Detective Dexter Roland’s Thanksgiving Day Special!



There Are A Few Things Wrong With This Photo

Detective Dexter Roland’s Thanksgiving Day Special!

Featuring a presentation of:

The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective in “The Terrified Turkey Caper” (November 24, 1950)

Dexter Roland is still Back On The Case, and didn’t have time to really deliver a Thanksgiving Special the way he wanted to.  So instead, he contacted his old friend, Sam Spade, to deliver a Holiday Special with music and stories that is just in time for dinner.  This show was originally broadcast on Thanksgiving in 1950, and contains more holiday wordplay than any hour of anything else you can find in any medium.

It’s just the way we like to spend Thanksgiving.  From our house, to yours.

The character of Sam Spade originates from Dashiell Hammett’s stories and novels, notably as the protagonist of The Maltese Falcon, and a few other stories here and there. Hammett’s other character, merely known as The Continental Op, often became conflated with Spade, and in many forms of media – radio included – The Op’s adventures became those of Spade. Regardless, Hammett only wrote a few stories for Spade, and after the success of Black Mask detective magazine, and the popularity of noir films, Private Eyes of every variety began to make their way to radio. Spade was no exception, who parlayed his few canonical appearances in print into hundreds of radio stories. While there were versions of this character performed by Bogart and others, starting in 1946, Howard Duff played the character, until communist investigations led to both Hammett and Duff being blacklisted. For the remaining radio broadcasts, Steve Dunne played the character, as he did in this episode.

Unlike the character in the novels and films, who was largely seen and clever, sharp-witted, and a dedicated sleuth, the radio version is a much more tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the characters, with puns and wordplay that was less of the noir wisecrack and is much more cheesy.

This episode, “The Terrified Turkey Caper,” was broadcast on Thanksgiving in 1950. Not only had the series been running for four years by this time, but it is clear that with a new actor and every imaginable variation under their belt, this episode is sort of phoned in. The story of a man named Tom Turkey, who was supposed to be killed on Thanksgiving, includes a number in-jokes that tie characters from this story to historic Thanksgiving people and traditions, even if only vaguely (or, in some cases, confusingly). Regardless, it has some entertaining moments, and more to the point, is one of the few radio programs that I could find that even mentions the holiday at all, which gets very little play in the world of narrative radio.


The Terrified Turkey Caper

Part I: A Tasty Chronicle of Fowl Play

01.) Echo Four-Two * Laurie Johnson * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree
02.) Design To Kill * James Chance & The Contortions
03.) Where Dead People Live * Sun City Girls * Cameo Demons And Their Manifestations: Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 1
04.) Almost Ready * The Normals * Killed By Death Vol. 10
05.) Maybe * The Fastbacks * The Day That Didn’t Exist
06.) Richard Diamond * Pete Rugolo * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree

Part II: If I Didn’t Kill The Man Found In My Room, Who Did?

07.) Heaven Is A Truck * Pavement * Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
08.) To Here Knows When * My Bloody Valentine * Loveless
09.) A Good Man Is Hard To Find * Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys * Tiffany Transcripts Vol. 3
10.) Run Away * The Kids * The Kids
11.) Daddy Long Legs * Leith Stevens * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree

The Daily NewsBlas 25 November 2014: Happy Thanksgiving!

Honestly.  Thank You.

Honestly. Thank You.

The Daily NewsBlas 25 November 2014: Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some things I am thankful for.

Additionally, you will want to check our our past Thanksgiving Day programs.

And stay tuned for another hour or radio, immediately following this program.


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The Daily NewsBlas 25 November 2014: Broadcasting From a Tablet

The One on The Right, And The One On The Left

The One on The Right, And The One On The Left

The Daily NewsBlas 26 November 2014: Broadcasting From a Tablet

This post was entirely produced and recorded on an iPad.

The process was incredibly clunky, and as I fret and fuss over how to improve it, I will probably not recommend (or continue) recording on the iPad, as I have less control over the recording, and can’t easily drop in music and other media.

Still, the fact I was able to multi track something – anything – is something to behold.  Consider how easily this kind of recording could have been done five years ago, or ten years ago.  For trips and other out-of-town situations, this will absolutely work, and that will make me want to improve the process and look for more recording apps down the road.  But for now, this doesn’t have the ease-of-use that I would like, and therefore, may not be the best choice for podcasting.

We shall see.


