Shows offers a number of incredible programs, hosted by a number of amazing DJs, podcasters and Radio enthusiasts.

The Daily NewsBlas w/Austin Rich (11 AM, Monday – Friday)

Blasphuphmus Radio w/ Austin Rich (Specials, One-offs and other secret treats now and then.)

Closet Radio w/ Miss Rikki (8 AM, Saturday)

The Guitar Shop w/ DJ Victrola (4 PM, Wednesday Live on, podcast, stream and download)

Halloween Spook-tacular! w/Austin RichMiss Rikki & Ricardo Wang (Our annual holiday celebration.)

What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang (12 Noon, Saturday Live on, podcast, stream and download)

A Momentary Lapse of Reason w/ Miss Rikki & Austin Rich (Currently on Hiatus.  Periodically updated.) 



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