 2011 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio” hosted by Cosmic Jim.
23.) “Naked Trees Point To The North Star” by Austin Rich (is a collection of fiction that I’m incredibly proud of, and feel it is my best written work so far.
24.) “Sound Economies Collapse” by Neptune Skyline (from the album “Spring Reverb”
25.) “Ruby Black” by Alpha Protist (
26.) “По лестнице вниз” (Down The Stairs) by PBOYUL (from the album “Битва хлеба и тумана” The Battle of A Bread and A Mist
27.) “Live in Ipoh Malaysia, Khizanat” by Eric Hausmann (recorded in 2013
28.) “Live” by ALTO! (Performed 14 September 2013 at Slim’s in Historic St. John’s, Oregon.  Included as part of VideoZine #3.
29.) “Recorded On Burner Phone” by Baron Helwig (recorded in glorious mono on 14 April 2015.)
30.) “I Can’t Live At Home In This World Anymore” (Live) by Bob Bucko Jr. (recorded live 4 April 2015 on KPSU as part of “What’s This Called?” hosted by Ricardo Wang.
31.) “Michael Brown Builds A Town” by Ryan A. Ray (A Film by Ryan A. Ray. From the e-mail he sent: “I’d seen this guy’s “place” last January while visiting Georgetown. I didn’t talk to him then. So when I visited again in March, I went to see if he’d ‘stuck it out.’ As soon as I stepped out of the car, he was talking to me just like is heard here in the film. I never really asked him any question. What I enjoy about this audio film is that I don’t fully understand all of the context of what he’s saying. So when I listen to it, I pick up on new clues and references. What I wish would have shown better is the warmth and friendliness of his eyes. When I asked him if I could take pictures of him and his place, he immediately started bringing out more items to show me. I enjoy his version of what I call his ‘town’ in contrast to the ‘town’ that Georgetown built after 2000.”
32.) “Toronto Subway Man” (Live) by Horde of Two (recorded live at The Northern during the Olympia Experimental Music Fest in 2012. Horde of Two is Wendy Atkinson & David Lester.
33.) “Sugar (Grandpa Grey)” by Paco Jones (recorded 28 February 2015, for this compilation.
34.) “Songs Of The Oregon Trees iv” by Elisa Faires (from the album “Photosynthesis” released on 1 November 2014.
35.) “Photography” by Carly-Anne Ravnikar (contains images captured by Carly-Anne Ravnikar, which you can here:,
36.) “Live” by Oliver Squash (recorded live 20 June 2007 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio” hosted by Austin Rich. Special thanks to Ricardo Wang for arranging the performance.
37.) “Orbit” (Live) by GataTECH & Muthafknangel
38.) “Fifth Genesis” by Four Dimensional Nightmare (recorded by Tom Nicol.
39.) “Space Caravan” by Doppler 8000
40.) “Ingenue” (Live) by Divine Circles (recorded live 16 August 2014 on KPSU as part of “What’s This Called?” hosted by DJ Victrola. Video Directed by Ryan A. Ray.,
41.) “Electric Suizen” by Fischkopf Sinfoniker (was recorded in early 2015, was mixed at the “What’s This Called? UltraBruch” on 11 April 2015.
42.) “9/11 Is A Joke” by Delusions of Parasitosis



01.) “03-27-15” by Jeremy C. Long (recorded live at Plew’s Brews in Historic St. John’s on 27 March 2015.
02.) “Match Cut” by Cypher (recorded in 2013 by Moth Hunter & Austin Rich)
03.) “Seven” by 200 Yang (recorded and mixed on a Fostex X-26 4-track cassette recorder in 1990. 200 Yang is: Davee, Unger, Whitener.
04.) “Excerpt (Live)” by Crank Sturgeon (recorded live 28 March 2015 on KPSU as part of “What’s This Called?” hosted by Ricardo Wang.
05.) “Huyauza Techno Beat” by Khorsun&Kisbali (presented in glorious mono.
06.) “Maybe The Nicest Thing About Going Away Is Coming Home” by The Dead Air Fresheners (recorded 14 March 2015 in The Dead Air Fresheners Secret Compound.  Video & Audio Directed & Mixed by Austin Rich.
07.) “VideoZines” by Austin Rich (This is all six of the Series 1 VideoZines, including the new “Closet Radio Video Jukebox,” previously unreleased. Here’s a link to the playlist for six hours of music videos:
08.) “My Life Is So Much Better (Now That I’m A Cartoon Character)” by Toggy And The Hogwyldes (From the album “Goin’ Hog Wild” produced & recorded by Toggy in 2013.
09.) “To Let Go Of It” by ARU (from the album “Consumed.”
10.) “Visual Art” by Neptune Skyline (consists of a variety of images submitted by Neptune Skyline:
11.) “Катакомбы” (Catacombs) by Urodi pod Vodoi (From the album “Червонцы”
12.) “The Portal” by Doug D. Douglas (was a zine produced by my friends and I in the mid-to-late ’90’s, and was a huge influence on my sensibility and style. This link offers every existing issue for you to enjoy:
13.) “Sun Shines On A Plastic Cow” by Neutered Prunes (From The Album “Two Headed Baby.”
