Episode 166: Moth Hunter, LIVE!

Moth Hunter

Moth Hunter

Episode 166: Moth Hunter, LIVE!
(Featuring a live performance by local circuit-bend  experimental pscychedlic, Moth Hunter!)

Join us for a very special live performance by local circuit-bent, experimental noise artist Moth Hunter!  This performance was recorded in his home studio on 08 May 2012, at roughly 8 PM that evening, and was quite possibly one of the best performances I’ve heard using these kinds of home-brewed items.  I was also able to shoot some great footage as well, giving you a truly multi-media experience just short of being there with us.  Couple that with an appearance by DJ Really Sloppy, and a few other odds and ends, and you’ve got this week’s program.

Moth Hunter

Moth Hunter

Moth Hunter is one half of Knuckle Children, a fantastic noise duo that has been creating sound experiments since at least 2007.  Both have appeared on this show before, and Moth Hunter DJed a Halloween show, too (those shows are available here).  We’ve been trying to set up this show for a while now, and after a couple of false starts in the last couple of weeks, we’ve managed to sort out the technical and scheduling details that had enabled us to bring you live music.

I have to say, I’m really excited to have live music back on the show. While Historic St. John’s has offered a number of great opportunities for the direction this show has been heading, I’ve been very sad that it is difficult to include live music in our studio.  However, with the addition of new equipment and the changing landscape of digital recording, this is no longer a challenge.  This really opens up new possibilities for our program, and we’re already lining up other possible ways to exploit this technology.

At this point, I’ll let the music speak for itself.  Thanks for listening.

See you in seven.

Picasa Photoset (Includes three short video clips)

Moth Hunter, LIVE!

Introduction: Wherein I Introduce What’s To Come

01.) Track 01 * Knuckle Children * He Section

Segment One: The ADD Minute And A… w/ DJ Really Sloppy

DJ Really Sloppy doesn’t understand what Experimental Music is, and suggests that genres are silly.

02.) Track 03 * Knuckle Children * 9-11
03.) Rawhide * The Blues Brothers

Segment Two: Moth Hunter, LIVE!

04.) Recorded 08 May 2012 In The Moth Hunter Studio.

Outroduction: Wherein I Outroduce What You’ve Just Heard

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