You Can Help!

While this website (and the .mp3 archives associated with it) represents the most current and accurate information regarding all known broadcasts of this show, there are a number that I have lost over the years.  A few different disastrous computer crashes over the years, mixed with poor planning, led to the loss of a number of great shows.  While it is possible that certain shows will resurface as time goes on (I have a box of tapes to go through, plus a huge hard drive full of unlabeled files I need to listen to), you may be able to help speed up the process!

If you have been a fan of the show, and ever subscribed to the show, recorded it to tape, or otherwise captured any media related to our show, please contact me immediately.  Not only will you be credited on this site, but you will go a long way to helping complete this site, which would make me very happy.

So, if you have any recordings, photographs, notes, interviews, journal entries, or anything that may help expand the scope of this site, I would love to obtain copies.  This goes for artists and musicians that have played on the show, guests that have stepped into the studio over the years, and anyone else who has otherwise enjoyed what we did.  Please contact me directly at austinrich [iz-at] gmail [ditty-dot] com, and I will work out a way to fit it in.



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