The Book of OA 1

The Daily NewsBlas 25 November 2014: Chipmunk Punk

Chipmunk Punk Front

Chipmunk Punk Front

Chipmunk Punk Back

Chipmunk Punk Back

The Daily NewsBlas 25 November 2014: Chipmunk Punk

(Digging Into The Archive Part I)

Here are some useful links:

Chipmunk Punk on Wikipedia

All The Chipmunk Punk songs are available to hear in some form here.

And here’s a hilarious different commercial that I did not use in the NewsBlas.


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The Daily NewsBlas 24 November 2014: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Review)

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

The Daily NewsBlas 24 November 2014: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Review)

In this episode, I review a stage production of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe that I attended on the evening of 21 November 2015.  The production was staged but the children of a Middle School in the town I live in, and was entirely produced by the children in the play, guided by their drama instructor.

Witch In The Club * Quintron & Miss Pussycat * Swamp Tech


Mother Box 60

The Set

The Set

The Daily NewsBlas 14 November 2014: Ocean Meditation

Relax.  You've Earned It.

Relax. You’ve Earned It.

The Daily NewsBlas 14 November 2014: Ocean Meditation

Over the weekend of November 1st and 2nd, M and I were lucky enough to share a beach house with some friends out in Newport, OR.  Today’s show features a number of things I captured during that trip: ocean sounds, as well as the photoset that I will link to in the next line:

Beach Trip

The photos include a number of animated images of the water moving in, wind blowing things around, and the fire we had going at night.  If you’re into hypnotic, nature-type animated images, these are perfect.


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The Daily NewsBlas 13 November 2014: Back On The Case (Part 1 of 3: Back From The Dead)

Detective Dexter Roland, Private Investigator

Detective Dexter Roland, Private Investigator

The Daily NewsBlas 13 November 2014: Back On The Case (Part 1 of 3: Back From The Dead)

An old friend of the show, Detective Dexter Roland, Private Investigator, returns after having been relegated to near-obscurity.  This time, instead of introducing an episode of thematic sounds and music, Dexter enters the world of having his own adventures, in a narrative and serial format!  Witness, as we bring you:

Back On The Case: Part 1 of 3: Back From The Dead


Austin Rich as Detective Dexter Roland, Private Investigator.

Miss Rikki as Beatrice Baumgartner

Touch of Evil (Main Title) * Henry Mancini * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree
Staccato’s Theme * Elmer Bernstein * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree

We’ll do out best to get the next installment out to you soon.

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The Daily NewsBlas 12 November 2014: Live From The Teen Challenge Thrift Store in Salem, OR.

The Teen Challenge Thrift Store in Salem, OR

The Teen Challenge Thrift Store in Salem, OR

The Daily NewsBlas 12 November 2014: Live From The Teen Challenge Thrift Store in Salem, OR.

An anonymous child offers a free, improvised performance to the patrons of The Teen Challenge Thrift Store on the morning of 8 November 2014.  Here are the results.

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The Daily NewsBlas 11 November 2014: Happy Veteran’s Day!

Recursive Day is Recursive

Recursive Day is Recursive

The Daily NewsBlas 11 November 2014: Happy Veteran’s Day!

Veteran’s Day Poppy * Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band * Trout Mask Replica
Train [Edit] * Uncle Tupelo * No Depression

For further listening, here’s another show I did on the subject of patriotism, and my feelings toward it:

Bless This Mess (Originally Aired 11 September 2012)

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The Daily NewsBlas 10 November 2014: 50?!



The Daily NewsBlas 10 November 2014: 50?!

50 of these little suckers seems like both too many, and not enough.  Fortunately, I have a few things to offer you for your trouble.

Closet Radio Now On Blasphuphmus Radio Dot Com!

Closet Radio is in Reruns

Closet Radio Enters Reruns

As Miss Rikki takes a much needed break, we have put her program into reruns.  Enjoy classic episodes, with re-mastered sound and playlists (when possible), until Miss Rikki can bring us something new.

Closet Radio in iTunes

Closet Radio podcast feed compatible with your podcatcher of choice.

Also, why not enjoy our:

Thanksgiving Leftovers in iTunes

Thanksgiving Leftovers podcast feed compatible with your podcatcher of choice.

The holidays are upon us.  Enjoy.

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The Daily NewsBlas 7 November 2014: Like School On A Saturday – No Class

We're The Same Now, Only Older

We’re The Same Now, Only Older

The Daily NewsBlas 7 November 2014: Like School On A Saturday – No Class

High School sucks the second time around.