14.) “Downward Dog” by Sufian Abdullah (from the album “Music To Break Out of Jail By”
15.) “Things Shiny / MANGAS” (Live) by Nitebrite (recorded live 23 March 2007 on KPSU as part of “Live Friday,” hosted by Sascha.
16.) “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)” by The Lmit Club (“When You Burn” From “The Wild Four EP” Recorded by Derrick Fish at FC Studio,
17.) “Friday The 13th: The Next Day” by Virginia Jones & Josh Abraham (This is a short comedy film by Virginia Jones & Josh Abraham, which you can find here: All writing filming editing acting by Virginia Jones @badiniadones)
18.) “Reanimate Me” (Live) by Eat Your Heart Out (recorded live 28 February 2007 on KPSU as part of “Songs The Lord Taught Us,” hosted by Miss Meghan.)
19.) “The Time Me And Mrs. Cleaver Dry-Humped At Daytona Beach” (Live) by Neckties Make Me Nervous (recorded live 8 November 2006 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio.”)
20.) “Hinter dem Vorhang” by Robert Arnett (This poem was submitted for inclusion in the compilation, which you can find here:
21.) “GIGU” by Artless Bastards (
22.) “Drinking Song” (Live) by Ashtray (recorded live 16 July 2006 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio.” Lovingly re-written for the this particular broadcast.
23.) “We Are GARY” by The 108ers (try this:
24.) “No Truth” (Live) by Shattered Silence (recorded live at the Shattered Silence reunion show, Cambridge Elks, 2/7/15. Al (vocals), Christian (bass), Ian (guitar), Jimmy (drums). This show was the first time they played together in almost 25 years.
25.) “Real Boy Appeal” by JJCnV (off of the “Leathered, Weathered and Feathered” album, out this month!
26.) “Panic Attack” by Monty O’Blivion (“Panic Attack” unreleased, recorded and produced by Monty O’Blivion at Studioblivion,
27.) “Information Technology Girl” by The Nervous (from the “Entry-Level EP”
28.) “Feature Creap / Swearpoint” by /root_DIR fet. kiisu d’salyss
29.) “Plasma Whore” by PBR (was a ‘zine from the late ’90’s and early ’00’s that was another huge influence on me. This link contains every existing issue of that publication for you to read and enjoy:
30.) “People Didn’t Live With Dinosaurs And They Can’t Live Inside of Whales” (Live) by The Thrash-Key Kids (Recorded 2 January 2015 at The Tonic Lounge.
31.) “Removed / Towers” (Live) by Xiphoid Process (Recorded 2 January 2015 at The Tonic Lounge.
32.) “Nothing” by Cloven Hoof Clan (
33.) “Shitfaced Reynolds” (Live) by Guyve (recorded live 27 June 2009 on KPSU, and broadcast live to listeners without announcement or host. Engineered by Austin Rich.
34.) “Dark Knight” (Live) by Valkyrie Rodeo (recorded live 7 May 2011 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio” hosted by Jonathan Boober.
35.) “Nobody” (Live) by Wizard Rifle (recorded live 10 September 2011 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio” hosted by Jonathan Boober.
36.) “Desolation” (Live) by Anastatica (recorded live 7 May 2011 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio” hosted by Jonathan Boober.
37.) “Live” by Enemies of Carlotta (” recorded live 24 March 2010 on KPSU as part of “signal-to-noise ratio” hosted by Ranger Mike.)
38.) “Reduced To Barney Rubble (Take Two)” by Haute Retarde (recorded live in about 6 hours by three of the most hungover dudes ever and one half drunk dude manning the buttons and switches in a leaky basement on Alberta almost ten years ago. 2007, maybe? no overdubs and no excuses, ’tis what it ’tis.)
39.) “first in series of stories made by erasing sci-fi elements from films” by Jeremy Hite (This is a digital piece by Jeremy Hite, originally published at on 22 March 2015. It is linked here with permission:
40.) “Rambo Sequence” (Live) by John Rambo (recorded live 28 January 2005 on KPSU, as part of “Live Friday” hosted by Austin Rich.
41.) “Restless” (Live) by SLOTHS (recorded live 10 September 2011 on KPSU as part of “Blasphuphmus Radio” hosted by Austin Rich.
42.) “Invisibugs” (Live) by RABBITS (recorded live 13 February 2011 on KPSU, as part of “Is This Music?” hosted by Jonathan Boober. The full recording was available as RABBITS’ “COMPUTER” release.
43.) “The Restoration” by Gaythiest (from the album, “Hold Me… But Not So Tight,” released on Good To Die Records. Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Stephan Hawkes. Gaytheist is Jason Rivera (Vocals, Guitars), Tim Hoff (Bass), Nick Parks (Drums, Vocals)



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