I Don’t Want To Go To School * The Donnas  The Donnas
School [Excerpt] 
Nirvana  Bleach
Fuck School 
 The Replacements * Stink

Mother Box 49

The Daily NewsBlas 6 November 2014: I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes

I Feel Too Much

I Feel Too Much

The Daily NewsBlas 6 November 2014: I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes

Warning: This episodes contains a grown man talking frankly about crying.

Love Cry II * Albert Ayler * Love Cry
He Needs Me * Shelly Duval * Popeye: The Movie
When The River Meets The Sea * Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
Sparks Nevada Theme Song * Sarah Watkins * Thrilling Adventure Hour Episode 166

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The Daily NewsBlas 5 November 2014: Remember, Remember

I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.

I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.

The Daily NewsBlas 5 November 2014: Remember, Remember

Remember A Day * Pink Floyd * Relics

It’s funny how we’ll find a way to forget things, even when the whole point is to remember.

Excerpt * V For Vendetta Film

More information about Guy Fawkes Night.

And while I’m at it, V For Vendetta, which is really, really good.

Any while we’re at it, these guys are also online somewhere.

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The Daily NewsBlas 4 November 2014: Election Day 2014

Most Ballot Drop Sites Close at 8 PM

Most Ballot Drop Sites Close at 8 PM

The Daily NewsBlas 4 November 2014: Election Day 2014

Semper Fidelis * “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band * March, 3, 2009, in the John Philip Sousa Band Hall at Marine Barracks Annex in Washington, D.C.
I’m Procrastinate & I Vote * Gaytheist * Stealth Beats

In the event that you are the kind of person who is inclined to vote, here’s a couple things you may find interesting:

You can enter your zip code here to get the results of where you can vote in person.  (If that is how it works in your area.)

This search should return results for places that you can drop off your ballot.  (If that is how it works in your area.)

I should mention that if you have mail-in ballots in your area, you can usually drop them off at any drop box location in your area.

Most drop box locations are open until 8 PM on Election Day.

Don’t forget to

Vote Fraud On The Moon Base * Men’s Recovery Project * Resist The New Way!

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The Daily NewsBlas 3 November 2014: November Everywhere

November, November Everywhere, And Not A Song To Sing

November, November Everywhere, And Not A Song To Sing

The Daily NewsBlas 3 November 2014: November Everywhere

We ease on into the back end of the year.

November by Nicole Panter (read by Austin Rich)
Black Box Theme [Excerpt] * Tom Waits * The Black Rider
November * Tom Waits * The Black Rider

Mother Box 45

“Nov. 1” by Crackerbash

"Nov 1" b/w "Halloween Candy"

“Nov 1” b/w “Halloween Candy”

“Nov. 1” by Crackerbash

I listen to this song every November 1st.  It’s by Crackerbash, a little known Portland band that I only got to see twice.

But they were really, really great.

There’s some stuff available if you want to start digging.  I recommend this live set from a performance in Corvallis in 1992.

Sean Crogan is currently the front man in The Pynnacles.  They a really, really great, too.



The Daily NewsBlas 31 October 2014: Happy Halloween!

Blasphuphmus Radio's Halloween Spook-tacular 2014!

Blasphuphmus Radio’s Halloween Spook-tacular 2014!

The Daily NewsBlas 31 October 2014: Happy Halloween!

This Halloween Season was fantastic, and I really enjoyed all of the excellent places we have gone over the last month.  I will be honest: this shorter format was a lot of fun to play with, and I really got to introduce people to some of my favorite Halloween Ephemera.

As my gift to you, I’ve put together a four-hour Halloween Music Presentation, that you can download and play at your party.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

The Halloween Spook-tacular 2014!

This is a collection of 95 tracks by artists recording some serious monster rock.  This music in this collection all comes from the crucial 1920 – 1969 period, and are culled from a variety of sources and compilations that are readily available from a variety of sources.  Quite a few of these have appeared in previous episodes, by many are new to me, and have never aired on our program.  My gift, to you, this holiday season, is some serious party music you can dance to.

We’ve offered quite a few incredible Holliday Treats, and to summarize, here’s a run-down of some of the features we’re had this month:

Haunted House Ambience Mix 2014 
This is a mix of various “Spooky Sounds” LPs from my private collection, that runs a full 60 minutes.  Great atmosphere for trick or treaters!

The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce (as read & produced by Austin Rich)
At the end of the summer I found an Ambrose Bierce book in a used bookstore, and found this story that was broken into small stories about different encounters.  I read three of them, set to effects and sounds I mixed in the studio.  This link takes you to all three.

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (read by Vincent Price)
During the week of October 20th – 24th, we ran a serialized version of this story, from on of those 1970’s Caedmon Records that are fantastic holiday treats.  You can find all five parts of the story from this link.

There were a number of other great NewsBlas this month, and you can find all of our Halloween Programming (going back to 2004) here:

Blasphuphmus Radio’s Halloween Spook-tacular!

This includes all of our shows, and Halloween episodes of What’s This Called?, Closet Radio & The Guitar Shop.  It’s just another way that we deliver unique programming to our listeners.

While it is sad to crawl back into the crypt for another year, we know that it can’t be Halloween the whole year through.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as cool as it is.

Happy Halloween.


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NewsBlas 30 October 2014: The War of The Worlds Trailer ( Edit)

The New York Times

The New York Times

NewsBlas 30 October 2014: The War of The Worlds Trailer ( Edit)

This edit highlights some of my favorite moments from the original show.  Welles really pushed to make his program as much like a radio broadcast as possible for the first two-thirds of the show, and these are some of the best moments, in my mind.

On 10 October 2009 I aired the entire “War of The Worlds” broadcast as part of a three hour mega-mix of Halloween treats that day.  This, among many other means online, are the best way to enjoy the entire show.

I really encourage listening to and researching the show.  The story behind this broadcast is as compelling as the show itself.  Not only has it be re-interpreted a number of times over the years, but the affect of the broadcast was covered in depth in a fantastic Radiolab Episode.


Mother Box 043

The Daily NewsBlas 29 October 2014: Haunted House Ambience Mix

Come Into Our Haunted House

Come Into Our Haunted House

The Daily NewsBlas 29 October 2014: Haunted House Ambience Mix

From my crypt to yours, I offer the 2014 Haunted House Ambience Mix, constructed from a variety of “Spooky Sounds” LPs from my private collection.  While today’s NewsBlas is merely a sampling, I am offering to everyone a 60 minute mix using these LPs as the basis for the mix.  This is great for playing in the background to create a spooky environment for any home, porch, or place where trick-or-treaters may arrive.

Haunted House Ambience Mix 2014 

These are records that I return to again and again, and they all seem to take the same format.  Side One is a mix of spooky sounds, culled from a variety of sound effects that are taken from a specific library.  Side Two is always those raw effects, unmixed.  What I always found interesting about this is that in a pre-digital era, having an LP for these effects is almost useless outside of radio nerds and other effects aficionados, making the audience for these kinds of records very tiny indeed.

When CDs became the format du jour, I was excited to find entire discs of these kinds of mixes done by modern mixers who could create an entire hour (or more) of material.  However, I never managed to find a CD that didn’t just loop a short mix, usually taken from one of the classic LPs.  Anyway, I have always wanted to make a good, 60 minute mix of the best Halloween Atmosphere albums.  And now, you can have one, too.

(Pssst: Also, here’s links to the vinyl rips I made of these albums.  Enjoy them while the links are up.)

CoverSounds To Make You Shiver

Side A

Side B 






ghostlysounds01Ghostly Sounds 

Side A

Side B





HauntedHouseLPFront2Haunted House

Side A

Side B





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The Daily NewsBlas 28 October 2014: An Arrest

An Arrest

An Arrest

The Daily NewsBlas 28 October 2014: An Arrest

This is a selection from the Ambrose Bierce collection, “The Ways of Ghosts.”  These stories are now in the public domain, and make for excellent holiday reading.

Various effects edited and created by Austin Rich.


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NewsBlas 27 October 2014: Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House

The Chilling, Thrilling Haunted House

The Chilling, Thrilling Haunted House

NewsBlas 27 October 2014: Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House

Released by Disneyland Records.

Narrated by Laura Olsher

This link will remain active for a short period of time.

Sounds Guaranteed to Spook You

Sounds Guaranteed to Spook You



And this link goes with the former.

A simple Google Search reveals a whole range of other listening options.  (And I recommend the image search view to check out the variety of album covers over the years.)

The Spooky Old Tree

The Spooky Old Tree

I imagine I will be receiving some e-mail from some of you, so again:

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NewsBlas 17 October 2014: Halloween Nuggets!

Halloween Nuggets!

Halloween Nuggets!

NewsBlas 17 October 2014: Halloween Nuggets!

You can purchase the album at

You can stream the entire thing at Spotify.  (I think you need to be logged in for that link to work.)

It is also available in a number of other places, too.

Watusi Zombi * Jan Davis * Halloween Nuggets
Graveyard * The Phantom Five * Halloween Nuggets
Scream * Ralph Neilsen & The Chancellors * Halloween Nuggets

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